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Harrison Wagner Bio, Wife, Age, Jack & Kristina Wagner Son

Harrison Wagner has sadly died. He is the son of actress Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner

Fans who are devastated for the actor’s parents wanted to learn if he was married at the time of his death. Did he have a wife? What was his job? Learn everything below in this Harrison Wagner Bio.

Harrison Wagner Cause Of Death

Harrison Wagner, son of actors Christina and her ex-husband, was found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot. According to the LA County case report, he died on 6 June 2022.

Before his untimely demise, Harrison had shared a cryptic message on his Instagram. He had posted a picture of him sitting on a park bench with headphones in his ears. He captioned the post, “Focus. YOU are left with YOU and your thoughts”.

The son of General Hospital stars was struggling with drugs and alcohol. In 2016, his father opened up about Harrison’s drug abuse when the youngest Wagner went missing for almost a week. Jack expressed his fear and sorrow for his son and said, “I fear for my youngest son’s safety. Harrison has struggled with drugs and alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed and been MIA five days”.

But, Harrison came in contact with his family later that day.

The news of Harrison’s death drew sympathy from the parents who were dealing with struggles of similar nature on comments. One parent wrote: “Being the parent of an addicted child who I cannot help no matter how much I’ve tried my heart goes out to them both. The powerlessness you feel as a parent when you can’t help your child is unimaginable. I will keep them in my prayers..”

Along with that, fans and fellow actors also paid tribute to the grieving family.

Harrison Wagner Age At The Time Of His Death

Born on 1 December 1994, Harrison Wagner was 27 years old at the time of his death.

Did Harrison Wagner Leave Behind A Wife?

No, Harrison Wagner never married to leave behind a wife. However, back in 2018, he was dating Sophia Bui.

Harrison introduced his “other half” back in June 2018. He posted a selfie of the pair with a waterfall on the backdrop which was taken when they went hiking. He captioned the post, “My other half and I ❤️ Soph Soph #waterfall #hiking #beautiful“. One follower commented, “Great photo!! ❤️yeah! Happy for u”.

Another added, “Harrison! I am so happy for you! Soph seems like a nice girl!”.

A month later, he again posted another picture with the caption, “The light of my day is always caused your silly, amazingly gorgeous smile”.

One follower chimed in, “Harrison, what a lovely post I am so happy for you and Sophie! I know your parents are happy seeing you happy too. I wish you both all the best”.

In August 2018, Harrison proclaimed via an IG post, “My love, my light, my angel, my partner in crime ❤️🌙 #loveyou”.

Harrison loved his ladylove. He expressed his feeling for Sophia writing, “@xosophiabui. #scenery #love #happiness #silverlake when you have that gut feeling about someone and you believe you love them… that gut feeling and your instincts don’t ever lie. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THEM”.

The couple appeared together on Instagram for the last time in April 2019 when he posted and captioned, “My babe and I were just talking about how her lips couldn’t keep off my polar bear cheeks of mine… I mean really, it’s just something else having someone kiss u non stop all day every day but I would have to say in the end, I love that she’s magnetized to my cheekyyyzzzz ❤️ my Poph Poph 😍 #love #Couple #happy #livinginhappiness #loveofmylife @xosophiabui”.

After that, he absolutely stopped posting about her which suggested that the two of them broke up after dating for a little over a year.

Ever since then, Harrison’s dating life has been a complete mystery.

Talking about Sophia, she is best known for the TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Sophia was born to an American military engineer father, Timothy, and a real estate mogul mother based in Los Angeles, California. She began her training in the performing arts as a kid, taking Ballet classes at the Colburn School of Performing Arts in Downtown Los Angeles when she was five years old.

Sophia continued her studies in the performing arts at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she graduated with honors. She received classical theatre training from Howard Fine and Anthony Meindl, as well as improvisation training at UCLA. She started her career by modeling for Elle Magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine editorials.

Moreover, Sophia went on to star in 70 national television ads for Fortune 500 corporations, including her most recent campaign for Apple iPhone and the Venetian Hotel, directed by two-time Oscar winner Alejandro Inarritu, and Lux Shampoo, starring Scarlett Johansson.

Sophia has an extensive resume, click the link to learn more about her career.

Harrison Wagner Job

Harrison Wagner’s Twitter bio read: “Actor / DJ / Music Producer”.

He was working as a DJ going by the name DJ Hale. Find him on SoundCloud. His bio on the platform read, “DJ/Producer that is currently expanding my Horizons Genre wise. The primary genres I make are progressive and Bigroom. Born and raised in LA. Attends Los Angeles College of Music. A young striving passion drove producer”.

According to his Facebook post, Harrison landed his first club gig in February 2014. He was working as DJ as late as March 2021.

Besides working as a DJ, Harrison is also working on self-care, physically and mentally. He posted about meditation, hiking, and working out.

Was Harrison Wagner On Instagram?

Yes, Harrison Wagner was also on Instagram (@harrisonwagner) and Facebook (@HarrisonWagnr). Find him on Twitter (@harrisonhalewag).

Related  FAQs

  • Did Harrison Wagner Have Siblings?

Harrison Wagner has other two siblings; a brother named Peter Wagner and also a sister named Kerry Wagner.

  • How Tall Was Harrison Wagner?

Also, Harrison Wagner stands tall above 6 feet 1 inch.

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