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Grian Chatten Bio, Age, Height, Tattoo, Is He Married?

Grian Chatten is the frontman and chief lyricist of an Irish post-punk band called Fontaines D.C. Besides Grian, the other members of the Dublin-based band are Carlos O’Connell (guitar), Conor Curley (guitar), Conor Deegan III (bass), and Tom Coll (drums).

Below is an article on Grian Chatten, containing details about his net worth, married life, family, and more.

Is Grian Chatten Married?

Grian Chatten was not married at the time of this writing. However, there’s something that might interest you about Grian’s personal life.

Fontaines D.C. lyricist first talked about his love life in 2018 in an interview with Izel Villarba for the Alt Citizen. When asked if Dublin was where his first love was, Grian answered the first time he fell in love was with a girl from a different country. However, he did not name the country at the time.

In May 2022, Grian mentioned his girlfriend in an interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1 while they were there to discuss their third studio album, Skinty Fia. One month after his interview with Apple Music 1, we came to know that he’s been living with his girlfriend in a flat in North London for the last 18 months.

Recently, informed that Grian’s longtime girlfriend is now his fiancee and she is English by nationality.

Grian Chatten Age

Reportedly born in the year 1994, Grian Chatten’s age was 28 as of December 2022.

Grian Chatten Family

Talking about Grian Chatten’s family, his father is Irish whereas his mother, Deborah Stevens. is English. Grian’s dad met Deborah in an Irish pub in Germany. They had Grian while they were in Cumbria, England. The family moved to Ireland shortly after and settled in the north County Dublin village of Skerries.

In an interview with mojo4music, Grian mused that his parents had him far too early, at a time when they did not have any jobs or money.

Fontaines D.C.’s Grian also has one brother, Finn Chatten. He went to Skerries Community College and turned 21 years old in July 2022.

How Much Is Grian Chatten Net Worth?

By December 2022, Grian Chatten’s personal net worth was estimated to be above $1 million.

The members of Fontaines D.C., including Grian Chatten, met while attending music college at BIMM in The Liberties, Dublin.

The band got its name from a character in the movie The Godfather called Johnny Fontane, a singer and movie star. Although the band was originally called The Fontaines, they added the initials D.C., meaning Dublin City, after they found out that a band in Los Angeles had the same name.

In the music college, the band members bonded over a common love of poetry. During the early phase, Fontaines D.C self-released singles. Till 2018, they had released popular singles like Liberty Belle, Hurricane Laughter/Winter In the Sun, Too Real, Chequeless Reckless/Boys In The Better Land.

In November 2018, the band signed with Partisan Records. In less than a year, they released their debut album, Dogrel, which was an homage to Doggerel, working-class Irish poetry-‘poetry of the people.’

Dogrel received rave reviews from critics. It was listed as Album of the Year on the record store Rough Trade’s website, voted Album of the Year by presenters on BBC Radio 6 Music, and was nominated for both the Mercury Prize and the Choice Music Prize.

Fontaines D.C. released their second album, A Hero’s Death, on July 31, 2020. The band had written and recorded the album in the midst of touring for their debut. A Hero’s Death was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The post-punk band released their third album, Skinty Fia, in 2022. It became the band’s first to reach number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and Irish Albums Chart.

Some of the popular songs of Fontaines D.C. are Jackie Down The Line, I Love You, Roman Holiday, and Boys In the Better Land, to name a few.

Recently, in a conversation with Songwriters On Process, Grian shared that there’s no such thing as a writing ritual. He called his writing process his “constant annoying companion.”

Fontaines D.C. frontman shared that the key to writing is not to take it too seriously. With that said, Grian shared that he does a few things such as writing on his phone, or avoiding journals and notebooks for writing because paper makes it appear too serious, to ensure that he’s productive.

The band makes a huge chunk of money through tours and live performances. Another source of their income is by selling their merchandise, which is available on

Grian Chatten Tattoo

Grian has a small tattoo of a shamrock on his right wrist. Reportedly, the tattoo was done by Grian’s bandmate Conor Curley’s fiance.

Grian Chatten Height

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Grian Chatten is average in terms of height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Grian Chatten Birthday?

On July 19, 2022, Grian celebrated his 28th birthday. He shared one of his childhood pictures and thanked everyone for sending happy messages on his birthday.

  • Where Did Grian Chatten Grew Up?

Born in Barrow-In-Furness, England, Grian moved to Ireland at the age of 1 month. He mostly grew up in Skerries, Dublin, Ireland.

Currently, because of his work, he resides in London, England. Recently, Grian shared his horrible experience person as an Irish immigrant living in England with Irish Mirror. He blasted England as a country that “still considers people from Ireland not to be trusted, and threatening.”

  • Is Grian Chatten On Instagram?

You can find Grian Chatten on Instagram @grianwhitegold. He has over 25 thousand followers on the platform. He also uses Facebook.

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