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Honoka Kitahara Boyfriend, Family, Age, Love Like A KDrama

Honoka Kitahara is one of the female acts appearing in Love Like A KDrama. The new Netflix show brings 4 male casts from Korea and 4 female casts from Japan. In the reality show setting, they have been brought together if they can actually fall in love.

Read about her family, age, and more in this article below.

Honoka Kitahara On Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama

Honoka Kitahara is one of the 8 cast members on Netflix Love Like A KDrama. The show follows eight hopeful actors as they land roles in romantic K-dramas while searching for love. For the first time ever, the series will reveal whether the cast members’ on-screen chemistry will translate into reality.

Besides Rio, he appeared in the show alongside Song Ji Hyuk, Kim Won Shik, Lee Tae Gyun, Kim Dong Kyu, Ayano Kudo, Nozomi Bando, and Rio Yamashita.

Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama, the Japanese version of the soon-to-be-released series serves as a sort of precursor to the show.

Viewers may get to see genuine romance in the vein of K-drama in this “romantic cross-border journey,” which follows four Japanese actresses as they take on a daring project that needs them to work with Korean actors to find new roles that match them in romantic series. All eight of these competitors will be living together in pairs for the length of the reality TV show as they try to secure main roles in six mini-dramas.

Will these candidates be able to support the person they have a soft spot for as true romance blooms, or will they lose their romantic interests to someone else? The idea itself will give life to the common K-dramas’ depictions of heartache, misery, and possibly even one-sided love.

Honoka took to her IG and wrote, “Ever since then, and even now, every time I walk through Shibuya, I dream that someday I’ll be featured in this big advertisement. It’s amazing that that could come true. There was a crying face on such a big screen…lol, and there was also a big poster posted opposite. I’m really grateful I’m more than happy to be able to appear with everyone I care about ☺️ I wonder how many people will look up at me I’m sure he’ll be interested. Distribution will start from now! My heart throbs. The Shibuya advertisement is scheduled to run until November 30th! #Korean drama love will start streaming on Netflix on November 28th✨.”

Honoka Kitahara Boyfriend

In the show through the teasers, viewers saw Honoka Kitahara linked with Kim Dong Kyu on Netflix’s dating show. She won’t be able to control her emotions and behave at the same time easily. She is seen wiping away tears at one point in the teaser, and Kim can be heard stating, “It’s got nothing to do with the language.”

A segment from the teaser features Honoka saying, “I am fully aware of my feelings. I wonder if he actually likes me or not.”

As the episode progressed, Kim Won Shik showed interest in Honoka.

Won Shik was initially linked to Honoka Kitahara. The two seemed at ease during their time together but when Kim Tae Gyun entered the scene the love triangle became complicated.

Won Shik was let down by Honoka’s preference for Tae Gyun over him as her love interest. Honoka seemed smitten in nearly every episode by Tae Gyun and wanted to pursue her chemistry with Tae Gyun. Following a kiss between Honoka and Tae Gyun, Won Shik found it difficult to be on the show’s set.

Actor Dong Kyu represents Agency Garten. He is based in South Korea. In 2018, he debuted as an actor in the special drama “Wind Blowing in Jeju.” Visit his modeling profile of Agency Garten.

As of this article, Honoka appears to be single.

How Old Is Honoka Kitahara?

Reportedly born on 5 June 1998, Honoka Kitahara is 25 years old (as of 2023).

Honoka Kitahara Family

Honoka Kitahara has mentioned her family members in a few of her IG posts. In another post from March 2022, she mentioned her mom who bought Yume Miru Balm after watching the commercial immediately.

Honoka Kitahara Height

Honoka Kitahara’s height measures 1.59 meters.

How Much Is Honoka Kitahara Net Worth?

As of the publishment of this article in 2023, Honoka Kitahara’s reported net worth is $200K.

Honoka is a talented Japanese actress. She is a Sony Music Artists member. Since April 2019, she has been in charge of Nippon Television’s “ZIP!” fashion news report. She has performed on various TV shows such as Ano Hi Bowling Jo Kara Derarenaku Natta Koto, Animals,Watashi ga Kemono ni Natta Yoru 2, Gekiteki ni Chinmoku, Suiyobi 22-ji dake no Kare, Yokai Ningen Bella: Episode 0, Spotlight, Yuru Camp△, Myubu: Himitsu no Uta Zono, The Werewolf Game: Lost Eden, and more.

Moreover, Honoka has also done two movies named Asahinagu and Today’s Kira-kun and two series Love Like a K-Drama and ZIP!.

Honoka is also a passionate photographer in addition to her thriving acting career. She also loves watching movies,  tea ceremony, camping, and surfing. She loves basketball and soft tennis.

In August 2023, Honoka got her driver’s license and went on her first drive.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Honoka Kitahara From?

Honka Kitahara hailed from Tokyo, Japan.

  • When Is Honoka Kitahara Birthday?

Honoka Kitahara celebrates her birthday on 5 June.

  • Is Honoka Kitahara On Instagram?

Yes, Honoka is available on X (Twitter) and Instagram.

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