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Get To Know Chrisean Rock Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Meet the family of Chrisean Rock where we discuss her father Eugene Malone, mother Charla Malone, and her 11 siblings. This article covers their age, job, and current residence.

So keep scrolling down to learn more about her parents.

Who Are Chrisean Rock Family Members?

Chrisean Rock’s family is in a weird situation right now because of the latest commotion that happened between her boyfriend Blueface and her father. Well, Blueface punched him. This action from the rapper is certainly not sitting well with Chrisean’s fans.

According to Hip Hop DX, the turbulent connection between Chrisean Rock and Blueface has received a lot of attention from the media. Rock was detained last month after a brawl with the rapper “Thotiana” in an Arizona nightclub. A video of Chrisean rubbing his feet on a private jet was uploaded by Blueface the day after he was freed.

Following the 22-year-recent old’s incarceration, they both swore to avoid getting into any trouble. However, everything changed on Friday, September 16, when Blueface met with Chrisean’s family.

A furious argument between the L.A. rapper and some of her family members is captured on camera. However, it wasn’t until Chrisean resorted to social media to describe the incident that it became evident with whom Blueface had a dispute.

“So my boyfriend knocked my dad out,” she wrote. “Da family stuff didn’t go well. INO even know what’s going on [heartbroken emoji].” Shortly after the quarrel, one of Chrisean’s family members called her out on social media and invited her to come to fight. “Chrisean you really green asf yall on some weird a*** s***,” the family member wrote.

The hip-hop news outlet reported that the unidentified relative continued, “COME FIGHT ME!! and f***all y’all no need for names y’all know exactly who tf y’all are!” Blueface has yet to address the incident, however, fans noticed that television cameras were rolling throughout the dispute. Rapper BRS Kash commented, “I wonder what episode this finna be on, I wanna see this.”

So, learn more about her family members here.

Chrisean Rock Father

Chrisean Rock’s father/dad is Eugene Arthur Malone. Born in March 1968, Eugene is currently 54 years old. You can find him on Instagram (@eugeneamalonegmail.com9) as well as on Facebook (@eugenea.malone).

Allegedly according to Chrisean, she and her siblings didn’t have a sound relationship before. There were rumors that he was very abusive. Her father was in prison for much of her early life. She didn’t even meet him until she was seven years old.

Even Eugene has admitted on his Facebook that he is a living example that a person can change his ways. However, it is unclear what ways he means precisely. He writes, “Who said you can’t, I’m living proof that you can change, all is needed is the will.”

Eugene had a job at Rip’s Country Inn. According to one of his Facebook, he started working there in May 1988. On another Facebook, he shared that he had a job as a Prep Cook/Sous chef in Rip’s Country Inn in Bowie, Maryland.

Eugene’s most recent job was working at ServSafe as a cook.

Eugene was born to his father Eugene Malone and Cynthia Malone. His mother was born to Eleanora Dansby and Carl Johnson on November 1, 1948, in Baltimore, Maryland. She was raised by her late grandmother, Millie Jeffries, whom she developed a strong bond with.

Cynthia received her education from the Baltimore City Public School System. She later attended Tidewater Community College in Virginia where she discovered her love for writing. Her love for people was her ultimate motivation and she held numerous positions within the healthcare field.

Cynthia dedicated her life to Christ through baptism as a young girl at Bible Way Missionary Baptist Church. Serving the Lord became the greatest source of her joy. She joined numerous congregations throughout the years and ultimately made Miracle City Church her final church home where she made dear and close friends. Wherever she attended, she always strived to be an active member.

She fell in love and married Eugene Malone as a teenager. Out of their union, three children were born, and she gained two stepchildren as a bonus.

Eugene’s parents also have three adopted children. Besides Eugene, her children are her daughter Terine Malone, stepson Martin (Markie), and bonus children; Sondra, Jeremiah, and Savannah.

Chrisean Rock Mother

Chrisean Rock’s mother is Charla Tucker Malone. Born in December 1964, her mother is currently 57 years old. There isn’t much about her job and education. According to Baltimore Sun, in January 1997, police arrested Eugene and Charla during a raid on their Cape St. Claire home and charged them with stealing mail from neighbors.

Police raided the home at about 12: 30 p.m. after receiving information from area businesses about attempts to cash stolen checks.

Police said they recovered a large amount of mail and checks stolen from mailboxes in the Cape St. Clair area. Some of the checks had been mailed to residents, and others had been left in the boxes for pickup.

How Many Siblings Does Chrisean Rock Have?

We know that Chrisean Rock comes from a huge family. She has 11 siblings, all biological. Furthermore, she has 7 sisters and four brothers. Some of her siblings are Tessa Stewart, Terine Malone, Eugene Malone, Tessa Manning Malone, Obadiah Malone, Latifa Malone, and Chasity Malone.

Chrisean’s mother struggled with addiction making it difficult for her to be a consistent presence in Chrisean’s life. As a result, Chrisean wasn’t able to have a smooth and stress-free childhood. Despite that fact, Chrisean still has a love for her parents. Fortunately, she could lean on some of her siblings when things were difficult.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Chrisean Rock Family Live?

Chrisean Rock’s family are still residents of Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Is Chrisean Rock Family In The Limelight?

Chrisean Rock’s sister Latifa is a musician whose stage name is Tesehki. She is the eighth of 12 children born to her parents. You can find her on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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