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Gary Golding Bio, Net Worth, Married, Age, N*ked And Afraid

N*ked and Afraid: Last One Standing premiered on 7 May 2023 on Discovery Channel and introduced to viewers 12 of the toughest competitors from past seasons. One of them was Gary Golding. He like others was dropped in South Africa’s punishing Oribi Gorge. And so he had no choice but to face off multiphase challenges to test his survival skills while also hoping to win the grand $100,000 prize money.

Let us tell you everything about him in this writing called ‘Gary Golding Bio’.

Gary Golding On N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing

Before N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing, Wes Haper appeared on N*ked and Afraid XL in 34 episodes between 2018 and 2022 and in the three episodes of N*ked and Afraid between 2018 and 2019. (Gary also appeared in a sort called ‘Consume As Little As Possible’ in 2022.)

So, he joined the franchise one more time in the 2023 season having had enough experience as N*ked and Afraid survivalist.

Apart from the fact that Gary and his companion faced “sweltering heat and bloodthirsty bugs” in a Brazilian savanna, not much has been made known about his journey this time on N*ked & Afraid. Also, clearly, this time too Gary’s presence on the show was about more than simply surviving 21 days roughing it in the wild.

Gary Golding Job

On his Facebook, Gary Golding mentioned being self-employed at Gardens For Kids in Santa Monica, California since 23 December 2018. Then giving away a bit more, he said he builds gardens for kids and educates them about nature.

Gary is involved in a number of other projects. He is well-known and respected in the community as a bee specialist. Back in 2017, he was also continuing to work as a lead garden teacher at the STAR Eco Station and a variety of magnet schools.

How Much Is Gary Golding’s Net Worth?

Gary Golding reportedly had less than $600K net worth as of May 2023.

One can learn more about this uniquely radical environmentalist at his website, The Golding State. There, he has invited people to have a garden custom-built at their school or on their property by him.

They say Gay also takes clients on nature trips including kayaking on the Los Angeles River and into the Pacific to get up close and personal with offshore whales and dolphins.

Gary Golding Age

Gary Golding was born in 1967. So, he reached the age of 55 in 2022.

Who Are Gary Golding’s Parents?

Gary Golding’s beloved mother Sherri Gardner Golding passed away likely in March 2022. For people who wished to memorialize her, Gary had encouraged them to help him with the cost of going through and transporting her things to a safe place kind of far from their current location. The funding campaign was launched probably by Gary himself and it had raised USD $2,643.

Gary’s dad, Gary A Golding Sr, and his late mom were since long been divorced it seems. On his Facebook, the patriarch mentioned working at “Gardening”. He previously worked at Verizon and General Telephone Company and went to El Camino College.

In his family, Gary also has a brother. He is Scott Golding and he happened to be working at Hot Rods and Hobbies, Inc. as of 2023. Also, has been married to Kim, who seemingly also is a wonderful sister-in-law to Gary. Back in 2014, Gary had taken to his Facebook to thank his “beautiful sister-in-law” for being such a beautiful human being and being so good to his wonderful brother Scott. “You actually have given me hope in this world and are such a wonderful example of a human being”, he had said about Kim.

That same year, Gary was honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission for having attempted to save a man from drowning, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on 6 July 2014. An 18-year-old man had jumped from a cliff into a narrow cove off the Pacific Ocean and had been caught in the turbulent water. Gary who was at the scene had stepped to the water line at the rocky edge of the cove and twice tried to reach for the man. Joined in by a friend, he had revived the victim.

Is Gary Golding Married?

On his Facebook, Gary Golding continued to mark his relationship status as ‘single’ as of 2023. He has not revealed more detail on the subject matter though.

Gary Golding Height

Gary Golding stands above 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • Is Gary Golding On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Gary Golding can be found on Instagram and Facebook. On IG @tarzanoflosangeles, there were 106 posts and 10.6K followers. In addition, Gary also showed glimpses of his life on ‘Gary Golding (Tarzan of Los Angeles)’ Facebook.

Besides, as a “N*KED AND AFRAID LEGEND” Gary also has been teaching children about the Planet and walking the walk via his YouTube channel @TARZANofLosAngeles.

His fans have also loved to see his activities on Cameo and on Twitter @TARZANofLA.

  • When Is Gary Golding’s Birthday?

Gary Golding’s birthday is on August 25th and that makes him a Virgo.

  • Where Is Gary Golding From?

Gary Golding had been residing in Santa Monica, California as of 2023. He maybe was born and raised around Redondo Beach in California.

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