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Georgi Rusev Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, First Wife

TLC’s Darcey & Stacey season 3 is here, and its star Darcey Silva is hinting about a possible reconciliation with her ex-fiance Georgi Rusev.

So, while we wait for the rest of their to story to unfold, let’s take a deeper look at Darcey’s ex-fiance’s life over this Georgi Rusev Bio

Are Georgi Rusev And Darcey Silva Still Together?

As of Feb 2022, Georgi had yet to reveal if he was still together with Darcey. The last we saw them on the show, the duo was all prepared to hold their dual wedding in Miami.

If you’re new to Darcey & Stacey, Georgi first appeared on the Darcey & Stacey during its inaugural season in 2020 — after Darcey spit from her long-distance ex-boyfriend, Tom Brooks. Reportedly, the couple first met online and only came face to face with each other in New York City.

So, after a couple of dates, the two faces faced an issue with their long-distance relationship. Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic reaching a peak, and the lockdown, they struggled to see each other. Thus, the pair decided to move in together after just weeks of dating. And that was a bad decision!

Soon after the duo moved in, Darcey found out that Georgi was still married to his ex-wife. But this wasn’t the only secret he kept from his girlfriend. It seems that Georgi’s ex had just given birth to a baby as well, leading Darcey to wonder if the baby belonged to her boyfriend. However, Georgi denied the allegation.

And to further complicate things, Georgi and Darcey then decided to get engaged, hoping that it would solve all the problems they were facing. Obviously! That wasn’t happening.

In season 2, we saw Darcey reaching out to Georgi’s ex-wife during a trip to Virginia. Over the ep, Darcey felt like Georgi was using her for money, and later when she overheard Georgi call her “American trash” and that he would be “out” once Darcey’s money runs out, it seemed their relationship was over for good.

But they reconciled only to split later.

Follow Darcey & Stacey season 3 for the rest of their story.

Georgi Rusev First Wife

Georgi Rusev’s first wife is Octavia Bellinger. The two were still legally married when season 1 Darcey & Stacey aired in August 2020. However, by the following season, they were already divorced.

It was also Octavia who first let Darcey know that he might be using her for money. Over the show, she mentioned that she once found a sugar mama website on Georgi’s computer — which Georgi strongly denies.

But if we look into the details, it was always Darcey who paid the bills, food and even funded Georgi’s lavish taste in designer clothes. Moreover, rumors had that Darcey had to pay for her engagement ring and of course Georgi’s.

No wonder, Micheal Benz (Darcey’s close friend) urged the star to leave Georgi

Furthermore, even Darcey’s dad Mike wasn’t happy about his daughter marrying Georgi. He loathed the guy and even shared that he won’t be attending the wedding if they ever go through with the plan.

How Much Is Georgi Rusev Net Worth?

Georgi Rusev garnered a net worth above $200 thousand by 2022. On the other hand, Darcey then flaunted a net worth of $2 million.

Talking about his career, Georgi initially started his journey as an aspiring model and an actor. However, though he did land a few gigs including the “American Crew” show, Georgi couldn’t make a living out of it. Thus, he took upon a job as a massage therapist and a fitness trainer for the next 6 years and opened his private practice called “Homespatherapy.”

According to Georgi, he started his own company because being an “athlete” himself, the opportunity has given him a deeper understanding of how to treat sore muscles and pains. And he wants to share it with the world. “I have designed my sports massage to manifest a great balance of personalized pressure, stretching, and relief,” he shared.

The last we checked, Homespatherapy offered Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic Drainage massage for $150/hr, $200/hr and a half, and $230/2 hours.

But Georgi isn’t satisfied with where he is at. Someday he wants to open his “Bulgarian rose oil” business. “I’m working hard to get this business in motion. The Bulgarian rose oil, it has big potential to sell to the United States,” he said.

Well, the “Bulgarian rose oil” allegedly has a contracting effect on the skin, which helps reduce wrinkles. Also, it keeps the skin smooth and soft and minimizes pores due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides these, Georgi also makes a few bucks off his Onlyfans page @georgir, offering a subscription for $11.99/month.

Georgi Rusev Height

Georgi Rusev stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighs 77kg (170 lbs).

His body measurements are — Neck: 15, Waist: 32, Inseam: 34 (all in inches), and Shoe: 11.

Fun Fact: Georgi is open to shooting Nudes.

Georgi Rusev Age

Georgi Rusev was 44 years of age in 2022.

He is three years younger than Darcey.

Is Georgi Rusev On Instagram?

Yes, find Georgi over IG

Also, here’s his Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Georgi Rusev Birthday?

Georgi Rusev celebrates his birthday in April, making him either of Aries or Taurus zodiac.

  • Who Are Georgi Rusev’s Parents?

His parents’ info wasn’t shared.

However, we do know that they resided in Bulgaria.

  • Does Georgi Rusev Have A Child?

No, as per Georgi, he doesn’t have a child.

Also, the child born to his ex-girlfriend wasn’t allegedly his.

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