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Georgia Kousoulou Family: Dad, Mom, Sister! Age, Job, IG

Meet Georgia Kousoulou Family members including her Dad, Mom, and her Sister!

Below, you’ll get information regarding their age, job, and social media reach. In addition, we’ve also put together the details of other family members. So, keep on reading to learn more about her family.

Who Are Georgia Kousoulou Family Members?

Georgia Kousoulou was born to her parents Luke Kousoulou and Mary Kousoulou. She has a sister named Grace and a brother named Anthony. She and her two siblings were raised in Essex by her parents.

Anthony turned 22 years old in January 2021. According to his Facebook, he is working at Mallet. Footwear as a distributor. He is currently dating Millie Brandon.

Mary, Georgia’s mother in 2020, wished him, “Happy 20th Birthday to my gorgeous boy who has the biggest heart! You make me proud everyday darling, love you so much”.

Georgia’s parents separated in 2017. The reason for their split is unavailable. Her mother appears to be dating one Billy Stewart.

  • Meet Georgia Kousoulou Dad, Luke Kousoulou

Georgia Kousoulou features her dad Luke Kousoulou ocassionally on her Instagram. His full name is Louca Antony Kousoulou. He is of Greek heritage.

  • Luke Kousoulou Age

Born in December 1958, Luke Kousoulou turned 63 years old in 2021.

  • Luke Kousoulou Job

Luke Kousoulou built his fortune in real estate. He is working for Arnell Properties Limited, a Private Limited Company from COVENTRY, UNITED KINGDOM. The company was incorporated on 31 January 2018 according to CheckCompany. According to OK! Magazine, he became a millionaire as a property developer.

  • How Much Is Luke Kousoulou Net Worth?

Luke Kousoulou should have a net worth above $2 million.

Meet Georgia Kousoulou Mom, Mary Kousoulou

Georgia Kousoulou’s mom is Mary Kousoulou. She is the daughter of Mary Hill who lives in Achill, Mayo, Ireland. However, Mary cited Ilford, Redbridge, the United Kingdom as her hometown and London, the UK as her current residence.

According to her mother’s Facebook post, she has three sisters and two brothers: Harry and Michael. One of the sisters we know of is Sharon Hill and Helen Chapman. Her sister Sharon hill got married in October 2019.

Georgia, in October 2021, wished her mother a birthday via an IG post. She wrote, “Happy birthday to my mum @kousouloumary, best nanny to Brody! Thanks for being the best ! Love you lots”.

Mary also reciprocated the love for her beloved daughter via an IG post. She wrote, “Happy 29th Birthday to my beautiful, kind, and caring daughter who makes being a mum the best job in the world! Love you very much babe”.

Likewise, on Mother’s Day 2021, Mary posted, “Happy Mother’s Day @kousouloumary. Thank you for being the best… I really don’t know what we would all do without you. Even if I am half the mum you are to my Buba I will be so happy. You simply are the best. Love you so much!”.

  • Mary Kousoulou Age

Mary Kousoulou is above the age of 60 as of 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 20 October.

  • Mary Kousoulou Job

Mary Kousoulou’s job remains unclear. Although there is a LinkedIn profile with her exact name, no further information has been shared on it.

  • How Much Is Mary Kousoulou Net Worth?

Mary Kousoulou should have a net worth below $500 thousand.

Meet Georgia Kousoulou Sister, Grace Kousoulou

Georgia Kousoulou’s sister is Grace Cousoulou.

  • Grace Kousoulou Age

In October 2021, Grace Kousoulou turned 25 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 14 October.

  • Grace Kousoulou Job

Grace Kousoulou completed high school at Davenant Foundation School. She studied Psychology at the University of Reading and graduated in 2018.

According to her LinkedIn, Grace started her career working as a teaching assistant at Theydon Bois Primary School for a month. She served as an assistant at UBS for a month in 2011. From September 2013 to September 2014, she worked for So Glam Beauty Salon as Front Desk Receptionist.

In 2015, Grace worked for Sainsbury’s as a customer assistant.

Her resume also boasts working as Classroom Assistant at Sr. John’s Special School and College, Shop Assistant at KoKo Kouture Furniture and Clothes Shop. From 2016 to 2018, she worked for Sharron’s Event Catering Company Ltd as a Waitress.

In 2019, Grace joined Hearts UK as a sales planner and she has been working as Media Planning Manager since November 2020.

  • How Much Is Grace Kousoulou Net Worth?

Grace Kousoulou’s net worth is below $150 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Georgia Kousoulou Family Live?

Georgia Kousoulou’s family lives in London, England.

  • Are Georgia Kousoulou Family Members On IG?

Yes, all the family member of Georgia Kousoulou is on Instagram except for her father who only seems to be on Facebook.

  • Do Georgia Kousoulou Family Members Appear On TOWIE?

Yes, Georgia Kousoulou’s parents have appeared on TOWIE over the year. They are also speculated to appear on Baby Steps in 2022.

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