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Greg Mathis Jr Bio, Net Worth, Height, Mathis Family Matters

Greg Mathis, known for his NAACP Image Award and Daytime Emmy-winning, syndicated reality courtroom show, Judge Mathis, embarks on a new adventure with Mathis Family Matters in collaboration with E!.

Having acquired immense good fame as the long-running African American male host on television, Greg thought this to be the right time to introduce to fans his not-much-seen side, of a paternal head of his household and his family members; and that too in a reality show called Mathis Family Matters (premiered on 19 June 2022) promising to show people judge Greg, his family, and their various other loved ones’ day-to-day matters.

With that being said, the rest of the writing is about Greg Mathis Jr., one of Greg’s sons, who like his sister is moving closer to home after establishing successful careers.

Greg Mathis Jr On Mathis Family Matters

Greg Mathis Jr is also affectionately known as “Bobby” in the family. He was born in Detroit and spent nearly a decade living in Washington, D.C. before finally finding his way back home to Los Angeles.

And a lot is happening for this Mathis on Mathis Family Matters.

He is an entrepreneur and longtime political advocate and has managed multiple successful real estate ventures alongside long-term boyfriend Elliott Cooper.

Greg Jr. formerly worked as a political staffer for close to a decade in Washington, D.C. So, even today, he remains dedicated to many political and charitable causes. His political career also saw him as a senior advisor in the United States Senate, as well as previous work for two members of the United States House of Representatives and the President of the United States. During this tenure, he worked directly to advance several key initiatives he is passionate about including funding for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline; increasing direct mental health and general healthcare and support services to LGBTQ individuals; and authorizing the nation’s first national program to better identify victims of human trafficking in health care settings.

Greg Mathis Jr Job

Speaking of his job in recent times, Greg Mathis Jr had been managing his family’s various talent and business endeavors and his own real estate businesses, as of 2022. (Of course) there the advocating too that he engages in especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ group and their rights.

Greg so you know, studied BA in Political Science and Government at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and graduated in 2011.

How Much Is Greg Mathis Jr Net Worth?

Greg Mathis Jr reportedly had more than $2 million as her net worth as of 2022, not to mention he also is one of the heirs to his father’s $20 million net worth (that was estimated as of 2010).

Also, speaking of his salary, he was making 100K a year, by the fiscal year 2021, according to

Greg Mathis Jr Age

Born in 1989 as the younger brother to his sisters and an elder brother to his brother, Greg Mathis Jr. reached the age of 33 early in 2022.

His brother Amir Mathis came into the world a year later in July 1990. Meanwhile the sisters, Jade was born in May of 1985 (the year their parents got married) and Camara was born in October 1987.

Greg Mathis Jr Height

Greg Mathis Jr, who we see often draped in trendy fashionable attire, stands handsomely 5’9” in height.

Is Greg Mathis Jr Gay?

Yes. Greg Mathis Jr is gay. And this, he finally decided to admit to the world during an episode on Mathis Family Matter. Viewers on the show get to see Greg senior and Greg Jr. discuss why he is not already sharing his sexuality or being gay with the general public, his friends, and others. As it happens, before this discussion, the family patriarch had no idea that his son was not telling people that he is gay. It pained him to know about this as he even had tears in his eyes. And it was even more unbearable when his son expressed it was not just for fear of people criticizing but also because of fear of people criticizing his father.

Greg Jr. had come out to his family at age 18 before moving to Washington, D.C. That is the reason why judge Greg was shocked after the truth that his son told him. Since the show, Greg Jr. along with his father also exclusively spoke to E! News about this tendency to hide his sexuality.

Albeit, that is all in the past now and Greg Jr feels the luckiest now that he has a family and a dad who will fight for him no matter what.

Greg Jr even publicly kicked off the pride month this year with FlamingCandlesLA, a brand in the making.

Is Greg Mathis Jr Married?

Greg Mathis Jr was not alone when he was publicly discussing his sexuality on national television. Yes. It was one of the most vulnerable things he had ever had to do. But, at the same time, Greg also felt excitement as the Mathis Family Matters also chronicled his boyfriend Elliott Cooper’s coming out process. As Greg shared all this to E! News one could see just how much in love he is with his long-term partner. But, no. They were not married as of the time of this writing. And if you ask, Greg Jr. had also not been married before this.

According to the E! show that Greg is on, he was based in Los Angeles with Elliott and their two French Bulldogs, Knox and Dax.

Greg Mathis Jr attends the premiere of Mathis Family Matters with his partner/costar Elliott in June 2022

Elliott, on Instagram @elliott_coopr, also appears on Mathis Family Matters as Greg’s boyfriend. Introducing himself on the show as Greg Jr.’s partner, he reveals that he has been connected with the Mathis family for over four years. Coming from a very reserved family, he was at first very surprised to meet the Mathis family. He also gave his opinion on the whole moving to LA near the family thing and clearly, his thought did not seem to be in alignment with Greg’s in this matter. “Greg wants to move us to LA and I don’t think it’s the right call”, is what Elliott said.

And because this was shot before their move to LA, which he seemed to have agreed on eventually, Greg also added that when he is not at his job in D.C., he is either working out at the gym; or traveling the world with his boyfriend.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Greg Mathis Jr Birthday?

Greg Mathis Jr celebrates his birthday on the 31st of January. So, he is an Aquarius.

  • Is Greg Mathis Instagram?

Yes. Greg Mathis was on Instagram @gregmathisjr; there were 34 posts and 18K followers as of 20 June 2022. He was also on Twitter @gregmathisjr; and went around on Facebook as ‘Gregory Malik’.

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