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Geoffrey Cheung Bio, Height, Parents, Lovestruck High

Amazon Prime Video’s new dating show, Lovestruck High, is apparently about 15 diverse UK singles who are transported to an American high school in the hopes of finding “the one” to take to prom at the end of the show. Any couple who is crowned as King and Queen at the end takes home a whopping £100,000. Geoffrey Cheung, a 24-years-old events trader, is one of the singletons and this article is all about him.

Find out about Geoffrey’s Lovestruck High stint, his dating life, job, family, and more below.

Geoffrey Cheung On Lovestruck High

Adam, Alex, Basit, Chante, Charlie, Dan, Huss, Jess, Jodie, Junaid, KT, Max, Megan, Sin, Theo, Yasmine, and of course Geoffrey are 15 Lovestruck High classmates of 2022.

Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan narrates the whole show; Actress, comedian, and writer Ria Lina plays Principal Nelson at Lovestruck High; Stand-up comedian Russell Hicks is Coach Hughes; and actress Chloe Zeitounian plays Miss Kelly, an in charge of the classroom.

Geoffrey took to Instagram on April 21, 2022, to announce he was one of the 15 classmates of Lovestruck High 2022. He uploaded three snaps and wrote, “SECRETS OUT 🔔 👀 Class of Lovestruck High, Find out if I find the ONE on @primevideouk on the 18TH of MAY 🚨 @lovestruckhigh,” in the caption.

Geoffrey talked to about his excitement about the show and why he thinks Lovestruck High could be a big move in his dating life. He said that he always used to watch Hannah Montana and Waverley Place as a kid and his mom used to stop him from doing so so that he would not pick up American ways. That is why Lovestruck High felt like going back to his childhood for him.

He also added, “I’m 24 so I need to get busy and I’ve always said the next relationship is going to be my most serious one. I want to be a dad before I’m 30 but you need two years of dating, two years of living with someone and then you have to get a dog before the kids, so time is ticking.”

Is Geoffrey Cheung Dating Anyone Today?

Inside the show, Geoffrey Cheung first showed a lot of interest in a 28-years-old Boston-based salon owner, Jody. He approached her after the first homeroom class and even asked if she would like to join him as the homecoming dancing partner. However, to Geoffrey’s surprise, she revealed she was a lesbian and even rebuked Geoffrey for assuming her sexuality.

Geoffrey fell for another girl named Chante, a 24-years-old London-based GP secretary. He first came across her when he was paired up with her in a basketball session. Later, he asked Chante if she would like to go to the homecoming with him, to which she agreed.

The two had their first kiss when they were enacting a scene from Romeo and Juliet during their drama class. They also shared some tender moments during the dance. In no time, the pair became comfortable enough to be talking about their past relationships.

Geoffrey revealed that he prefers relationships to flings, however, somehow always has been the one to move too fast in his relationships. On the other hand, Chante revealed she loves taking one step at a time.

Geoffrey and Chante’s chemistry was undeniably good, which made them a possible couple in the eyes of the show’s fans. But, have the duo managed to be together after the filming of the show?

Most probably, Geoffrey and Chante are not together anymore. Chante does not post much on her socials and Geoffrey on the other hand keeps posting about a supposed breakup. Furthermore, the duo does not even follow each other on social media, suggesting they broke up after the show’s filming ended.

Geoffrey Cheung Age

Lovestruck High star Geoffrey Cheung’s age was 24 at the time of the show’s filming in 2021.

Geoffrey Cheung Parents

Talking about Geoffrey Cheung’s parents, his father’s name is Aaron McNally according to his Facebook. Geoffrey also mentioned his mom in a short reel and revealed that his mom still makes food for him every day.

Lovestruck High 2022 classmate also featured his granddad Cheung on his Instagram. He revealed in that post that he possesses Korean heritage.

Geoffrey has listed Benji Varley, Tom Humphreys, Freddie Silva, and Aran Malhi as his brothers and Kent Cheng as his uncle on his Facebook. Some of his other family members are Anna Cheung, Michael Cheung, and Jimmy Cheung.

Is Geoffrey Cheung On Instagram?

Geoffrey Cheung is on Instagram @geoffreychng. He had around 14 thousand followers on the platform as of this writing and it is only expected to grow from here. You can also find him on Facebook and YouTube.

Geoffrey Cheung Height

Reportedly, Geoffrey Cheung stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 70 kilograms.

Geoffrey Cheung Job

As we already know, Geoffrey Cheung works as an events trader. According to, event trading is a “strategy that relies on taking advantage of and profiting from fundamental events”. Such events can even make an impact on forex or financial market, asset class, or instrument.

Furthermore, Lovestruck High star is also an aspiring rapper. One of his rap songs, Riding A Wave, has more than 7 thousand views on YouTube.

For education, Geoffrey went to Bedford School.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Geoffrey Cheung Birthday?

Geoffrey Cheung celebrates his birthday on the 15th of May every year.

  • Where Is Geoffrey Cheung From?

According to, Geoffrey Cheung is originally from Sandy, Bedfordshire.

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