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Genia Hall Bio, Age, Married, Job, Lisa Barlow Sister

Genia Hall currently (January 2022) stood out on the tenth installment to the Real Housewives franchise, Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City as (of course) its costar Lisa Barlow’s sister.

Since its arrival in November 2020, the show has mostly revolved around the personal and professional lives of Mary Cosby, Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Jen Shah, and Whitney Rose. But, it is Genia Hall, the viewers of the show want all the latest on.

So, here it is!

Meet Genia Hall, Lisa Barlow Sister

Lisa’s sister Genia has been the hot topic of conversation on RHOSLC for one particular reason. And it has to do with speculations on her and brother-in-law/Lisa’s husband John Barlow’s possible romance in the past.

Viewers were led to wonder if John and Genia have dated in the past after this thing Lisa said on the show: “I married my sister’s boyfriend, but they didn’t sleep together”.

Following this fans of the show jumped over Twitter to discuss the matter. Lisa let it build the flame for a while before coming to clear up these rumors on her Twitter @LisaBarlow7 with a “John didn’t date my sister. They went on one date”.

Were Genia Hall And John Barlow An Item?

So, if Lisa Barlow is telling the truth, it was just a kind of fling/date that went on between Genia Hall and John Barlow.

Is Genia Hall Married?

Genia Hall states on her social media BIO that she is married to Dr. Ryan Hall and that together they have four sons: Ethan, Clark, Harrison, and Collier.

From the look of Genia’s Facebook sharing Genia, her husband and the kids are a happy bunch of people.

Genia Hall and the family pose for a family photo in October 2018 (PIC: Facebook)

Every year on each one of these dear ones’ birthdays Genia creates special birthday messages even on social media.

“Someone has a Birthday today! Happy Birthday, Ryan! The kids and I have plans for you”, she captioned in May 2019 as her husband turned 45.

And in July 2020, their friends and family gathered to celebrate Ethan as he got accepted into the pre-med program at Baylor.

Also, let us tell you that Genia’s other son Clark has been an animal lover and computer hacker ever since he could walk and talk.

So far, it is all available to her family.

Genia grew up in New York City along with Lisa and their three other sisters, but she currently resides in Kansas with her husband and the kids.

“I love being from a big family!! My parents had 6 kids in 8 years. They are my built-in friend group. I love them all so much. We had the most amazing time at the cottage together”, Lisa Barlow lately revealed in an Instagram post.

Genia Hall Age

Because Genia Hall was born on 13 June 1971, she reached the age of 50 years old in 2021, and (of course) she does not even look close to that age.

Genia Hall Job

Genia Hall is the CEO and creative director at She is Like Eve, which is in her words, a line of luxury goods inspired to give women the confidence to live their lives and connect to their sensual side. As part of it, she sells a variety of products for all occasions, such as dresses, bags, gym wear, and pants.

She started the company in January 2021. On the company website, she explained its origin story.

So this happened.

For months Genia had the recurring sense that something small and wondrous would bring about a drastic change in her life. Then, one morning, while sitting outside her countryside home bathed in the beauty of early daylight, she received her inspiration. “In the summer garden of my home, I sat by the water’s edge between the flowering crabapple trees. And for a brief moment, I was able to take it all in, everything around me… the insects crawling on the ground, the sound of meadowlarks singing high amongst the trees, the abundant scent of fresh flower blooms, and a newborn fawn that stumbled across my garden path.” And in that instance, she understood it all, poetically said, Genia.

The Brigham Young University alum also used to spend both her Summers and Falls with her sisters in New York City, attending fashion shows and exploring the Garment District, which also somehow inspired her to do something of herself in the industry.

Is Genia Hall On Instagram?

Personally, Genia Hall did not have any accounts on Instagram as of 11 January 2022. But still, one could follow her company’s updates on Instagram @sheislikeeve and Facebook @sheiseve123.

Then, she instead shared glimpses from her daily life on her ‘Genia Hall’ Facebook and Pinterest @ryanhall7549185.

So you know, Genia also goes around as Genia Lee from the look of her Facebook BIO.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Genia Hall?

Genia Hall, who is a twinning look-alike of her sister Lisa, stands 5’8” tall.

Lisa first introduced Genia to her fans in a tweet last November 2021 when Genia came to visit her. People looking at Lisa’s tweet, at the time, were shocked at how similar the sisters looked.

  • How Much Is Genia Hall Net Worth?

Genia Hall had above an estimated $1 million net worth as of January 2022.

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