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Greg Morgan Bio, Age, Job, Family, Tammy Slaton Boyfriend

Meet Greg Morgan the alleged boyfriend of Tammy Slaton. The rumored relationship recently caught the attention of the fans of the show who are willing to learn more about him. Learn about his age, job, family, and more in this article below.

Tag along with this bio where we toch all the answers.

Meet Greg Morgan, Tammy Slaton Alleged Boyfriend

Tammy Slaton might’ve found love again with a man 10 years younger than him. Tammy Slaton, a 1000-lb Sisters star, has a new man in her life. Just a few weeks after it was claimed online that the reality star had broken up with her husband, Caleb Willingham, the reality star is apparently dating a 25-year-old.

First reported by The Sun the outlet claimed that Tammy connected with Indiana-based Greg Morgan AKA Allan Umphrey using a dating app. They “immediately hit it off,” according to a source, and have been “seeing each other for about a month now” after meeting each other on the dating app.

‘He’s come to see her a handful of times. He takes a six-hour bus from Indianapolis to visit her in Kentucky,’ the outlet revealed. According to the insider, Greg has even interacted with Amy Slaton’s sister and her nephews, Gage and Glenn. ‘Tammy is shy around him and didn’t want to eat in front of him. She said she finds him very attractive,’ the source revealed to the outlet.

Another source opened up about Tammy’s new romance and added that “They’ve been talking regularly and they seem to really like each other, but they are trying to figure out when he’ll visit again because things get tough around her filming schedule.” Tammy previously wed Caleb, whom she met while receiving treatment. In the treatment facility parking lot in October 2022, he proposed to the TV personality. The two later married in a quiet ceremony seen by their loved ones two months later.

“They have a lot of the same struggles that they can share. They’ve been a huge support for each other [in rehab], which is awesome,” an insider revealed at the time. However, it was revealed earlier this month that they had broken up after just five months of marriage. Insiders told the Sun at the time that the breakup came after he ‘refused to stick to his diet.’

The insider added, “He has gained 30 lbs and hasn’t been working his program. They got into a big fight over it and he told her he wanted a divorce, but then he tried to backtrack. Tammy’s sisters Amy and Amanda were already encouraging her to just move on. She wants someone who can be there for her and his health keeps declining.”

They added further, “She would have to take care of him once he’s out of rehab, and that is her taking on the care of a whole other person when she can barely take care of herself, so the relationship is pointless.”

The source also pointed out that they “got married after just knowing each other over the course of weeks,” adding, “She isn’t able to care for someone else at this point in her recovery.” It was said that they signed a prenup before tying the knot – so her earnings from the reality show were protected.

After the news went public, Greg took to his TikTok and posted snapshots of outlets claiming that the two are dating. He captioned the TikTok post, “This is really irritating like people just can’t be friends this is crazy @Tammy Slaton.”

In another video that he recently posted, Greg replied to a comment that read, “It’s gotta be for the money.” He made the TikTok replying, “This type of sh-t makes my as* itch. Go find something to do.” So, in a way, Greg denied the relationship.

But, Greg revealed on his Facebook that he is in a relationship. Additionally, he is a dad to his daughter named Sekani Denise Umphrey. On 3 March 2022, on her birthday, she wrote, “With everything that’s going on today I still have to make it a point to wish my youngest daughter Aaliyah Sekani Denise Umphrey Walker happy birthday that’s my twin if y’all can’t see.”

His older daughter turned 5 years old in December 2022.

Greg had his daughter with his girlfriend Qaween Erykah. On Mother’s Day 2022, he wished his baby mother, “Happy Mother’s Day to my fucking headache but she is the best mother I could ask for for my daughter Happy Mother’s Day to you big head  Qaween Erykah.”

Greg Morgan Age

According to The Sun, as of 2023, Greg Morgan is 25 years old.

Greg Morgan Job

Greg Morgan is a rap producer by trade. He goes by the moniker PrinceX. In 2020, TikTok was the first time he promoted a song titled After Hours on his platform. Another TikTok video where he shared a rap song from an unknown rapper who stole his beat to make the song.

Following that, he received mail from Spittieee Spark with the song as an attachment.

In October, Greg teased another song saying that he was dropping a new project. He has a YouTube channel that has one song Repeat.

According to his Facebook, Greg was a real-time acquisition sales representative at Realtime Acquisitions from 2018 to 2020. 

How Tall Is Greg Morgan?

Greg Morgan stands tall under the height of 5 feet 11 inches. In January 2023, he posted on TikTok about struggling with mental health issues.

Greg Morgan Family

The only family member of Greg Morgan we know is his mother K Disha’a Walker. She is a graduate of Broad Ripple High School. K Disha’a attended Udemy. She studied Leadership and Ministry at the Advance Ministry Institute, Emotional Wellness Certification at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and Bachelor of Science: Psychology at Martin University.

K Disha’a is currently working as operations lead at Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. The Mother’s Day post that Greg posted read, “Ok ok this is where I get my face from yall Happy Mother’s Day to you love K Disha’a Walker.” 

Greg likely has two siblings; a sister named Olivia Grace and a brother named Nate Morgan. Olivia resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. And, Nate is a content creator who is in a relationship with Selena Coren.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Greg Morgan Birthday?

Per a TikTok from November 2021, Greg Morgan’s birthday is on 30 November.

  • Where Is Greg Morgan From?

Greg Morgan appears to be from Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Is Greg Morgan On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Greg Morgan is on Facebook and Instagram.

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