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Hakim Isler Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Job, Race to Survive

Race to Survive Alaska is a new survival show on USA Network. It dropped on 3 April 2023 and introduced to viewers eight teams battling it out in the Alaskan wilderness, to win the hefty $500,000 prize. And among these athletes, wanderers, mountaineers, and experienced hikers were Hakim Isler and Justice Norman presented as a team. These two took on this challenge with nothing but knives on their hips and clothes on their backs.

In this writing, called ‘Hakim Isler Bio’, let us tell you all about Hakim, where he is from, his age, wife, job outside of Race to Survive, and more.

Hakim Isler On Race to Survive: Alaska

Hakim Isler comes on the show as a primitive outdoor survival expert. He began as a student in the U.S. Army Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion (SERE) School. Afterward, he went on to receive advanced survival training at Earth Connections Survival School (VA) and has since been honing his skills around the world.

Today, he is identified as a world-class survival expert, the first professional-level African-American survivalist in the country, specializing in survival, defense, and escape tactics within both wilderness and urban environments. No doubt, they approached him for Race to Survive: Alaska. His partner on the show, on the other hand, is a 38-year-old Syracuse, Utah, native who much like Hakim, has perfected the game of martial arts.

These two met through a course where Justice taught Hakim how to perceive things without using his eyes.

Together, this pair brought their unique skills and personalities to the show, and this soon made them fan favorites and fierce competitors.

Hakim Isler Job

Since April of 2008, Hakim Isler has been proudly going around as the proprietor of Elevo Dynamics, which is a 10,000 square foot, 24-hour Family Gym and Martial Arts Facility (a DOJYM) located in historic downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina. AKA Martial Arts School, Elevo Dynamics also takes pride in providing a safe and supportive community.

In addition, Hakim also is a co-founder of Spirit Quest, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting at-risk youth, and founder and director of The SOIL Foundation, a wilderness therapy and retreat nonprofit dedicated to helping the nation’s heroes and youth cope and recover from emotional challenges. Not to miss, he is a board member of the Rape Crisis Volunteer Center in his hometown, and also he comes from the experience as an education instructor volunteering countless hours teaching women’s self-defense course that he called “Assailant Countering Tactics (A.C.T.)”.

Hakim is a former alumnus of Wright State University and a Filipino martial artist and teacher holding the rank of certified instructor in FCS Kali and Guro in Black Tiger Kali.

He also was a combat veteran of the Iraq war. He was deployed during both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he served as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the Special Operations Forces unit of the United States Army.

Who Is Hakim Isler Wife?

Hakim Isler’s wife is Angela Williams.

While we don’t yet know when they got married, a social media post gives away that they got engaged back in January 2015.

And today, Hakim and his wife also have parenting roles to play towards their one daughter Bri-Bee. The family has been celebrating her birthday on June 10th.

Hakim Isler Age

Hakim Isler was born in 1977. So, he turned 45 years old in 2022.

Hakim Isler Family

Hakim’s mother is Fredrica Morris. She calls herself the “Woman of God”. Back in the day, she studied the English language at Mercer County Community College and also went to The Sure Foundation Theological Institute for Christian Studies. So, when the latter was completed she acquired her ministerial license. Much later in February 2021, she also got her officiant certification from Universal Life Church. Since January 2022 she has been the owner/ordained minister and chaplain & notary public at Grace for Ashes, LLC in Highstown, New Jersey. Also, in September 2022, the matriarch turned 66 years old.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest woman in my life. You are the biggest blessing I know of on this earth”, Hakim wrote on his Mother’s Day post once. He has also done the same on Father’s Day.

Hakim seems to have a good relationship with both his parents despite their separation.

Hakim also has two brothers and one of them is Will Ishadez. Will is a former claim specialist at CFINS. As for now, he had been residing in East Orange, New Jersey, while still remaining single.

Is Hakim Isler On Instagram?

Yes. Hakim Isler can be found on Instagram. As of 10 April 2023, his IG @hakimisler included 420 posts and 2,685 followers.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Hakim Isler?

Big and strong Hakim Isler stands around 6 feet in height.

  • When Is Hakim Isler’s Birthday?

Hakim Isler’s birthday is on June 16th and that makes him a Gemini. So, his birthday in a way also along with Father’s Day. So, last year on this day, his mother gushed on a social media post: ‘Happy happy birthday and Happy Father’s Day to my firstborn, a wonderful son, husband, dad, and mentor. I pray God’s best for you always. Enjoy!

  • Where Is Hakim Isler From?

Hakim Isler is a native of Fayetteville city in North Carolina.

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