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Fredrik Robertsson Bio, Age, Job, Jared Leto Doppelganger

Meet Fredrik Robertsson, the Swedish fashionista who was mistaken for Jared Leto at The Met Gala 2022 event. Below you’ll details regarding his age, job, and his dating life.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about him.

Meet Fredrik Robertsson, Jared Leto Doppelganger At The Met Gala

The Met Gala 2022 journalists and reporters made a tremendous blunder when they mistook Swedish couture customer Fredrik Robertsson for Jared Leto.

The fashion show is currently taking place, and celebrities are arriving on the red carpet one by one. Fashionistas all around the world have their eyes riveted to Twitter, waiting for fresh images and videos. But, Jared Leto “doppelganger” Fredrick Robertsson stole the show at the Met Gala.

He arrived at the Met Gala 2022 donning the spiky outfit by Iris Van Herpen. He wore the structured jumpsuit with a slicked-back bleach-blonde haircut.

The self-labeled “creative dictator” and “fashion addict” also documented the process of getting into the dress on his Instagram. His appearance went viral on Twitter when the media mistook him for Jared Leto, which he never intended to.

But, it wasn’t just any media that blundered but likes of The New York Times and Getty Images. Soon, it went viral and netizens labeled him Jared Leto doppelganger. However, the “real” Jared Leto arrived at the Met Gala in a Gucci outfit with Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, a few minutes after.

“OK – that bird man in Iris Van Herpen is NOT Jared Leto. It is Fredrik Robertsson. Apologies,” New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman tweeted.

Twitter blew up with several comments. One user wrote, “Jared Leto also serves as a Wifi Hotspot”. Another user added, “Viewers and even news outlets confusing Fredrik Robertsson for Jared Leto will forever live in my mind now”.

The next user added, “It’s incredible the amount of people and media that post without checking their sources! That’s Fredrik Robertsson, NOT Jared Leto people”.

But, this isn’t the first time, he stole the show. Back in 2019 during the Valentino Spring 2019 Couture show in Paris, he stole attention even from the actress Naomi Campbell. The former supermodel’s comeback to the catwalk was characterized as epic by Vogue, but the piece was dedicated to one individual in the audience — a bearded man in a black shimmering gown who stole the show.

The headline read “Who Was the Fabulous Mystery Man at Valentino’s Couture Show?” The answer: Fredrik Robertsson. “I think my invite got lost in the mail,” Fredrik had joked before the Met Gala and now he stole the show.

Fredrik Robertsson Age

Fredrik Robertson is reportedly 34 years old, as of this article in early May 2022.

What Is Fredrik Robertsson Nationality?

Fredrik Robertsson is of Swedish nationality as he was born in Stockholm. But, he was raised in Norway, and Singapore and returned home at the age of 15.

His favorite place is Nytorget in Södermalm. He shared with Visit Stockholm, “I lived there for nearly ten years and I’m very fond of the people there and the feeling of a place that never sleeps. My favorite restaurant is also in the neighborhood, Vina on Sofiagatan 1”.

In the next question with the outlet, Fredrik shared that a visitor within 24 hours in Stockholm shouldn’t miss Rosendal’s Garden Café and Djurgården.

Fredrik Robertsson Job

Fredrik Robertsson is a fashionista and LGBTQ activist who describes himself as a creative soul. According to Vogue, he attended an international school that obliged him to wear a uniform. “I think this shaped me a lot,” he told the outlet. “I couldn’t really express myself the way I wanted”.

He is currently working as the editor-in-chief of Boy magazine. He explained himself to Vogue, “I am a creative director but maybe a bit more of a creative dictator because I can now be picky about who I work with and what I do”.

The Swedish fashionista is on the verge of being a fashion icon and grabbed attention at Met Gala too. However, Fredrik told Vogue, “A lot of people think I dress for attention: I don’t. Tramadol

He added, “I just happen to love fashion and have always liked the idea that what I wear changes how people look at and think of me. I don’t feel that I have one style I create characters with my style. I like to dress how I feel and I like to dress for the occasion. When I am dark and moody, I dress in Rick Owens; if I’m going to a gala, I do gala; at the couture in Paris, I go all out. I don’t limit myself, and I love to have fun with fashion”.

The secureness he felt with his identity has also played a huge role in how his fashion sense evolved over the years. He told in the interview, “the more comfortable I am wearing whatever I want and not being ashamed about it”.

Fredrik’s journey with couture started five years ago when he got invited to Paris by his friend.

He explained, “I had organized his book launch in Sweden and hosted a party for him, and as a thank you, he took me to the couture shows because he knows I love fashion. It was, of course, love at first sight. I love couture—it’s wearable art. And discussing ideas with my fashion idols who are creating cool looks for me is truly magical.”

He is one of the few clients of Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf, and Valentino among others.

He has also been featured in Vogue Scandinavia.

Fredrik Robertsson Height

Fredrik Robertsson stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Fredrik Robertsson On Instagram?

Yes, Fredrik Robertsson is on Instagram with 29.5k followers. Find him at (@fredrikrobertsson).

  • Is Fredrik Robertsson Married Or Still Dating?

Fredrik Robertsson is dating and his boyfriend’s name is Johan Hellstrom. He told Vogue, “When I met my boyfriend, Johan [Hellstrom], we discussed this because I am also very aware that a man who falls in love with me might not want his boyfriend in a dress, and I get that. The amount of attention I get when I turn up in a ball gown, you know . . . it can be tricky.”

He added further, “People always have an opinion and I have been dumped X amount of times because my partner couldn’t handle the way I dress—“What will my friends say when I tell them I am dating that guy that wears dresses?” That’s pretty sad, but still how society thinks”.

Fredrik is still in a relationship with Johan as they recently appeared together in late April 2022. In fact, they got engaged in the autumn of 2020 at Fredrik’s birthday party at Bank Hotel in Stockholm.

They met each other via a mutual friend. Fredrik told Elle, “We met in midsummer, with our mutual friend Kajsa Bergqvist. It was actually the first time we were seen, ever. This is so odd because we’ve lived in the same world and city for so many years. But had we been seen before, it would never have happened. None of us were ready”.

Fredrik posted on his IG, “I am just the luckiest boy on earth to experience the most beautiful parts of the world with a man who loves me, supports me, puts up with my bullshit, and takes care of me. Without you, it would not be the same @j_hellstrom. I love you “.

Fredrik’s partner, Johan is the owner and CEO of Swedish haircare brand Björn Axén.

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