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Hannah Brooke Sanders Parents: Jeff And Lora Sanders

Hannah Brooke is born to her parents Jeff and Lora Sanders. Who are the reality star’s folks? Are they still together? What do they do for a living?

Here are the answers that you were searching for.

Too Hot To Handle: Who Are Hannah Brooke Sanders Parents?

Too Hot to Handle star Hannah Brooke Sanders was born to Jeff Sanders and Lora Sanders in September 1998. Famous Birthday reported that she has one sister named Sarah. Hannah said she would sacrifice anything for her parents because they had done the same for her. She also mentioned that they both enjoyed jogging, which is how she became an athletic child.

The Too Hot To Handle candidate first gained notoriety by uploading pornographic images to her Instagram account, @hannahbrooke, which currently has over 300,000 followers. She also quickly acquired a sizable fan base on TikTok (@hannahbrookesanders) and YouTube (HannahSanders), where she shared videos of her daily life and sang versions of hit songs.

In case you didn’t know, Hannah is a phenomenal vocalist who, two decades after starting her fascinating musical journey of artistic exploration, released her single “Ready” in 2021. She has even appeared on the American Idol and X Factor stages.

Hannah is a well-known dancer and model in addition to being a gifted singer who collaborated with Fashion Nova. She began modeling in about 2015. At first, it was merely for amusement. But when offers piled up, she began to take the job seriously and is now employed by a number of businesses and photographers.

Meet Jeff Sanders, Hannah Brooke Sanders Father

Hannah Brooke’s father is named Jeff Sanders. Born in 1967, Jeffrey is 55 years old.

Jeffrey appears to be the owner of Purely Corrupt Vineyards. Jeff collaborated with another winner Dito and Jeanne Diez who had purchased a five-acre plot of land in the middle of Temecula Wine Country and moved their family out to the mountains. While living in Temecula, they constantly went on trips to Paso Robles and Napa, CA to acquire smooth, delicious-tasting wines.

The Diezs and Sanders met in 2012. The two families soon became close friends and Dito and Jeanne would assist Jeff in every step of the winemaking process. Dito instantly fell in love with the art of creating wine from one’s own hands.

Fast forward to 2014 – Dito and Jeanne planted a few varietals of their own to add to Jeff’s barrels. Soon enough, they were hooked. They added more varietals with each coming season, and not long after a barrel room was constructed to store their own wines.

Meet Lora Sanders, Hannah Brooke Sanders Mother

Lora Sanders is the mother of Hannah Brooke. She turned 54 years old in April 2023.

Lora is working as an art teacher ranging from Intro to Advanced and International Baccalaureate Visual Art. Per her LinkedIn, she is employed at Great Oak High School.

Lora studied illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology from 1988 to 1990. She studied fine arts at the Eastern Connecticut State University.

Related FAQs

  • Are Hannah Brooke Sanders Parents Still Married?

Yes, Hannah Brooke’s parents appear happily married to each other.

  • How Many Kids Do Hannah Brooke Sanders Parents Have?

Besides Hannah, Jeff and Lora also have a daughter named Sarah Lynn Sanders. Sarah attended California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). She is available on IG.

  • Where Do Hannah Brooke Sanders Parents Reside?

Hannah Brooke’s parents reside in Temecula, California.

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