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Freddy Maugatai Bio, Family, Tattoos, Height, Deadliest Catch

Freddy Maugatai is the best deckhand out there. He was loved by all 9 Captains of all 9 crab boats on Deadliest Catch. But as good as this Samoan may be, his temper always got the best of him — often leading him into a heated argument with the crew members.

Get to know him better as this Freddy Maugatai Bio proceeds. 

Freddy Maugatai On Deadliest Catch

Freddy first joined Deadliest Catch in 2008 for its fourth installment, and since then, he’s been a deckhand for Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit, and FV Wizard, in the given order.

However, unlike other crewmates, Freddy’s fame wasn’t built on his merits. Rather he was known for hotheadedness, because of which he even got fired from FV Wizard in season 11. In case you missed it, he defied Monte’s orders by choosing to stay at a bar, and the captain responded by putting Freddy’s things into plastic bags and placing them on the dock.

Fortunately, Freddy was let back again on the boat in season 14, but the tension mounted again after Monte said fellow crewman Tyler Gateman was a stronger deckhand than Freddy.

Fast forward to season 16, Freddy was again nowhere to be seen on Deadliest Catch for the 2019 king crab season. And later, it was revealed that he was working under Captain Jorge, who helped a vessel called the Polar Sea off the Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

Unluckily, Freddy got injured on that particular fishing trip! “Please I need prayers, been stuck in Anchorage for 3 days,” he shared with friends at the time, understandably worried that he wouldn’t make it onto the boat. But fortunately, he out on the Bering Sea and returned home in January 2020.

He’s since found his way back onto the FV Wizard and on the show as well.

According to IMDb, he’s appeared in over 100 eps of Deadliest Catch. And also, he’s graced its spinoffs — Evolution of Danger, After the Catch, Battle Scars, Unfinished Business, Time Bandit Returns, The Bait, and a few more.

Where Is Freddy Maugatai Now?

Freddy Maugatai is still working on the waters. But more importantly, he’s focused on chasing greatness with his heath now.

Despite being close to the 50s, Freddy is now taking on some hardcore exercises so he can “knock the f**k out” of his haters! But jokes aside, he wants to inspire people to chase their goals and never give up.

“If I can do it …You can do it better…If you put your heart Soul and your ass in it… And let’s keep on loving life…And make the best out of it…One day at a time baby,” he wrote.

Where Was Freddy Maugatai Born?

Freddy Maugatai was born as “Feleti Maugatai “ in Apia, Samoa.

But as of 2022, he resided in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Freddy Maugatai Family

Freddy Maugatai knows what matters the most — family! He’s starting to spend more time with them; especially after his mother Olivia Leafa Maugatai passed away in March 2020.

Recalling his mother’s service, Freddy shared that it was “beautiful.”

However, Freddy wasn’t heartbroken at her death. He claimed that though the event might have been painful, he had to stay strong for his father, sisters, brothers, and the whole family.

Also, Freddy’s got “lovely grandparents” whom he owns “everything.” According to the star, it was his grandparents who toughened him up and taught him to “earn respect to get respect.”

However, his actions prove otherwise.  In Dec 2011, he was even following a bathroom brawl at the Grand Aleutian Hotel on Amaknak Island. Reportedly, a woman alleged that the reality star put her husband in a headlock during a fight, and when she tried to intervene, he “forcefully” pushed her away.

Trivia: One of Freddy’s family members is name LeToya Stowers

Freddy Maugatai Tattoos

Freddy Maugatai has covered himself up with traditional Samoan tattoos. There are two lions on his chest, a fish on his arm, and a few other inscribing that looked complicated.

How Much Is Freddy Maugatai Net Worth?

Freddy Maugatai garnered a net worth of under $700 thousand by 2022.

Reportedly, he made around $37 thousand per annum from his time as a deckhand.

Talking a little about his career, Freddy started working on the sea at the age of 19. At the time, he didn’t speak any English and was working at a crab boat company called Call Blue North Fishery. Fast forward to 29 years later, he’s already worked on 4 long liners king brown crab boats and 5 single pot boats.

Freddy Maugatai Height

Freddy Maugatai stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Deadliest Catch Star Freddy Maugatai?

Freddy Maugatai was 49 years of age in 2022.

He celebrates his birthday on February 4.

  • Is Freddy Maugatai On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @freddymaugatai.

Also, here’s his Facebook.

  • Is Freddy Maugatai Married?

Yes, Freddy Maugatai was married to his wife Amanda as of 2022. The two were together for over a decade then.

They officially celebrated their anniversary on September 19.

Together, Freddy and Amanda also share two kids — a son named Manu (born in 2013), and a daughter named Kaia (birthday: Jan 1).

Talking a little about his wife, Freddy shared that she was “beautiful, amazing, and lovely.” Also, he added that she was a great mother and he appreciates everything she’s ever done for the family. “I really appreciate you from the bottom of my Samoan fatu!! I will love you forever and Everrr,” he dedicated a post to her.

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