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Gaelle Benchetrit Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Dancing Queens

Meet Gaelle Benchetrit from Dancing Queens. Discover details about her career, husband, parents, and more in this article below. We cover it all here.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more via this Gaelle Benchetrit Bio.

Gaelle Benchetrit On Bravo’s Dancing Queens

According to Bravo’s Dancing Queen bio, Gaelle Benchetrit “was making a name for herself on the ballroom circuit before her recent pregnancy forced her into a hiatus. Now back on the dance floor, she’s eager to prove that she’s better than ever. Sparing no expense, her partner, Nino Langella, is one of the top professional dancers in the world and the envy of the other women.”

She is one of the six ballroom dancers who appeared on Dancing Queen.

Right before the premiere, Gaelle announced on her IG, “Step into the drama of ballroom dancing with the series premiere of #DancingQueensBravo May 9th on @BravoTV!”

How Much Is Gaelle Benchetrit Net Worth?

Though the exact figure for Gaelle Benchetrit is not public yet, we assume it to be somewhere above $3 million. On her LinkedIn, Gaelle stated that she is the founder of Clinique des champs Elysées.

After 60 years of expertise in developing the most avant-garde procedures in aesthetic medicine and surgery, the number one clinic in Europe and France arrives in New York. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Clinique des Champs Elysées New York features the latest cosmetic treatments and most innovative procedures for the face, skin, and body. Providing high-quality services, their team of Medical Aestheticians, Aesthetic Doctors, and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons offer each of our clients an unprecedented experience of beauty.

Her goal is to feature the latest and innovative treatments for both face and body, with French expertise and savoir-faire, providing New Yorkers and visitors from all around the world with an unprecedented and luxurious French experience of beauty. Learn more about the New York clinic here.

According to the company’s website, Clinique des Champs has been welcoming French and international patients for more than sixty years. The clinic has spread throughout France and opened a center in 11 cities. Visit the website here for more information on the type of services they provide.

Also, you can connect to their business socials (@clinique_des_champs_elysees) and Facebook (@crpce).

Is Gaelle Benchetrit Married?

Yes, Gaelle Benchetrit is married and her husband’s name is Yossi Benchetrit. The married couple made headlines in Wall Street Journal back in 2022 when they made a $70 million in contract at New York’s 432 Park Avenue. The couple also owns an apartment on a lower floor of the building.

The Benchetrits paid $23.87 million for a four-bedroom apartment at 432 Park in 2016, records show. Spanning about 4,500 square feet, that unit is about half the size of their new apartment, according to the listings website StreetEasy. The seller of the roughly $70 million apartment is a limited partnership known as Blessings Investments, which is linked to the British pharmaceutical magnate Meeta Patel, according to a person familiar with the deal.

Talking about her husband, Yossi is the Chief Procurement and Programming Officer of Altice USA. In this capacity, he is in charge of the company’s overall strategy, management, and acquisition of products and services. He also oversees the Procurement, Programming, Real Estate, and Corporate Administration areas, with a particular emphasis on creating strategic vendor and supplier connections.

Prior to this, Yossi held the position of Chief Purchasing Officer at Altice N.V., where he oversaw all procurement efforts for the company’s global technology, network, and content initiatives. He also established the organization’s single central procurement system.

Prior to 2013, Mr. Benchetrit served as the Chief Operating Officer of Altice Portugal. Afterward, he played a crucial role in the transformation team’s application of the Altice model to all recently acquired affiliates, including Orange Dominicana, SFR, and Portugal Telecom. His first position at Altice was in internal audit, where he was in charge of making sure that all of the commercial organization’s operating processes and procedures were effective. Mr. Benchetrit is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in electrical engineering and the Universite de Versailles Saint Quentin in physics.

Gaelle and Benchetrit reportedly share three children. However, Gaelle prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye.

Gaelle Benchetrit Age

In 2023, Gaelle Benchetrit should be above 42 years old.

Who Are Gaelle Benchetrit Parents?

Gaelle Benchetrit is the daughter of Portuguese businessman Armando Pereira. Her father served as the COO of Altice Europe NV.

Armando was born in northern Portugal sixty years ago. He grew up in Vieira do Minho, one of the poorest corners of Europe at the time, in a nation crushed by decades of dictatorship. The men went away to earn their living, leaving behind their wives and children, and came back once a year.

The young Armando was a good student, always first in the class, to the point that his teacher offers his help to finance his studies. “My father had gone to Brazil,” he said in an interview. “I never saw him again. My mother, who could not read or write, raised us alone and wanted me to help her. Armando left school at 11 and did odd jobs in the fields. His decision to leave for France, he takes it alone, at 14 years old.

One fine morning, the boy puts two pants and two shirts in a bag, stuffs his savings of 2,000 escudos – about 600 euros – into his pockets, and leaves the country in 1970, paying for the services of a smuggler. In France in the 1970s, he knows the existence of the migrant worker, made up of wandering and bullying. Between Saint-Quentin and Laon, he finds a job in a factory of railway sleepers, for which he is thanked overnight, with several comrades, for having picked nuts in the garden of the boss of the factory, who is not a sharer. “I have never worked in construction”, he insists.

Armando tried his luck at the Vandendriessche spinning mill, then heads for Nancy, where one of his cousins ​​lives. This is where Armando Pereira builds himself.

This is where Armando met his wife, Odile Pereira, who took evening classes in French – which he still speaks with his melodious accent – ​​and found his way to a job as a telephone installer. “I’m not too stupid, I understand things quite quickly”, he asserted in an interview. So he quickly climbed the ladder of the hierarchy.

At 24, he is the regional boss of the telecom branch of Spie Batignolles, ie 1,500 people. But things aren’t moving fast enough for the bubbling Armando. And the entrepreneur enters the scene. In March 1985, he pushed the door of his Crédit Agricole branch in Epinal. He needs money to start his business. He founded his company Sogetrel which a year later generated 700,000 francs in profits.

Now, he sits on a reported net worth of 560 million euros.

Gaelle’s mother is named Odile Pereira (née FETET). The mother and daughter likely owned a company together named Red Beyond. Public records showed that she resides in Switzerland.

Gaelle Benchetrit Height

Gaelle Benchetrit’s height measures above 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Gaelle Benchetrit Born?

Gaelle Benchetrit was likely born in France. But, she splits her time between Paris and New York.

  • When Is Gaelle Benchetrit Birthday?

Gaelle Benchetrit’s birthday is not available on her socials.

  • Is Gaelle Benchetrit On Instagram?

Yes, Gaelle Benchetrit is on Instagram (@gaelle_pereira_benchetrit).

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