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HGTV Peggy Albers Husband: Who Is Kevin Grace?

Kevin Grace is the husband of HGTV star Peggy Albers. Learn more about Kevin as you scroll down this article below.

Here we bring you detail about his age, job & career, and more.

Meet Kevin Grace, HGTV Lakefront Empire Star Peggy Albers Husband

Kevin Grace is the husband of Lakefront Empire star Peggy Albers. “I met Kevin when we were young, and he was working as a bellman at a lodge. I had to beg him to marry me — probably over 50 times — until he said yes!” Peggy shared with HGTV.

The pair most recently celebrated their anniversary in December 2023. Kevin posted on his Facebook, “How truly Blessed I am Thank you Lord Jesus Happy Anniversary Peggy Albers.”

In another post from November 2023, Kevin shared, “Having peggy in my life has been the greatest accomplishment I have ever made and to celebrate her birthday on this awesome day is God given! Please help celebrate my wife’s awesome day by telling her how special my movie star is!”

Peggy is a mom to one son Hunter. Hunter was almost 16 years old when Peggy was released from prison. “My parents raised him during that time,” shares Peggy. “I have two brothers, Jimmy and Kenny, and a sister Mary, who is also a real estate agent and my role model.”

Kevin recently addressed his wife’s HGTV journey via a Facebook post. “So excited to see all Pegs and other stars showcasing their hard work on Lakefront Empire a big Thank you to HGTV, Sven, and others behind the scene! Our community can’t wait till 9 pm central. Btw Gathering at the encore for a watch party, ” he wrote.

In her first year in business, Lake of the Ozarks native Peggy Albers sold $8 million worth of real estate. Nevertheless, there were obstacles in the way of the HGTV’s ‘Lakefront Empire’ star’s ascent to fame, such as a stint in state and federal prison for drug trafficking. She began her drug trafficking career at the age of 19. She was caught, imprisoned, and served her entire 30s behind bars.

But the road from prison to being a contributing member of society wasn’t without its share of difficulties, roadblocks, and turns. It was hard work, and Peggy said the only reason she had a shot was because of the people who encouraged her. Her father advised her to get a real estate license when she inquired what she should do to get back on her feet. She did, however, have a criminal past, therefore the licensing board rejected her application.

Peggy, however, was given a probationary license to sell real estate after winning a lawsuit against the realtor board with the support of her family.

“They say if you can sell three to five things in a year, it might be the job for you. I sold 35 things, and I made $102,000 my first year out of prison,” Peggy said. She assists women, a large number of them were just released from prison. “Whether it be their rent, cell phone, or transportation, I try to contribute financially to get them back on their feet,” she stated.

Kevin Grace Age

In March 2024, Kevin Grace reached 61 years of age.

Kevin Grace Job

Kevin is a longtime deer farmer/rancher at the Whitetail Sales & Services deer farm in Eldon, Missouri. He has been owning and running the business since Eldon, Missouri.

Kevin has also been conducting a deer auction in various states. Furthermore, Kevin has been hailed as a “deer farmers deer farmer.”

Kevin grew up hunting, fishing, and enjoying his time outdoors and it inspired him to pursue a career as a deer farmer. He has been working in the business for more than 30 years. He has over 4000 deer.

Kevin says that his career began as an accident and was in the timber industry. He went to an auction where they were selling deer. He asked a guy if he bought a buck he could keep in his place. Thus began his lifelong career.

How Much Is Kevin Grace Net Worth?

Kevin Grace should have a net worth of over $1 million. However, he has never shared any details about his fortune.

Kevin Grace Height

Kevin Grace stands tall above 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kevin Grace Birthday?

Kevin Grace celebrates his birthday on 24 March.

  • Is Kevin Grace On Instagram?

Kevin Grace is on Facebook.

  • Where Is Kevin Grace from?

Originally from Centralia, Missouri, Kevin Grace resides in Tuscumbia, Missouri.

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