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Hamisa Mobetto Wikipedia, Net Worth, Son, Rick Ross

Hamisa Mobetto shook the internet after Maybach Music boss Rick Ross addressed his Hamisa with African fashionista and entrepreneur. Mother of three kids, she is a CEO of a thriving business and also pursued a career in entertainment.

Tag along with this Hamisa Mobetto Wikipedia, to learn more about her son, daughter, net worth, and relationship with Rick Ross.

Are Hamisa Mobetto And Rick Ross Dating?

Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross are in a relationship, but only in business, as of this writing. The Diced Pineapple rapper opened up about the nature of their relationship for the first time and Hamisa was over the moon. A snippet of an interview where Ross addressed his relationship was shared by Hamisa.

In the video, Ross talked about his desire to take Hamisa’s business to the next level. He also addressed the connection the two had and later challenged the host Lil Ommy to interview her on the same topic.

While interviewing Ross requested, “I have to be honest, there is a connection, how much you wanna me to tell you about it? I’m gonna leave that to her. So, I want you to make sure you do an interview with her,”

Admiring Hamis more, Ross further added: “She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level because she is doing a great job and I’m proud of her,”

As a response, Hamisa took it to her Instagram to thank Rick and stated that she appreciated the love and support he showed to her.

Back in 2018, Hamisa introduced her new man while on her US tour. She appeared cozy and romantic with a Tanzanian hunk who allegedly lived in America. She was best known for her relationship with Diamond Platinumz, her second baby daddy. They broke up with each other in August of 2018.

Diamond’s mother Sandra Kassim was also very straightforward when it was about her son dating Hamisa. She had stated that she preferred Zari as her future daughter-in-law. In response, Hamisa replied: “If Allah has written something to be yours, it will be. The time and journey might be different, but it will be yours.”

How Old Is She?

On 10 December 2020, Hamisa Mobetto turned 26 years old.

Hamisa Mobetto Nationality

Hamisa was born to Hassan Mobetto and Shufaa Lutigunga in the lakeside city of Mwanza, Tanzania Tanzania. So you know, she is of Tanzanian nationality.

Very little is known about her upbringing. While her father was rarely featured on her social media, she shared a close bond with her mother. She featured her on every occasion, whether it was mother’s day or her birthday.

Shufaa can be discovered on Instagram under the handle @mama_mobetto. According to her social media post, her mother is the manager of her business.

According to the IG post from August 2018, her father passed away. The year he died and the reason behind his death hasn’t been disclosed.

Hamisa Mobetto Measurements

Hamisa Mobetto stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Her stunning look was further accentuated by her measurements of 34-25-40 inches.

Has Hamisa Mobetto Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Yes, it appears so, even though Hamisa Mobetto never addressed the rumor related to getting done any type of surgeries. She must’ve gotten butt implants among other unapparent surgeries.

Her Instagram, Twitter

On Instagram, Hamisa Mobetto’s handle (@hamisamobetto) gathered 8.4 million followers. She posted 1,120 times on the platform. There existed several Facebook as well as Twitter account based on her name. Her Twitter account @HamisaMobetto had 6,076 followers and 45 tweets.

Her Facebook account had 4.3k friends and 22,049 followers.

Hamisa Mobetto Net Worth

Tanzanian beauty with over $500K net worth, Hamisa Mobetto is an entrepreneur, actress, and musician. She is the owner of the Tanzanian fashion brand Mobetto Styles. She has been dubbed as the flag bearer when it comes to Tanzanian fashion.

Hamisa started off her career as a model. She had won the Miss XXL Back to School Bash in 2010. She also participated in the event, Miss Indian Ocean and secured second place. A year later, Hamisa walked the runway participating in Miss University Africa and made it to the top ten.

In December 2016, Hamisa received the award for Fashionista Of The Year during Abryanz Style & Fashion Award.

Coming back to Mobetto Styles, the brand catered to the requirements of women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ever since the beginning, Hamisa has introduced sensational garments. The label became one of the most popular brands in the country. On Instagram, the brand had 220k followers on Instagram. Mobetto Style focused itself on creating baggy kaftans and outfits. Her brand also received Consumer Choice Award in December 2020.

Along with the successful clothing line, Hamisa is also a musician who started her career in 2019. Her Spotify account has 646 followers and her music are also available on other platforms. Some of her songs are EX wangu (Remix), Sensma, Sawa, Tunaendana, My Love, and Madam Hero. She had also talked about releasing an EP.

Hamisa also created an eponymous YouTube channel. Videos to her songs Madam Hero and Ex Wangu Remix have over million views on the platform. The channel gathered 189k subscribers.

Does Hamisa Mobetto Have A Son?

Hamisa Mobetto is a mother of two children; a son named Dylan Abdul Naseeb and a daughter named Fantasy Majizzo. She had all of them with Diamond Platnumz and Majizo. Her children appears on her social media all of the time.

As she grew up with few siblings, so Hamisa shared about having plans about adding five more children.

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