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HGTV Veronica Valencia Parents: Armando And Anita Valencia

Armando and Anita Valencia are the parents of HGTV star Veronica Valencia. After her new show Revealed‘s premiere viewers wished to learn more about Veronica’s family. Here are a few details about them in this piece that we’ve gathered from the internet.

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Who Are HGTV Veronica Valencia Parents?

HGTV Veronica Valencia’s parents are named Armando and Anita Valencia. She is of Mexican American & Native American background.

Veronica was 6 years old, she picked out new paint colors for the exterior of her family’s home. “From an early age, I loved design,” Veronica told HGTV. “My dad and I would drive around looking at model homes on the weekends because I was fascinated by their staging and architecture. We would pretend we were interested in buying a house just so I could get in and have a look.”

The oldest of four children, she was born on 11 September 1985. Veronica worked as a television production designer before renovating homes. Veronica, who is based in Los Angeles and New York, served as the MLB Fan Cave’s production designer and creative director in 2011.

Over 500 home improvement programs on OWN, Fox, NBC, and other networks required her to labor in the background early in her career. She also contributed between 2008 and 2012 to the popular ABC home improvement program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She co-founded Go Team Ghana with designers from that show in order to construct a recreation facility for young Ghanaians.

Meet Armando Valencia, HGTV Veronica Valencia Father

Armando Valencia is the father of HGTV star Veronica Valencia.

On Armando’s 60th birthday, Veronica wished her father, “60 never looked so good ✨ Happy Birthday Dad. I love you so much. And even though you wouldn’t wear a bow tie to our wedding like George Clooney, I still think you are the most charming Silver Fox out there. Thank you for being the rock of our family. Love you Pops.”

So, in May 2023, Armando is 66 years old. Veronica named her son “Hunter Babe” after Armando’s father, Babe Valencia. Baseball ran extremely deep in the family. Babe played, coached, and umpired until his last days. Babe was married to his wife Juanita Valencia.

Babe’s love for the game was passed on strongly to Armando, who then passed it on to his kids. Additionally, Hunter was born on the day of the longest-recorded World Series game ever between the LA Dodgers and Boston Red Sox.

On Father’s Day 2017, Anita shared a pic of her and her dad from her wedding day. She wrote, “Yesterday was Father’s Day and I had the privilege to celebrate so many wonderful men in my life. I look at this picture and it is a reminder of how truly lucky I am to have such strong and caring men in my life, two of them pictured here.”

The post concluded with, “Kris is going to be the most loving father and it is because of my parents I was able to find, nurture and grow true love with a partner who looks at me like I am gold. I am also reminded how lucky my Mom, siblings and I are to have such a steadfast, grounded, and caring Hero in our life. He always has our backs. We are fierce, persistent, hard-working individuals because of him. We have always been his #1. Period. The end. I love you Pops. Hope you all had a beautiful Father’s Day this weekend.”

You can find Armando on Instagram (@armandovalencia18).

Meet Anita Valencia, HGTV Veronica Valencia Mother

HGTV star Veronic Valencia’s mother is named Anita Valencia. Anita is 60 years old. She was born in June 1963. You can find her on Facebook (@anita.valencia.1654 & @anita.valencia.9231) and Instagram (@anitavalenica08).

In May 2017, Veronica dedicates a post to her mom. In the Mother’s Day post, she wrote: “You love me for everything I am. You have this insane superpower of making everyone around you feel like they’re the only person in the room. I love how excited you get about the simple pleasures of life. You are beyond selfless. You’re compassionate and never hold grudges. You’re patient. You have more energy than anyone I know. You’re sweet, kind-hearted, and beautiful. You aren’t just my mom, you’re my other sister and my best friend. Thank you for being you, for all of your sacrifices, and for giving me the best siblings in the world. I love you, Mom.”

Veronica has shared on her Facebook that Anita had a twin brother who passed away before birth.

Related FAQs

  • Are HGTV Veronica Valencia Parents Still Married?

Yes, HGTV Veronica Valencia’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do HGTV Veronica Valencia Parents Have?

Armando and Anita Valencia had four children and Veronica is their first-born. They have other two daughters Elizabeth and Katherine Valencia.

Elizabeth is 35 years old. She is on FB and IG.

Katherine reached age 30 in March 2023. She is a self-employed photographer at Katherine Valencia. Here are her IG and FB.

Then, the couple has a son named David Valencia. David is age 34. He is the founder of Overly Social.

  • Where Do HGTV Veronica Valencia Parents Reside?

HGTV Veronica Valencia’s parents reside in West Hills, California.

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