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Gillian Redfearn Bio, Joe Hill Wife, Age, Job, Instagram

Dear readers, if we told you that Gillian Redfearn was married to Joe Hill, would that pique your interest in Gillian Redfearn? No? Well, what if we told you Gillian is a publisher in the UK? Okay, that does not sound very interesting. But this might make you want to know more about Gillian. She is the daughter-in-law of the great author Stephen King.

If you are a Stephen King, no doubt you want to read more about Gillian Redfearn. Well, you can continue reading this article and you might end up finding out all sorts of details about Gillian.

Gillian Redfearn And Joe Hill’s Wedding

Joe Hill, or Joe Hillstrom King, is the son of the master horror writer Stephen King and his wife Tabitha King. And in the vein of his father, he had also become a novelist and horror/fantasy writer.

So far, he has written four novels, four collections of stories, and numerous comics. And if we have to mention some of his works, Joe wrote popular novels (Heart-Shaped Box, NOS4A2), story collections (20th Century Ghosts), and comic books (Locke and Key).

Locke & Key has been adapted into a Netflix TV series of the same. The first season premiered in February 2020 and the second season came out recently on 22 October 2021.

Joe Hill is Gillian Redfearn’s husband. Gillian used to be Joe’s UK publisher but over the years, she become much more for him. As of now, they have been married for three years and are very happy.

We do not know when the two of them met or when they started dating. But they got engaged in April 2017. And married on 4 May 2018.

On the occasion of their second anniversary on 5 May 2020, Joe Hill Instagrammed one of their wedding photos with the following captions, “Two of the happiest years of my life as of today. Love you, darling.”

Such declarations of love and happiness are not uncommon between Joe and Gillian. On the eve of their wedding (in 2018), Gillian Tweeted: “One year ago today I got engaged to the most incredible man. One week tomorrow I get the chance to marry him. Sometimes life delivers so very much more than we expect – whatever our expectations are – in the most wonderful ways.”

Before Joe found Gillian and entered into a happy marriage, he was married to Leanora King. They had met when they were studying at Vassar College. They married in 1999 and had three kids together. The eldest, who’s name was Ethan and was born in 1999, was an actor.

Joe and Leanora divorced in 2010 after 11 years of married life.

How Old Is Gillian Redfearn?

We do not know the exact year Gillian was born, but she was born after 1980. So, as of 2021, her age could not be more than 41 years.

In comparison, her husband, Joe Hill was 49 years of age. He was born on 4 June 1972.

Gillian celebrated her birthday every year on the 16th of July. So, her zodiac sign was Cancer.

What Does Gillian Redfearn Do For A Living?

Gillian is a very successful publisher. Currently, she is working as a Deputy Publisher of Gollancz. Gollancz is an imprint of Orion Publishing Group that publishes science fiction and fantasy works.

Gollanz, which used to be Victor Gollancz Ltd, is one of the oldest science-fiction and fantasy imprints in the UK.

As a publisher, Gillian has been nominated for the Hugo award.

If we were to list Gillian’s high points in her career. She commissioned Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. She acquired the UK rights of Patrick Ruthfuss (one of the greatest names in contemporary fantasy literature) novels.

Gillian joined the imprint as an editorial assistant. In 2013, she became deputy publishing director. And within a few years, she became Publishing Director.

Currently, she had reached the spot of Deputy Publisher and was one of the core members of the imprint.

On a Different Note: Gillian Redfearn and her husband Joe Hill appeared on the Ten Minutes Podcast and talked about how important it was to step outside and be in the world. It was the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Is Gillian Redfearn On Instagram, Facebook?

No, Gillian was not on Instagram as of 2021. But you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Gillian Redfearn Born?

Gillian Redfearn was born in London, United Kingdom, to two Scottish parents.

We do not know much about Gillian’s parents or other family members. There were, however, a few people who could be related to her. Heather Redfearn, who was born in Edinburgh and lives in London, Mareike Redfearn-Habib, and Anthony Redfearn is the possible family members.

  • How Tall Is Gillian Redfearn?

Gillian is reportedly 5 ft 7 inches tall.

  • How Much Is Gillian Redfearn Net Worth?

As of 2021, Gillian Redfearn has a net worth of $800 thousand.

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