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Germain Gulick Bio, Justine Lupe, Age, Job, Who Is He?

Dear readers, you might remember Justine Lupe from her roles in shows like Shameless, Succession, Harry’s Law, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and from movies like Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha. But you probably do not know her boyfriend, Germain Gulick.

If Justine has ever been dear to you, and you can get over the fact that she is no longer in the market, continue reading and find out who exactly Germain Gulick is.

Meet Germain Gulick, Justine Lupe’s Boyfriend

If we are to trust Justine’s social media, she is deeply, uncontrollably in love with Germain Gulick. She uses the phrases like “relentless light in my life”, a “tender soul who fills me up with so much humor, and kindness and understanding, and love”.

Germain is a young up-and-coming professional in the film industry. So far, he had not had as many high-profile jobs in the movie industry. But he has had very diverse work experience (read below) within the industry.

Currently, Germain was based in Brooklyn. Germain and Justine lived with their dogs Lily and Pocket.

When Did Germain Gulick And Justine Lupe Began Dating?

It was unclear when Germain and Justine met. Germain had kept his Instagram private and Justine’s earliest Instagram post dated only to May 2020.

And it appears, they were already dating before Justine started using Instagram. The first Instagram post that featured the two of them together came in July 2020 and Justine’s IG.

Germain Gulick Age

We do not exactly know Germain’s age. But he was born on the 21st of July and so his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Similarly, Justine was born on 16 February 1989. And as of November 2021, she was 32 years of age. Germain must also be in his 30s, as of 2021.

Germain Gulick Job

The weird thing is Germain’s job description on his Linkedin was blank. But basically, he was a producer and director.

He worked as a producer for the 2018 TV series documentary called Warriors of Liberty City. He has two Assistant Director credits for two movie shorts, For Sure (2015) and Just My Luck (2013).

He also directed a one-minute documentary short called How New York Eats, which was shortlisted for Porsche Award.

Apart from that, he has worked in various movie shorts in different roles. In Waiting (2017) and Red Folder (2016), he worked in the Camera and Electrical Department. He acted in Laps (2017). He was a cinematographer for Born Again (2017) and production designer for For Sure. He worked in the Sound Department of Heaven, Here I Come (2015).

From 2010 to 2013, Germain worked as a Feature Film Program Coordinator for Sundance Institute. And from 2018 to 2019, he worked as a Freelance Copywriter for Waze.

Is Germain Gulick On Instagram?

Yes, as of 2021, Germain was on Instagram at @germaing. He has his account in private mode. But you can see his Instagram once you follow him. He had 111 posts and only 521 followers.

You can also find him on Facebook. He had a regular Facebook profile by the name Germain Gulick. And it was followed by 57 people.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Germain Gulick?

Germain is over 5 ft 11 inches tall. His girlfriend Justine was also quite tall at the height of 5 ft 7 inches.

  • Where Is Germain Gulick From?

Germain was from Minnesota. He had lived for a while in Montana as well and had a “great affinity for its (Montana’s) South-West landscape”.

Germain might also have spent a good part of his childhood in Washington DC, as his father worked as a journalist in DC for a long time.

Talking about his father, his name was Thomas Gulick. And Thomas Gulick passed away on 29 June 2020 in his home in Apple Valley. Germain’s mother’s name is Monique Gulick. By the time of his death, Germain’s father and his mother had been married for over 36 years. They lived in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Germain has two siblings, a brother named Merlin Gulick and a sister Dominique Gulick. Merlin is an Audio Visual Systems Engineer at JAMF Software. We do not know much about Dominique.

The names of Germain’s paternal grandparents are Herbert George Gulick and Barbara Gulick (nee Zins). Herbert, who used to work as a General Manager of the Daily Breeze, passed away on 25 September 2006.

Justine was from Denver, Colorado.

  • Where Did Germain Gulick Recieve His Education?

We do not know where Germain went to high school. But for college, he went to Montana State University-Bozeman. Later, he went on to obtain an MFA degree in film, cinema, and video studies from the Tisch School of Arts Film Program of New York University.

Germain’s girlfriend had also completed her studies up to graduate level. She did her Bachelor’s degree from Denver School of the Arts and then completed her graduate studies from Julliard School’s Acting Program.

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