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Gil Ofer Bio, Net Worth, Age, Eden Polani Ex, Who Is He?

Gil Ofer is the son of the billionaire businessman Idan Ofer. So, this means his means he’s obviously had a few high-profile romances. One of which also includes his fling with Eden Polani, the model who was rumored to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

Keep reading this Gil Ofer Bio to find out more.

Meet Gil Ofer, Eden Polani Ex

Gil Ofer and Eden Polani first met in April 2020 (at Gil’s birthday party), and immediately started dating. However, since Eden was still 17 at the time, the two didn’t reveal their relationship until a year later.

Prior to Eden, Gil dated Sofia Richie (Lionel Richie’s daughter) for a while in early 2021. The two were first spotted publicly locking lips in Miami in January of that year.

Sadly, we don’t know why or when Gil and Eden broke up.

Now, coming to the rumor about Eden possibly being romantically linked with  Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s been debunked! The two were only seated together at an EP release party for Ebony Riley in Los Angeles in Feb 2023, nothing more.

Shedding light on the matter, an insider said, “There is zero truth to this. He was seated next to [Eden] at a music party, along with many other people. It’s just silly. Leo clearly can’t be dating every single person that [he’s] in a room with.”

The Wolf of Wall Street star split up with Camila Morrone, after 4 years of a relationship in 2022. Since then, he has reportedly had relationships with other women, including Gigi Hadid and Victoria Lamas.

In September 2022, Leo and Gigi were first seen together at a Casa Cipriani party for New York Fashion Week. A film source said at the time that the two “like each other and are having a nice time.” Leo, who has known Gigi for years but only in a casual way, was “taken with Gigi,” the industry source continued. “She is the type of woman he is usually attracted to.”

According to our source, Leo is not currently involved in anything major romantically.

Gil Ofer Age

Gil Ofer was 31 years of age in 2023.

He is 12 years older than Eden Polani.

Who Are Gil Ofer Parents?

Gil Ofer’s parents are one of the richest people in Israel. In fact, in 2013, his father, Idan Ofer was named the richest man in Israel. Now, as of February 2023, he is the 160th richest person in the world.

Idan is one of two sons of shipping magnate Sammy Ofer, who died in 2011. His company Tanker Pacific is now considered the largest privately owned tanking fleet globally.  Additionally, he also held  51% of Israel Corp., a publicly-traded chemicals, energy, and shipping conglomerate.

If that doesn’t surprise you, Idan also owns a 32% stake in Spanish soccer team Atletico de Madrid, as well as an 85% stake in Portuguese soccer club FC Famalicao.

For those of you interested in Gil’s grandfather, Sammy was born on Feb 22, 1922, in Galatz, Romania. He was one of the last of a generation of great shipping tycoons. He’s remembered for running an enormously successful and closely-knit international shipping and business group, with fiercely loyal and devoted management and ships’ crew.

Sammy also inherited the business of providing ship chandlery (i.e. supplies) to ships from his father Joseph Hershkovitz. Their initial customers were principally vessels from Romania and Bulgaria.

Fun Fact: Gil’s father and uncle split their father’s art holdings, a rare collection rumored to include pieces by Van Gogh and Picasso.

What Job Does Gil Ofer Do For A Living?

Gil Ofer worked as a special advisor in their family business Eastern Pacific Shipping Venture. He joined the company in July 2022. Also, not to mention, he’s a partner in Quantum Pacific Ventures.

But Gil’s not all family made. He also ran an EPS tech start-up project Trade Winds. His start-up was basically a maritime accelerator scheme that involves companies trying to launch robotics, AI, and machine vision businesses.

Prior to launching his own project and being partnered with the family business, Gil also worked as the head of open innovation at Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd for over 2 years. Furthermore, he was the VP of IMGN Media from Jul 2017 to Jul 2018, and VP of Stylift from Jan 2012 – Jun 2014.

As for his education, Gil received his BA in economics and sociology from Harvard University in 2017. Later, he then got his Master of Business Administration degree at London Business School.

Gil Ofer Net Worth

If we were to exclude his family’s capital, Gil Ofer himself garnered a net worth of above $500 million by 2023.

Gil Ofer Height

Gil Ofer stands tall at a height of above 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes, an oblong face, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gil Ofer Birthday?

 Gil celebrates his birthday on April 25 and is of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Where Is Gil Ofer From?

Gil hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. He moved to Singapore in 1991, then to New York, New York, and now as of 2023, he resides in London, United Kingdom.

  • Is Gil Ofer On Instagram?

As of February 2023, find Gil on Instagram @gil_o4 with 7.7K followers. Sadly, he kept his profile private.

Also, here’s his Facebook @gil.ofer.

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