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Greg Scherwinski Bio, Age, Job, Height, Rose Vega Boyfriend

Meet Greg Scherwinski, the new boyfriend of 90 Day Fiance‘s most iconic and beloved contestant Rose Vega. In her most recent YouTube video, she introduced Greg as her boyfriend. Fans noticed the budding relationship for the first time when Rose posted her birthday vlog.

Rose has been keeping her relationship private since Big Ed. And fans seem to have approved of Greg.

In the video, Greg is seen actively interacting with Rose’s family. They go out for lunch together and Rose’s father approved of his daughter’s new relationship. Greg had arrived in the Philippines on a three-day trip to visit the reality star. And, the video was the last day of his stay before he head out to Melbourne, Australia.

Meet Greg Scherwinski, 90 Day Fiance Rose Vega Boyfriend

90 Day Fiance Rose Vega first mentioned having a boyfriend when she posted her birthday vlog in late 2021. She received birthday gifts from her Greg which looked as if it was packaged and shipped from somewhere far. However, she didn’t mention Greg’s name in the video.

Then in her YouTube video which she posted in February 2022, she addresses her trip to Thailand and meeting someone special. Based on the video, Greg traveled all the way from Australia to visit her there. Although, she shares a few things about him like he is taller than her and nice.

Then the driver hilariously asks her “he has a neck?” To which, she replies, “Yeah, he has..” Rose still doesn’t give away details when asked “where is he from?”

A month before, in March 2022, Rose gives a lot of insight into her relationship without giving away Greg’s name. She talks about feeling like not being in the right place to still be in love with someone. She talks about her partner getting frustrated for not getting what he wants and she doesn’t like it.

Rose talks about being traumatized before and she doesn’t want it to happen again. It was the reason it took her so long to hop into the next relationship. She describes Greg as kind and caring and she appreciated everything he did for her but this doesn’t show in the early stage of the relationship.

Rose talks about the issue of a “huge age gap” between them. Plus, they were trying to adjust in that matter.

Because they are from different backgrounds which we know now, they have fights and disagreements at times and Rose believes it is because of their cultural difference. She thinks that they should learn about each other’s culture before thinking of settling down.

Rose shares that Greg is a businessman and he has a habit of pushing his team. She sometimes feels like he treats her the same way as he does his employees. She explained that she feels like a member of his team. After they had a fight, Rose tells that the communication between the two was not going well.

In fact, after they met in Thailand in person, communication between the two wasn’t very good. So, Rose stopped talking to him at all. Throughout the video, she talks about gaining back her trust quite a lot without sharing what she exactly meant by that. But, she adds that she is willing to give him second chance if he puts her family first because she is a family-oriented person.

Rose says she will trust him again if he does so.

Per the recent video, Greg arrived in the Philippines to bond with Rose’s family. They go out for a lunch together. A little over one and a half-minute into the video, Rose announces, “Hi guys, I want to tell you something. Who is he? He’s my boyfriend, Greg”. Greg talks briefly speak to the camera about his trip to the Philippines.

Greg also talks about Rose’s father being a hardworking man. Later in the video, Rose also asks he dad how he felt about Greg and she explains that he was good. The family has accepted Greg and thinks that he is good for her.

Greg Scherwinski Age

As of April 2022, Greg Scherwinski should be around 53 years old and above. He celebrates his birthday on 25 August.

Greg Scherwinski Job

Greg Scherwinski is the director and founder of Ray White Mordialloc, a real estate company. He has been working in real estate for over 25 years and he started his company in 2003 to provide professional service throughout the Bayside suburbs. Per the company bio, he is Melbourne’s top sales agent and has sold over $100 million of property.

His group won several awards such as 2021/2022 – Premier Performer, 2020/2021 – Elite Performer, 2019/2020 – Premier Performer, 2019 – Top 10 Principals Settled Commission – No. 6, 2018/2019 – Elite Performer, 2017 – Top 10 Principals Settled Commission – No. 10, 2017/2018 – Premier Performer, and 2016 – Elite Performer (AUS), 2015 – Elite Performer (AUS).

Greg has received a 4.8 rating on Rate My Agent. He mainly operates in Mordialloc, Aspendale Gardens, Parkdale, Patterson Lakes, Aspendale, Mentone, Carrum, Edithvale, Waterways, and Chelsea.

His company also reaches out to clients via YouTube, Instagram (@raywhitemordialloc), and Facebook (@ray.mordialloc).

In 2014, Greg was also featured in Herald Sun while calling for the end of “price baiting”.

Greg attended Bonbeach High School and graduated in 1986.

Is Greg Scherwinski On Instagram?

Yes, Greg Scherwinski is on Instagram (@gregscherwinski), Facebook (@greg.scherwinski), and TikTok (@gregscherwinski).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Greg Scherwinski From?

Per Greg Scherwinski’s Facebook, he is from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the same place he is currently living.

  • How Tall Is Greg Scherwinski?

Greg Scherwinski’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches and more.

  • Has Greg Scherwinski Appeared On 90 Day Fiance Yet?

No, Greg Scherwinski hasn’t appeared on 90 Day Fiance yet.

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