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Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Age, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Meet Made In Chelsea: Sydney star Hugo Mackenzie-Wood. He appeared on season 26 of the show and fans are eager to learn more about him. Tag along and read all about him here.

Hugo’s age, family, net worth, and girlfriend, all of it is covered her.

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood On Made In Chelsea: Sydney

The questionable connection between Made in Chelsea and Made in Chelsea: Sydney is Hugo MacKenzie-Wood. Yes, the producers wanted fans to think that Hugo, the newcomer to MIC who debuted in series 26, was the only reason the socialites moved to Australia.

Hugo appeared on the show as a friend of Harvey Armstrong’s friend. He is said to consider himself “someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously” and “very spontaneous.” Not much is known about Hugo’s past relationships. Mackenzie-Wood declares herself to be a party animal as well. “I’m always the last man standing on a night out,” he claims.

Not that Hugo hadn’t influenced appearing on the favorite reality show, though. To Reza Amiri-Garroussi’s dismay, he had not only gone on dates with fellow MIC newcomer Jasmine Saunders but had also been getting to know her best friend Bella Sharpe in Australia.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica more than lived up to the drama, and in a way that was beyond explanation, when socialites made their way back to Chelsea for the show’s 26th series, the drama continued unabated. After watching a good number of episodes of this season of Made in Chelsea, fans noticed that the drama wasn’t limited to favorite cast members—a few new actors have joined Miles Nazaire, Liv Bentley, and Harvey Armstrong, and they had been doing a great job delivering drama as well.

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Job

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood is a model and an actor by trade. He trained at Sydney Actors Collective and Actors Center Australia.

As an actor, Hugo appeared as an extra in Showboat. In the TV show, he appeared on Home and Away, Australia’s second-longest-running drama series. He was an extra in the movie Showboat and took part in an advertisement for St George Bank that same month. The TV personality exudes confidence in front of the camera because he is a model as well.

It appears he hasn’t signed a contract with a British modeling agency yet.

How Much Is Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Net Worth?

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood’s net worth is under $100 thousand.

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Age

As of 2023, Hugo Mackenzie-Wood is 23 years old. He was reportedly born in 2000.

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Family

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood’s father is Andrew Mackenzie-Wood.

Since 2002, Wollongong has been receiving the best possible specialized care from dermatologist Dr. Andrew Mackenzie-Wood. His areas of specialty are all skin disorders, with a focus on skin cancer detection and treatment. In 1990, Andrew received his medical degree from Sydney University. From 1996 to 2007, he served as the Skin & Cancer Foundation Darlinghurst’s Dermatology Research Fellow. He has several articles published in foreign journals.

Andrew enrolled in the Australasian College of Dermatology’s four-year postgraduate degree in dermatology in 1998. He had positions at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Royal Newcastle Hospital, and the Skin & Cancer Foundation during this time.

After finishing his training in 2001, Andrew moved to Wollongong in 2002. In addition to founding Wollongong Dermatology in 2007, he serves as a visiting physician at Wollongong Hospital.

You can find Andrew on Facebook and Instagram.

Other family members of Hugo are Sarah Mackenzie-wood, Jack Mackenzie-wood, and Peter Mackenzie-wood.

How Tall Is Hugo Mackenzie-Wood?

Per his pictures, Hugo Mackenzie-Wood stands tall above 6 feet.

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Girlfriend

Hugo traveled to Australia as a single man, even though he went on a date with Jasmine Saunders.

More lately, he has been getting to know Bella Sharpe. During a really endearing visit to the zoo in one episode, Hugo managed to impart a wealth of interesting information about koalas to Bella.

Hugo is shown cuddling up to influencer and PR manager Bella, who joined the cast in series 25, in teasers for the Sydney spinoff. On a date, the two can be seen giggling together before he tells a fellow actor that he “had a really good time.” Fortunately, Bella works out of London, so unless he stays in Sydney, long-distance relationships are out of the question.

Hugo has also ignited romance rumors involving Olivia “Liv” Bentley, but other than sharing a cute Instagram photo, there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the rumors. Olivia posted an Instagram photo of them smiling as she held his face. She captioned the photo, “Hey hey lover,” but neither of them responded to the rumors.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hugo Mackenzie-Wood From?

Hugo hails from Sydney, Australia. He also lived in London, England for a few months.

  • When Is Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Birthday?

The birthday of Hugo falls on 18 November.

  • Is Hugo Mackenzie-Wood On Instagram?

Yes, Hugo is available on Instagram (@hugomacwood).

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