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Gabriella Elnicki Parents: Kevin And Stephanie Elnicki

While fans have been busy rooting for Gabriella “Gabi” Elnicki to win the Season 27 of The Bachelor, let us also give you a tell-all about her parents.

Viewers were introduced to Gabriella’s parents during a hometown date when the show’s only Bachelor Zach Shallcross had gone meet the 25-year-old senior account executive’s family.

Here’s what we know about the folks, together and individually.

Who Are Bachelor Gabriella Elnicki Parents?

For her BIO for The Bachelor, Gabrielle Elnicki talked about looking for the kind of relationship her parents have. Upon hearing her say this, even her newly made fans were quickly intrigued by the question “Who are her parents?”. But, soon they also discovered that Gabriella’s parents have been keeping a really low profile.

Tune in to us as this is about to change.

Meet Kevin Elnicki, Gabriella Elnicki Father

Gabriella Elnicki’s father Kevin Elnicki. And he is the son of Frank P. Elnicki, who passed away at the age of in November 2008, after a brief illness. For as long as he lived, he was a resident of Rutland Town. Of course, he also wintered in Naples, Florida.

Frank again was the youngest child of Michael and Mary Elnicki, Czechoslovakian immigrants who settled in the Florence area where they were stonecutters and farmers. And that explains Gabriella’s part Czechoslovakian lineage that she gets from her dad’s side of the family.

  • Kevin Elnicki Age

Kevin, with the full name Kevin C Elnicki, was born in April 1966. So, he turned 56 years old in 2022.

  • Kevin Elnicki Job

According to a news report in a local newspaper, Kevin Elnicki filed a force complaint against a Rutland City Police officer during a traffic stop in December 2016. So, some three years afterward, when a jury had been selected in U.S. District Court to decide the case, Kevin was still was the owner of Earth, Waste and Metal, AKA Earth Waste Systems. Also, at the time, they address him as a Pittsford businessman.

So, anyway, Kevin has had the same career for a very long time. He was still operating Earth Waste Systems back in 2009 when Vermont’s scrap market was feeling an economic pinch. Fortunately, for Kevin, he had also recently acquired a new market in central Tennessee at the time. And it was still generating money for him.

Earth Waste Systems, if you speak of it, was headquartered in Rutland, and also had Vermont locations, including Middlebury and Castleton as of 2009. In New York, it was centered in Plattsburgh and Glens Falls.

Functional even today (in 2023), the company has been a provider of metal waste recycling, demolition, and salvage services.

Yet, the financial conditions of his business have not always been smooth. In April 2016, Bank of America filed a breach of contract suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont against Kevin and 11 companies he controlled at the time for defaulting on a series of loans and agreements.

The bank obtained a judgment in August 2018, for approximately $7 million. Again next year the bank filed the suit, alleging the Elnickis fraudulently transferred their home on Snell Isle, Florida to prevent the bank from charging it to collect its judgment. In November 2019, the bank again filed another case in Vermont federal court against the Elnickis and their closely held companies, alleging the couple fraudulently transferred other real properties in Vermont and New York into the names of straw companies to evade creditors.

  • Is Kevin Elnicki On Instagram?

Kevin Elnicki could not be found on Instagram or any other platforms as of March 2023.

Meet Stephanie Elnicki, Gabriella Elnicki Mother

Now, let’s get to know who Stephanie Elnicki is. Even less is known about her.

  • Stephanie Elnicki Age

Stephanie Elnicki was born in February 1966. So, she turned 57 years old in 2023.

  • Stephanie Elnicki Job

Per her husband’s company profile, Stephanie Elnicki worked as a vice president and secretary in the company.

She mentioned studying at the University of Vermont and Rutland Senior High School, on social media.

  • Is Stephanie Elnicki On Instagram?

Stephanie Elnicki could not be found on Instagram as of 14 March 2023. But, she was on this Facebook called ‘Stephanie Elnicki’. However, even here she did not seem that active.

Related FAQs

  • Are Gabriella Elnicki Parents Still Married?

Yes. Gabriella Elnicki’s parents were still together and married as of March 2023. They tied the knot back in 1990.

  • How Many Kids Do Gabriella Elnicki Parents Have?

Gabriella Elnicki’s parents have three more kids. Back in 1994, four years after getting married, they purchased a home in Florence, Vermont to bring them up. And they still own the house. Again in 2012, the folks purchased the subject property in Snell Isle.

So, other than Gabriella there are Evan Elnicki, Braeden Elnicki, and Chloe Elnicki in the family.

As of 2023, Evan was a yard manager at his father’s Earth Waste & Metal. For his education, he studied at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and Otter Valley Union High School. Also, he had been residing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and had been in a relationship with Sonia Mischanko (since September 2020).

Another son Braeden (on IG @b_elnicki), turned 16 on 4 February 2023. “My favorite human is finally a teenager 💯… Happy Birthday, weirdo ilysm”, Gabrielle wrote in her birthday wish from him back in 2019.

Braeden until December 2021 was playing Basketball in school.

Lastly, there is Chloe Elnicki, a former alum of Vanderbilt University.

  • Where Do Gabriella Elnicki Parents Reside?

As of now, Gabriella Elnicki’s parents were residing in Florence, Vermont.

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