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Gabriella Sanon Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Vanderpump Villa

Gabriella Sanon is one of the cast members of the new Hulu series Vanderpump Villa. Vanderpump Villa, a brand-new reality series, will center on the employees of the Chateau Rosabelle in France.

The series description states, “Each scintillating episode follows the elite staff as they try to provide luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, Vanderpump-curated experiences for guests while dealing with rivalries, romances, and raucous misadventures that come from living and working together 24/7.”

In this short bio, we provide you with information on Gabriella’s age, net worth, boyfriend, and family right now. Continue scrolling to find out more.

Gabriella Sanon On Vanderpump Villa

Events co-ordinator Gabriella Sanon is one of the cast members of Hulu’s new show Vanderpump Villa. In the realm of event planning, Gabriella Sanon is a key player, especially in the glitzy environment of Hulu’s “Vanderpump Villa.” She is well known for her ability to make any occasion come to life and make sure that every little detail is perfectly accomplished in her role as events manager at Chateau Rosabelle.

Numerous parties and events have been successful because of Gabriella’s exceptional eye for design and talent for producing life-changing moments. She is the go-to person for making ideas come true and setting the scene for genuinely amazing events, whether it’s planning an intimate soirée or an opulent extravaganza.

Gabriella is not just an event coordinator; she is a true artist at what she does because of her unwavering enthusiasm for what she does.

In its unique unscripted docu-drama format, she offers an enthralling fusion of extravagance and depravity, following Lisa Vanderpump’s handpicked staff as they balance work, life, and play at the renowned Chateau Rosabelle in France.

In the spring of 2024, Vanderpump Villa makes its premiere with a cast full of interesting people created by Lisa Vanderpump who has made appearances on several reality TV programs. Lisa recently collaborated with Hulu to produce Vanderpump Villa, another reality TV show.

In 2023, the network revealed that it will premiere in the following year and will chronicle the life and hardships of Lisa’s employees who look after her opulent French villa. Lisa herself selected the members of her new staff who will serve as the primary cast. Because the show is filmed on the chateau’s grounds, the employees will not only work there but also reside there during their free time.

Gabriella’s fellow cast members are Stephen Alsvig, Anthony Bar, Eric Funderwhite, Grace Cottrell, Emily Kovacs, Marciano Brunette, Hannah Fouch, Telly Hall, Priscila Ferrari, Andre Mitchell, and Caroline Byl.

Gabriella Sanon Boyfriend

Mixologist Andre Mitchell acknowledged in a confessional that he hoped to meet someone wonderful. Then, entered Gabriella.

During their first days at Château Rosabelle, Andre and Gabriella enjoyed a trip into town that gave them time to learn more about each other. It appears like Andre and Gabriella’s chemistry is simply growing stronger.

Gabriella’s current relationship status is unclear.

Gabriella is currently free of a romantic companion and enjoying the blissful state of singledom. She is open to the possibility of falling in love amid her work environment since she is familiar with the seductive charm of office romances.

With a hopeful heart and a sincere desire to get to know someone special, Gabriella is anxious to start new experiences and make enduring memories with a possible love partner. When she’s not working, her exuberant demeanor and carefree attitude make her the life of the party. She can effortlessly create a contagious atmosphere that brightens any space.

Also, her Facebook states that Gabriella is single.

How Much Is Gabriella Sanon Net Worth?

In 2024, Gabriella Sanon’s net worth is under $200 thousand. Gabriella is a highly regarded manager at Bublos Miami, where she demonstrates her remarkable aptitude for both leadership and business. Before that, she worked diligently for over three years as a manager at Omkai Sushi, where she mastered the nuances of the restaurant business.

Her first reported job was working as a brand representative at Hollister Co. Throughout her career, Gabriella has gained a great deal of experience and information. She solidified her competence in the sector by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Barry University. At the Barry Uni, she played soccer for the women’s team.

Gabriella Sanon Age

As of April 2024, Gabriella Sanon is 25 years old.

Who Are Gabriella Sanon Parents?

Gabriella Sanon hailing from a lively Haitian/Puerto Rican household, shines as the youngest member among her five siblings.

Her mother is named Isdelia Perez. Isdelia works as a teacher. Gabriella’s father is named Reynald Sanon. Reynald works as a real estate agent at First Home Realty, Inc. He is also a coach at Plantation FC.

Talking about siblings, Gabriella has two sisters named Noelle and Victoria Sanon.

Gabriella Sanon Height

According to her athlete profile, Gabriella Sanon stands tall at 5’5”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Gabriella Sanon From?

Gabriella Sanon calls Plantation, Florida her hometown and current residence.

  • When Is Gabriella Sanon Birthday?

2 September is Gabriella Sanon’s birthday.

  • Is Gabriella Sanon On Instagram?

Yes, Gabriella is available on Instagram (@gabriella.sanon).

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