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Ha Je-Yong Bio, Height, Wife, Korean Hulk, Physical 100

Meet Ha Je-Yong, the star of Netflix’s Physical 100. Does he have a wife? Is he married? How tall is he? How old is he?

Find details about the Korean Hulk in this article below.

Meet Ha Je-Yong, The Korean Hulk In Netflix’s Physical 100

Watching Netflix’s Physical 100 means getting to see 100 people from different backgrounds taking on challenges and hoping they get to win the 300 million won. But it gets a little intimidating for others when a person who can claim himself to be the strongest man in Korea walks into the room.

Ha Je-Yong who has been hailed the Korean Hulk is a contestant in Physical 100 which premiered on 25 January 2023.

Physical 100 is Netflix’s first Korean survival show. On January 24, the first two episodes on the streaming service were released, and a lot of viewers tuned in to see what it was all about. If the top 10 TV shows on Netflix are any indication, Physical: 100 is doing very well for itself. It is currently at No. 7 and doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon as of Jan. 26.

Jang Ho-gi is the creator of the reality competition program Physical: 100. There are nine episodes altogether, and each Tuesday, two new episodes are released on Netflix. The program follows 100 competitors with varying ages, genders, and physical characteristics. They engage in intense competition with one another to demonstrate their physical prowess and for the chance to claim the title of “most perfect physique.”

Of course, the winner will also receive a 300,000,000 (WON) cash prize. The cast includes members of the national team, weight lifters, actresses, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, and others from a variety of professions. In fact, you might be able to identify a few of the competitors.

Ha Je-Yong Age

Reportedly born in 1991, Ha Je-Yong is 31 years old.

Does Ha Je-Yong Have A Wife?

No, Ha Je-Yong doesn’t have a wife because he isn’t married yet.

In 2017, Ha Je-Young was spotted with actress Lindsay Lohan. They met each other in Mykonos, Greece and claimed that Lindsay is a great person. In his own words, “She’s very kind, and she’s an angel.”

Thus, rumors ignited that they might be seeing each other. However, a source told Vanity Fair, “Lol they are 100% not dating at all. They’re just friends.”

Addressing the romance rumor, Je-Yong added, “We originally planned to go to New York together. But I had another schedule so I couldn’t go. I was at home watching TV when I got a message from Lindsay. She told me to Google her name. When I searched her name on Google, there were tons of articles about us. Lindsay and I laughed hysterically at this.”

Je-Yong then confirmed that “No” they weren’t dating each other.

The Korean Hulk is a fur dad to his Caucasian Ovcharka Taeja that he bought in Russia. Taeja is also a dog-show world champion. Je-Yong told the paper, “He’s one million euros, and his height is 1m 20cm and his weight is 130 kg. He’s heavier than I am. He eats more protein than I do. He eats 9 chickens every day.”

Ha Je-Yong Job

Ha Je-Yong is a competitive powerlifter by profession. Speaking about his working out journey, he told GQ, “I’ve been working out for about 10 years now. I particularly enjoyed arm wrestling and powerlifting. I won a national champion in an open category for arm wrestling, and I have been competing at world championships in which I dream of becoming the world champion one day.”

He also competed in many open categories for powerlifting in which Je-Yong was named a national champion for bench press (270 kg), deadlift (340 kg), and squat (320 kg), which were all national records. He said at the time that he was aiming to break the world record.

Besides competitive sports, he is also into the entertainment business. He had plans to open nightclubs in many different countries including the Lohan club in Dubai. But, he also believes in giving away and indulges himself in volunteering and charity work.

Ha Je-Yong’s other interest? He loves exploring galleries and participating in art auctions as well. His other hobbies include collecting limited-edition and exclusive models of watches. He is also dabbling in acting.

And we should mention that he is rich rich. Je-Yong drives Bugatti, goes on expensive vacations, spends thousands of dollars on meals and desserts, and flies around the world in a private jet.

And Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only famous person he is friends with. In March 2014, he posted a pic with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe claiming that they were brothers. He can also be seen with CEO of Flavio Briatore owner of the F1 Renault team, Alain Crevet, President of Dupont,

Ha Je-Yong Height

Korean Hulk Ha Je-Yong stands tall around the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ha Je-Yong Birthday?

Ha Je-Yong celebrates his birthday on 3 May.

  • Is Ha Je-Yong On Instagram?

Yes, Ha Je-Yong is on Instagram (@koreanhulk) and Facebook (@hajeyong).

  • Where Is Ha Je-Yong From?

Originally from Seoul, Korea. According to his Facebook, he is living in Moscow, Russia.

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