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Guz Khan Wife, Net Worth, Family, Height, Taskmaster

The comedian Guz Khan is popular for appearing in shows like Man Like Mobeen and Live at the Apollo. And in 2021, as he joined the Taskmaster series 12, Guz’s fame blew through the roof.

But while the world has seen enough of Guz on screen, little was known to them about his off-screen life; especially his married one. So, here we are shedding light on who is Guz Khan’s wife and what’s her name.

Who Is Taskmaster Star Guz Khan Wife? What Is Her Name?

As of September 2021, the Taskmaster star Guz Khan was happily married to his wife and they were living alongside their four children in Birmingham. Unfortunately, Guz didn’t share the name of his wife at the time. 

However, Guz did reveal his other half at the odd awards ceremony. They looked amazing together.

Aside from bringing her to events, Guz also frequently talked about his wife over his socials. On June 4, 2019 tweet, Guz wrote, “And I’m a married man, whose wife will shank him in the batty hole if she happens to be following my tweets tonight.” Seem like Guz’s wife was the boss.

Like father, like son. Guz’s kids are hilarious. Recalling a funny moment, Guz shared his youngest son once produced a poo and placed it on the table in Dixy Chicken.

Guz’s wife almost died of laughter then.

Also, the comedian often featured his children over IG. He called his daughters “Lil Somali Princesses”, and believed his kids to be the “most beloved blessings” in his life.

Fun Fact: Guz once dreamt that Alesha Dixon got down on one knee and asked him to marry her whilst using her Mis-Teeq MC voice.

Guz Khan Family

Coventry, England-born, Guz Khan comes from a British-Muslim family. Originally, he was named “Ghulam Khan” by his parents which later was trimmed down to ‘Guz”.

As per the reports, Guz’s parents were Pakistani immigrants. And soon after, as Guz turned three, his father passed away. Fortunately, the family found a guardian angel in a man named Zainab Khan, who raised Guz and his two sisters. 

One of Guz’s siblings is named Ghulam.

Talking about Guz’s mom, she was the funniest person he had ever known — “Proper rude, properly funny, proper mad”. Aside from inheriting her humor, Guz claimed that he also inherited her fierceness. “She used to slap up skinheads in the ‘70s and taught us not to let anyone belittle us,” he shared.

Guz Khan Net Worth

Guz Khan’s garnered a net worth of over $600 thousand by 2021.

Initially, Guz was an RE teacher, and it wasn’t until his late 20s, he first started performing standup. Guz recalled that during his first-ever standup in the US, he was scrutinized hard. However, within 10 minutes of his performance, people went from “I can’t believe they gave this Muslim a microphone” to “I love this dude, he’s hilarious”.

Soon, people started calling him “the new face of British Muslims,” and there arose another challenge. He started receiving criticism from the Muslims for swearing too much, and “speaking the truth”.

But what shot Guz to fame was his three-minute YouTube rant about Spielberg’s Jurassic World and the “Pakisaurus” in 2015.  Since then, Guz has garnered a lot of wealth and attention, and he’s also launched a scheme for local youngsters to get paid experience on his production team.

Guz’s comedic inspirations are Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle. He revealed that he used to watch Eddie Murphy Raw with his sister while they were kids.

As for the difficulties Guz faced while entering the industry, he shared that “I’ve not personally struggled”. But what’s lived rent-free on his mind was the fact that if he hadn’t written the character of Mobeen, he wouldn’t have been able to “explore that depth as opposed to just turn up and be funny.”

To honor him, Guz has been nominated for the BAFTA awards twice.

When Guz wasn’t working, he liked to travel, especially on his Mercedes GLS350. If you don’t know, Guz is a car maniac. Someday he hopes to buy E60 BMW M5, Tesla Model 3, or Audi RS6 Avant (C7).

Trivia: Guz has also taught humanities in a struggling secondary.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is He?

Guz Khan was born on January 24, 1986. That made him 35 years of age when he first appeared on Taskmaster in 2021. Corrpesding to his birthday, Guz is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • How Tall Is He?

Guz Khan stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm). Mentioning his distinct features, Guz has brown eyes, a long face, and an amazing beard and hair.

  • Is He On Social Media?

As of September 2021, Guz boasted 248K followers over Instagram and 72.3K followers over Twitter. Also, find him over Youtube @Guz Khan Official with 40.4K followers.

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