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Genevie Mayo Bio, Dating, Parents, Height, The Bachelor

Genevie Mayo is a neonatal nurse and she hopes to be a hospital CEO one day. But, even before that she expects to find a husband for herself, it seems.

Genevie is one of the contestants in Zach Shallcross‘s season of Bachelor which premiered recently on ABC only on 3 January 2023.

This ‘Genevie Mayo Bio’ mostly contains her job, family, and height-related stories as well as her Bachelor’s journey.

Genevie Mayo On The Bachelor

Genevie, with the full name Genevie Angele Anabel Mayo-Johnson, was not able to make it to the “final four women” according to famed Bachelor Sleuth Reality Steve. However, she manages to be one of the notable ones among the ladies.

During the first episode, Genevie caught the eye of viewers as she surprised Zach when she exited the limo and challenged him to change a baby doll’s diaper.

Genevie clearly does not make it to the “final four” and gets eliminated beforehand in the competition, during the fourth Rose Ceremony. Despite that, she did seem satisfied with her journey on the show.

FYI, the spoiler king has also already named the “final four” as Gabi Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, Charity Lawson, and Kaity Biggar.

On this show, Genevie also revealed a few more things about herself. She talked about fearing animals that are larger than her, about how she goes hard for the Baltimore Ravens, and how she can “kind of” drive a stick shift.

Viewers this season wondered if this is most nurses they have seen on The Bachelor so far. And the answer seemed to be a ‘yes’. The 27th season of The Bachelor introduced to viewers the all-time high, i.e., five nurses, Gebevie including.

Is Genevie Mayo Dating Anyone?

Genevie Mayo’s relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing.

On the show, Genevie told the cameras that she has for some time been looking for a loyal and adventurous man and that she only dates to find the real deal. On the show, she also opened up that when she loves she loves hard and is looking for the right partner to settle down with.

So, even if Reality Steve’s predictions turn out to be true, Genevie will likely not be disheartened by her one-time failure. She might have actually already been on the run looking for the perfect man for the perfect woman herself, once outside of the Bachelor game.

Genevie Mayo Height

Beautiful Genevie Mayo, with a smile that lights up every room she walks into, stands above 5’6” in height.

Genevie Mayo Age

Genevie Mayo was born in 1996. So, she reached the age of 26 in 2022.

Who Are Genevie Mayo Parents?

Genevie Mayo’s parents are believed to be Western Johnson and Angela Michelle Mayo of Joppatowne town, Maryland.

Not much is known about them, but in her high school graduation speech, she thanked her parents for yelling at them to do their homework because they would choose to go to sleep instead.

Here are a few things we know about Genevie’s parents. Her mother Angela turned 65 years old in August 2022. Her dad, on the other hand, reached the age of 71 in May 2022. Of these two, Angela previously had a career as a business account executive at Comcast of Joppa, Maryland. Also, back in the day, she studied at Harford Community College and Aberdeen High School.

Genevie also has a brother named Jeremy Mayo-Johnson, who turned 31 in December 2022 and at the time was based in Asheville, North Carolina. Professionally, he is a climate development analyst at the United States Air Force. Another brother Julian Mayo turned 33 in May 2022 and he was based in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Genevie Mayo Job

Genevie Mayo reportedly had close to $250K net worth as of January 2023.

She is a neonatal nurse by profession making more or less $100,944 annually or $48.53 per hour, as per ZipRecruiter.

It was not known where Genevie worked at the time of this writing. However, there are pictures of her wearing Johns Hopkins gear and badges on social media.

Per Reality Steve, she went to Towson University. She was seemingly the kind of high school student who parents in general are proud of.

In 2013, Genevie was one of 12 Harford County 11th-grader girls to earn an award for her attainments in math, science, and extracurricular activities. That same year, she was given a $1,000 community service scholarship. The next year, Genevie graduated from Joppatowne High School back in 2014. While acquiring her diploma there, she also managed to become a valedictorian and president of the student government for a graduating class.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Genevie Mayo Birthday?

Genevie Mayo’d birthday is on August 1st and that makes her a Leo.

  • Where Does Genevie Mayo Reside?

Genevie Mayo is reportedly a native of Baltimore, a city in Maryland with a long history as an important seaport.

In her hometown Genevie also enjoys playing sports, rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, being with her family, and reading Colleen Hoover books, among other things.

  • Is Genevie Mayo On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes. But Genevie Mayo could be found only on Instagram and not on TikTok. As of 30 January 2022, the account (@pass_themayo) on the former included 2 posts and 1,063 followers.

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