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Hannah Neeleman Age, Parents, Maiden Name, Net Worth

Hannah Neeleman announced her eighth pregnancy and people turned their heads towards her family background. Who are her parents? What’s her maiden name?

Keep scrolling down to learn more about him.

Hannah Neeleman Husband

Hannah Neeleman married her husband Daniel Neeleman at Manti Temple In July 2011. The lovebirds met at a college basketball game in their early twenties.

Hannah shared via an IG post, “Though he asked me on a few dates in the weeks following, I was busy with school in NYC and focused on my dancing career. But I couldn’t forget his smile.”

At the JFK Airport, she met a family boarding the same flight as her who were from Daniel’s hometown so she asked if they knew him. In part of the IG post, she added, “That’s not one you want to get away, dear” they told me. Turning, they bid farewell and left me to ponder on the matter. Soon after I called Daniel and asked him out on a date.”

They married three months later while Hannah was in her senior year at Julliard. “It wasn’t until after I said yes that he told me he wanted to be a pig farmer.”

The social media queen revealed on Monday (October 16) that she is expecting her eighth kid via her well-liked Instagram and TikTok pages (@ballerinafarm), and the comment section went wild. In the rich mountain valley of Kamas, Utah, the couple’s farmhouse, Ballerina Farm, is owned by her husband Daniel Neeleman.

Daniel is currently the owner of Ballerina Farm since 2017. He has been a director of DDN Group since 2017. Daniel, the son of Vicki Vranes and David Neeleman, graduated from University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business.

Hannah Neeleman Age

In 2023, Hannah Neeleman turned 33 years old.

What Is Hannah Neeleman Maiden Name?

Hannah Neeleman’s maiden name is “Hannah Wright”.

Who Are Hannah Neeleman Parents?

Hannah Neeleman was born to her parents Chad and Cherie Wright.

Chad is currently growing through chemotherapy as he is fighting cancer. Chad was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2016.

In July 2023, Hannah posted, “Dad and Mom had a quick trip to CA for Dad’s chemotherapy treatment this week. My sister and I joined them last minute (and Fran!) and we are having too much fun. Dad is a warrior for getting chemo and dancing to Miley Cyrus with us.🤠❤️💛! This is us waiting for our Uber and knowing that the Hollywood sign was somewhere out there close! 🕺.”

She grew up in Springville as one of nine children, with her parents owning a flower shop.

In April 2021, Hannah said, “We had raised nine children on a flower shop budget ( money was tight) and had never taken a vacation. I had always wanted to go to Israel and we did not know what was ahead. So we went. This is The garden outside of the tomb in Jerusalem, Chad is patiently waiting. Chad’s leg was fractured from bone cancer and he could not climb into the tomb or walk down the flights of stairs to the pool of Bethesda. A year and a half ago his leg was amputated.”

Hannah talked about her dad with Culture Study that her dad is from a small town in New Mexico. She added, “He grew up wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats. But if he was doing anything physical or dirty, he wore boots with a tread and a baseball cap.”

Her brothers are named JC, Sam, Seth, Daniel, Joseph, Chad, and Levi. She also has a sister named Micka Wright.

Hannah Neeleman Net Worth

Hannah Neeleman’s net worth is above $1 million. She was named the 2023 Mrs. American pageant’s victor. Since she was in elementary school, she has known she wanted to be a dancer. When she was 14 and 15, she attended Juilliard for two summers on scholarships.

At age 16, when Hannah enrolled in BYU’s theater ballet department, she also entered and won the Miss Springville pageant, according to the Deseret News. She later finished second runner-up for both Miss National Sweetheart and Miss Utah.

Furthermore, Hannah is a social media influencer. She moved to New York City when she was accepted at the Juilliard School and there she also became Miss New York City, according to the Deseret News.

Her videos feature her making homemade bread and mozzarella cheese, decorating bright and intricate cakes, arranging flowers, and tending to livestock, all while her children pop in and out of her videos helping her.

Hannah Neeleman Height

Hannah Neeleman’s height measures 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • What Religion Does Hannah Neeleman Follow? Is She Catholic?

Hannah Neeleman is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Where Is Hannah Neeleman From?

Hannah Neeleman hailed from Springville, Utah. She is now residing in Kamas, Utah.

  • When Is Hannah Neeleman Birthday?

Hannah Neeleman celebrates her birthday on 24 June.

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