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Georgia Amoore Parents: Phil Amoore And Kelly Lee Amoore

Georgia Amoore led Virginia Tech to its first ACC title and now its first Final Four. She’s scored at least 20 points in the last six times and has hit more 3s through four NCAA Tournament games than anyone in women’s college basketball history. This was possible, all thanks to her dedication and hard work, and also her parents who were there to cheer for her from the crowd.

But who are Georgia Amoore’s parents? Keep reading to find out.

Who Are Georgia Amoore Parents?

Georgia Amoore was born to her parents, Phil and Kelly Lee Amoore. They are her biggest fans and number one supporters. No wonder, they flew out to Dallas to watch their daughter play in the Final Four.

Being in the Final Four was an achievement in itself and Georgia broke through the roof as Virginia Tech’s most important player in the 2023 historic season for the program. Amongst the 15 victories until then, Georgia posted 19.3 points and 4.7 assists per contest while shooting 38.5 percent on 10.4 3-point attempts.

But Georgia didn’t have a good start that season, Coach Kenny Brooks said. When the Hokies incorporated new players into 2023’s rotation, Georgia deferred instead of letting her own talents shine. “Georgia took a little bit of a step back at the beginning of last year and the beginning of this year because when you incorporate transfers, you really don’t have a rhythm with your team, and she took a step back because she wanted to facilitate for them,” he said.

Meet Phil Amoore, Georgia Amoore Father

Phil Amoore is Georgia Amoore’s loving father. He’s always been supportive of his daughter’s interest in basketball. “When she was about 13, we put a hoop in the horse barn, and at 9 o’clock at night, she used to be out there throwing hoops,” he recalled. “A spray can for the 3-point line on the ground and things like that. ”

But his little girl isn’t playing in their backyard anymore. She’s now Virginia Tech’s most important player of the season.

  • Phil Amoore Age

Phil Amoore was repotrdlty born in 1970. That made him 53 years of age in 2023.

He hails from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is related to Michelle Boyle, Rebecca Amoore (a Senior laboratory assistant at Box Hill Hospital), Graeme Amoore, and Margaret Amoore (a Warrnambool Technical College graduate).

  • Phil Amoore Job

Phil Amoore worked at Lift Truck Specialists in 2023.

Prior to that, he worked in sales at Homestead Carpet Warehouse (from Jun 2016 to Nov 2017), as a Warehouse Manager at Goldacres (from Feb 2015 to Jun 2016), and Logistics Group Leader at Gekko Systems (from Dec 2005 to Feb 2015). That’s over nine years at Gekko.

At Gekko Systems, Phil was responsible for the operation of the warehouse, maintaining optimum stock levels both for production and spare parts distribution. Supplier management and freight distribution.

Also, from Dec 2002 to December 2005, he was a hire controller at Coates Hire.

As for his education, Phil got his diploma in project management from Federation University Australia in 2009.

  • Is Phil Amoore On Instagram?

We couldn’t find Phil on Instagram. But here’s his Facebook @phil.amoore.

Meet Kelly Lee Amoore, Georgia Amoore Mother

Kelly Lee Amoore is Georgia Amoore’s dearest mother and her pillar. “Did you have any idea that we would come?” she said after surprising her daughter at the Fina Four.

The basketball star recalled, “I was like no. To be honest, no. It’s like a 16-hour flight direct. But they got here, and I’m very happy they get to experience this because this is a whole different level — like our home games are great, but oh, my gosh, this stage is incredible.”

  • Kelly Lee Amoore Age

Kelly Lee Amoore was reportedly born before 1973. That made her at least 50 years of age in 2023.

Her family members are Lisa James (sister, OGB Ballarat), Jo Dee Lee (cousin), Rebecca Amoore (cousin, Senior laboratory assistant at Box Hill Hospital), and Kerrie Beacham (sister-in-law).

  • Kelly Lee Amoore Job

Kelly Lee Amoore is the co-owner of Sylvan Lodge. She opened the equine center with her sister Anita back in September 2018. Her company offers horse Pre Training, Agistment, and Rehabilitation.

Growing up working in her father’s racing stables from an early age, Kelly has spent decades on track work, strapping and saddling up horses in preparation for races. Naturally, Kelly has become experienced in all aspects of thoroughbred training and racing. She is passionate about every horse under her care and, like her father, has an uncanny and intuitive ability to detect any small issue arising which could affect the fitness and well-being of a horse.

  • Is Kelly Lee Amoore On Instagram?

Kelly wasn’t on Instagram.

But find her on Facebook @kelly.l.amoore and Twitter @amoore_kelly.

Related FAQs

  • Are Georgia Amoore Parents Married Or Divorced?

Georgia’s parents are still married. As per Kelly’s FB, the two tied the knot on November 27, 2011.

  • Where Do Georgia Amoore Parents Reside?

Georgia’s parents reside in Ballarat, Victoria as of 2023.

  • How Many Children Do Georgia Amoore Parents Have?

Phil and Kelly share three kids. Among them, Georgia is the oldest and Jemma’s the youngest.

It seems Jemma’s also a basketball player like her sister.

Their middle child is named Toby.

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