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Francesca Hetfield Bio, Young, Age, Job, James Hetfield

James Hetfield, who rose to fame in the early 1980s as one of Metallica’s co-founders, unlike most musicians had only walked the aisle once. But that marriage seemed to be no more (as of August 2022). Yes, around this time, there was news that time Metallica frontman James and his wife of more than two decades had parted ways. Let’s find out the truth in this writing about James Hetfield’s wife, Francesca Hetfield.

Meet Francesca Hetfield, James Hetfield’s Wife

TMZ claimed that the sources close to the Hetfields told them that James filed divorce docs against Francesca Hetfield in Colorado earlier in 2022. But it turned out that the filing was never reported. Also, the couple never really commented anything (as of the time of this writing).

Following the rumors of their split, there were also people dishing that James and Francesca are still in touch because of their parenting roles. The couple happens to have three children together: Cali Tee, Castor Virgil, and Marcella Francesca. These young ones were likely following in the footsteps of their father as all of them have dabbled into music. In fact, Castor even already had founded the band Reckless. About the kids’ ages, Cali was 24, Cator 22, and Marcella was 20 as of August 2022.

Hetfields as seen on ‘METALLICA I Metal Up Your Ass’ fan page early in August 2022 (PIC: Facebook)

On one rare occasion, James mentioned Francesca and the kids when he said that his wife once threatened to take the kids out of the house if he could not get his temper in check.

Another time, James also gushed about how his wife helped him mature when he went “straight-edge” with his addiction and anger issues. Apparently, James has likely maintained sobriety since 2002. So, these issues that he talked about should be before that time. Often, James has discussed this in detail — about how his wife literally kicked him out of the house and compelled him to go through therapy and sort out his issues. Looking back, he feels more than appreciative that Francesca did the right thing then.

How Did James Hetfield Meet Francesca Hetfield?

James Hetfield crossed paths with Francesca when she joined as a customer designer for Metallica’s Wherever We May tour between 1991 and 1992.

It is believed they dated for nearly five years before getting married on 17 August 1997. And after having children they were living in Vail, Colorado, citing a multitude of reasons for moving there, including it being Francesca’s childhood hometown, the natural beauty, and the quiet environment.

How Old Is Francesca Hetfield?

Young Francesca grew up celebrating her birthday on the 27th of January, making her an Aquarian. On this day in 2022, she reached the age of 52 as she was born in 1970. As for James, he turned 59 in 2022. He was born on 3 August 1963 in Downey, California.

Francesca Hetfield Young

James and Francesca were in a high-profile relationship for years. Yet, very little is known about their story. There were only a few times Francesca attestedly accompanied her husband on tours. She was also featured in the 2004 documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.

So, not very much is known about Francesca now and before. Especially the life she led before she met James is quite a mystery.

Young Francesca maybe also grew up with some of her relatives Rita Tomasi of Aurora, Colorado who turned 87 in October 2021, now 55-year-old Hector Tomasi of Bronx New York, and Dolores Tomasi of Miami, Florida.

Francesca Hetfield Job

Francesca Hetfield other than being known as the wife of a famous musician has an identity of her own. She is a custom designer by profession. And she has had a fulfilling career always working to create a product design to her client’s taste, expectations, and desires.

Is Francesca Hetfield On Instagram?

Francesca Hetfield did not have an Instagram account of her own as of 15 August 2022. Yet, she did feature from time to time on her kids’. Marcella Hetfield on hers @cellar.door.415 and Cali @cali_tee often showed off their mother.

There were also several fan accounts dedicated to Francesca on Facebook.

Francesca Hetfield Height

Francesca Hetfield stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Francesca Hetfield From?

Francesca Hetfield was born in Rosario, a province in Argentina. Although as of 2022, she had been calling San Francisco, California her home.

  • What Is Francesca Hetfield Maiden’s Name?

Francesca Hetfield before getting married to James and adopting his last name went around as Francesca Tomasi.

  • How Much Is Francesca Hetfield’s Net Worth?

Following high school, Francesca Hetfield started working as a waitress at a bar near her home. (No, she did not go to college to study further.) Then, with time, she established her career in the costume design industry. She was just around 23 at the time.

Fast forward to today and Francesca is believed to have an estimated $1 million net worth. But, because Francesa and James’s marriage has almost officially come to an end, there is going to be a divorce settlement. And from this Francesa will likely keep more or less $50 million from James’s lately reported $300 million fortune.

As of the time of this writing, it had been only established that James filed for divorce in August 2022 citing irreconcilable differences.

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