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Henderson Gonzalez Bio, Age, Wife, Is It Cake? S3 Winner

Henderson Gonzalez AKA Master Baker is the winner of season 3 of Is It Cake? The show was back for a new season and with exciting challenges. How old isshe? Does he have a wife?

Tag along and scroll down to read all about him here.

Meet Henderson Gonzalez, Netflix’s Is It Cake? S3 Winner

Netflix’s Is It Cake has crowned it’s winner for season 3, the victorious pastry chef is Henderson Gonzalez. Henderson displayed his attention to detail right from the start of Find That Cake.

The baker advanced to the following phase, where they had to create a hyper-realistic cake of any thing the participants want, as one of the four bakers who identified the cake the quickest in this round. Henderon’s cake did not succeed in tricking the judges, but at least his creation’s flavor guaranteed that he was safe and would not be challenged to the elimination round.

Episode 4 of Season 3 of the Netflix series included Henderson’s next skill demonstration. He and Grace Pak were paired for the main round based on the outcomes of the Find That Cake round. By making cakes that looked like lunch items and were readily misled by the judges, they were able to defeat their rivals. The two continued on to the Cake or Cash round, where they each received $10,000 after winning.

Henderson won the Find That Cake task during the subsequent round of challenges, giving him the freedom to choose the item he wished to use as the inspiration for his cake. Timmy Norman’s and his efforts were successful in fooling the judges. Henderson was able to take home the title of champion baker because of the flavor of his cake. He did not, however, win the subsequent Cake or Cash round, thus he only ended up with $5,000 instead of the potential $10,000.

Henderson gave it his all in the baking stage of the semifinals, which enabled him to deceive the judges once more and earn a spot in the finals, even if he was not awarded the monetary prize this time. Henderson really chose his assistant last out of the three finalists in the Find That Cake round since he was the slowest during the finale. Having teamed with Grace before, he chose to go with her in the end.

Henderson decided to design a toy cart to symbolize his love for his daughter. Henderson and Grace had to work together to create a dessert that in some way represented the former’s family. Sadly, none of the finalists’ cakes were able to trick the judges, therefore the winner was now determined solely by how well the three cakes tasted.

Henderson’s work really shined in this area, making him the season’s champion. The winner received a total of $80,000 after taking home the $65,000 final prize.

Henderson Gonzalez Career

Henderson Gonzalez has more than 15 years of experience working in baking cakes. Talking about his career, Henderson says, “My story is an exciting journey filled with creativity and dedication, a path that has led me to explore the far corners of pastry arts and design unique works that defy gravity.”

“Although architecture seemed to be my initial destiny, the thrilling world of pastries crossed my path. On my daughter’s birthday, I discovered my passion for creating works that challenged expectations and broke through conventional barriers,” Henderson added in his website.

He is best known as Master Baker. He is a self-taught cake artist.

In Venezuela, Henderson owned Party Cake ca that he ran from 2013 to 2016. After arriving in Florida, he worked as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Hilton Place.

In 2023, he worked as a pastry chef at Gaviota Seafood & fine Peruvian Cuisine. He has also been a general manager at Gaviota Seafood and fine Peruvian Cuisine since 2016.

Furthermore, Henderson is also a pastry cook at Walt Disney World. At Walt Disney he perfected his art and brought to life cakes that were not only delicious but also became part of the dreams of those who tasted them. The epidemic of 2019 inspired me to make a risky move: he quit his Disney job to compete in an online cake design competition, where he placed first and marked a turning point in my career.

Henderson went to Universidad del Zulia in 2008.

Most recently, Henderson won the Spring Baking Championship 2023. He was also honored as the “Cake Maker of the Year” at the 2023 American Cake Awards. His documentary “My Sweet Story” was nominated for five Suncoast Emmy Awards in 2023 and won one of the nominations for Best Direction. It has also won fourteen major international festivals.

Henderson Gonzalez Age

Reportedly born in 1987, Henderson Gonzalez turned 36 years old in 2023.

Henderson Gonzalez Wife

Henderson Gonzalez is married to his wife Alejandra Morales. In December 2023, the couple are happily married for 12 years. Alejandra is the other half of Party Cake Events.

Ale is available on Instagram (@aleja_arq_).

Ivanna, the couple’s lovely daughter, turned 11 in September 2023. They are very happy together. His daughter is a major source of motivation for him in this competition, therefore he strives to incorporate her into each dish he creates.

Henderson Gonzalez Height

Henderson Gonzalez’s height measures above 5’10”.

Related FAQs

  • Is Henderson Gonzalez On Instagram?

Yes, Henderson Gonzalez is available on Instagram (@masterbakerfl).

  • When Is Henderson Gonzalez Birthday?

Henderson’s birthday is not available.

  • Where Is Henderson Gonzalez From?

Originally from Venezuela, Henderson Gonzalez arrived in the States in 2016.

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