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Heather Sykes Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Ex-Husband Jared

Remember Heather Sykes from My Big Fat Fabulous Life? Sure, you must do as a show’s fans.

In this TLC reality television show that is about bringing people along for the ride of Whitney Way Thore’s life, Heather is one of her best friends.

Let us tell you more about her including her age, job, and her ex-husband Jared in this writing called ‘Heather Sykes Bio’.

Heather Sykes On My Big Fat Fabulous Life

When My Big Fat Fabulous Life came back with more drama and twists on 9 August 2022 (Season 10), Heather Sykes also returned. She has apparently been on the show since 2015.

Viewers have loved to see her being a ride-or-die kind of pal to the show’s leading lady. Yet, this friendship has not always been the smoothest. Whenever Heather and Whitney are not hanging about or being the bestest-besties they are caught amid the strongest of disagreements about men and travel.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that Heather is there for her Whitney. She has pushed Whitney to conquer her fears in every way possible.

Heather has always spoken nicely about her buddy, things like “she is so full of positive energy”.

Not long ago, Heather and Whitney were on vacation in Maine with the rest of their friends. The girls were precisely there to lift their friend up while she hoped to connect with her Frenchman. This counts as one of many good memories Heather has made with Whitney.

Of course, this one time when Heather with her friend almost sank a boat was as memorable.

Heather Sykes Age

The 16th of November is when Heather, with the full name Heather Elizabeth Pike, celebrates her birthday. So, on this day in 2021, she turned 38 years old.

Heather Sykes Job

Heather Sykes has a life of her own outside of the show. Other than working on raising her children and doing social media she has been a global director of editorial at Market America at SHOP.COM for the past 16 years and plus.

And before jumping into professional life, she did a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2002 – 2006).

How Much Is Heather Sykes Net Worth?

Heather Sykes reportedly had almost $900K as her net worth as of 2022.

Also, a hint on her salary as a global director would be: per‘s estimation, salaries of ‘Global Directors of Editorial Services in the United States range from $180K to $270K, with a median salary of $225K.

One who is interested in collaborating with her in any business affair is booked by her agent, Sharron Elkabas.

Heather Sykes Ex-Husband Jared

Heather Sykes was formerly married to Jared Burton Pike of Greensboro. He turned 42 on 17 January 2022 and before that he and Heather were still married until 2015.

Jared was 24 and Heather, 21, on the day they exchanged their wedding vows.

Now, since the divorce, the cause of which was yet unrevealed, the only thing that remained unchanged is the parental roles. The now estranged couple shares two young children, son Eli and daughter Ava.

Eli, born in September of 2011, has grown up well. In June 2022, he received awards for “All-Year A-B Honor Roll” and “Passionate Peer” for always standing up for what he believes in.

As for Ava, she was gearing up for her first musical in February 2022. Heather was super excited for her little girl as she was performing Grease almost exactly 20 years after she did her own at high school.

Heather Sykes Relationship Status

Until this June (2022) Heather Sykes was still proudly referring to herself as a single mom. Clearly, at this point, she was no longer Buddy Bell’s girlfriend.

If you don’t remember, Heather was first introduced to MBFFL fans as the girlfriend of Buddy Bell. Buddy and Heather both were Whitney’s best friends at the time and of course, they also dated. The relationship likely lasted until it was exposed that Buddy was into cocaine addiction.

Buddy had called it quits with Heather via text message right before entering rehab. And the breakup left had Heather a wreck. It was especially unbearable for her when Buddy soon after completing treatment started seeing Chelsea Roark.

Afterward, the Feb. 4 2021 episode of the show saw Heather making out with a guy she just met, Whitney’s business partner, Ryan Andreas. And this at the time had left Whitney in an awkward situation. Luckily, this chemistry with Ryan did not take a long time to fizzle out.

Speaking of her type in men, Heather has said that she liked them “hairy” and “furry” like the beast in Beauty and the Beast.

Heather Sykes Weight Loss

Below 5’7” in height Heather Sykes has not yet discussed her weight loss journey. Though lately in August 2022 she did finally bared her stretch-mark-laden, non-flat stomach for the first time ever when in a pool with strangers present.

This, she said, is a part of her body that she has been made to feel ashamed of from both internal and external sources for her entire adult life.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Heather Sykes From?

Although she had been calling Greensboro, North Carolina her home as of 2022.

  • What Do We Know About Heather Sykes’s Family?

Heather Sykes’s father, Thomas Wilson is no more. He has been gone over 22 years by 2022. And to keep his memories alive in some way, Heather made sure that her son Eli share his middle name.

Recalling her late dad, on Father’s Day lately the daughter shared many a fact about him. She said that Eli is a lot like his grandpa, that their humor is very similar, and Eli is even built alike and has his grandpa’s expressive brown eyes. Heather also said that her father was her biggest fan; he taught her how she deserves to be loved, that he was goofy, witty, corny, frugal, unapologetically himself, and a few other things.

And now that we look at these pictures Heather puts online, we realize that it is not only Eli but Heather also looks like her father.

  • Is Heather Sykes On Instagram And Facebook?

Heather Sykes, on her Instagram @isntsheheather (4,842 posts and 79.8K followers) mostly posted pictures of her kids, cat, and food, as of 10 August 2022.

Heather also often shared glimpses from her life on Facebook where she marked “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” as her quote. Then, on Twitter @IsntSheHeather, she tweeted regularly to some 4,753 followers.

Of course, she also ran a Cameo account where she made money by providing personalized videos to her followers. She had 93 at the time.

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