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Hope Giselle Bio, Age, Before, Height, I Am Jazz

TLC’s I Am Jazz season 7 featured Hope Giselle, the first transgender person Sander Jenning has ever been out with romantically. She was not only packed with talent but also her personality stood out from the rest of the newbies featured this season.

So, who is she? Keep reading this Hope Giselle Bio to learn all about her. 

Hope Giselle On I Am Jazz

I Am Jazz season 7 premiered on November 30, 2021, and the fans were introduced to a new cast, Hope Giselle. She came into the scene as the first transgender person Jazz Jennings’s bother ever dated. It seems that besides helping his sister, Sander was also fulfilling his own life, such as going on an ice skating date with Hope.

This 11-part series was filmed five days a week, including both days on the weekend. If you don’t know the show was initially called All That Jazz but was retitled to I Am Jazz. It was all about Jazz and her family “dealing with typical teen drama through the lens of a transgender youth.”

Are Hope Giselle And Sander Jennings Still Dating?

No, as of 2021, Hope Giselle and Sander Jennings didn’t seem like they were dating anymore. 

Although the two appeared to hit it off during their date on I Am Jazz, Sander later goes on to reveal to his friend that he isn’t sure if he could sleep with someone without the below surgery. However, the two didn’t officially reveal any information about their relationships. But that could just be their TLC contract, keeping their lips shut.

Also, Hope’s FB relationship status then labeled her as “single.” So, the pair’s relationship probably never bloomed.

But did you know? Hope already had a special person in her life whom she labeled as her “best friend, brother, security, husband, and therapist.” He is the international hair and makeup artist Jayson Glenn @mr.jglenn. The two were often featured over Hope’s IG, and anyone who didn’t know would label them as couples.

Well, given the pictures of them often in each other arms, moreover, with all lovey-dovey captions, they did look like partners. An IG pic from April 2021, with Hope tightly hugging Jayson, was captioned, “If you don’t love me this much I don’t want it! ( ”

The definition of love is different from person to person, and this was how Hope defined it — “Love isn’t always romantic, but it always requires patience and choosing to be there because your spirit draws you in and your heart plays the soundtrack of the room.”

Hope Giselle Age

Hope Giselle was born on August 2, 1993. That made her 28 years of age in 2021 when she first appeared on I Am Jazz.

Corresponding to her birthday, Hope is of the Leo zodiac.

Hope Giselle Before

Hope Giselle has always been beautiful. There’s no before for her! This I Am Jazz star first came out while she was 12 and was still attending middle school then. ‘The reason that I came out was that I was having a bad day at school,” she recalled. It seems that Hope was often picked on and bullied by her classmates, and that day she just snapped.

However, Hope did shave her hair in 2018 and still looked amazing. Other than that, there’s no before for her.

Fun Fact: Whenever Hope felt down or sick, she’d turn to her family and everything would be all right. “Family is medicine when I’m down,” she said.

Is Hope Giselle On Twitter, Instagram?

Yes, find her over Twitter @HopeDisguised, and Instagram @hopegiselle.

Also, here’s her Facebook page @hope.disguised, and her private FB account.

Subscribe to her Youtube @HopeDisguised.

Hope Giselle Career

Hope Giselle has stepped into multiple careers. She is a motivational speaker, journalist, author, podcaster, YouTuber, the director of Get Phluid (a New York-based diversity and inclusion training program), and an independent consultant working at HD Consulting.

Also, Hope is an activist who got her start in activism and facilitation while in College at Alabama State University. She then went on to help found and govern the conservative school’s FIRST LGBT organization.

Overall, she is an amazing woman and an inspiration to many.

Find her podcasts on Anchor.FM over the show titled Can We Talk.

If you want to read her books, find them over “,” titled Until I Met Black Men, and Becoming Hope.

Besides these, find her more “raw and uncut” videos over her Pateron @HopeGiselle. The fee to become a Patreon was $6 per month.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hope Giselle From?

Hope Giselle is from Miami, Florida.

But as of 2021, she resided in West Hollywood, California.

Also, Hope once shared that her “choose family” was in Dallas.

  • How Tall Is Hope Giselle?

Hope stands tall at a height above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

She is proud of her height and said that she hated it when men asked trans women how tall they are. “Don’t size check us to see how “passable” we’ll be next to the average cis woman! I AM TRANSGENDER! Some things simply come with the territory,” she added.

  • How Much Is Hope Giselle Net Worth?

She garnered a net worth of over $150 thousand by 2021.

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