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Hugo Wentzel Bio, Job, Girlfriend, Height, Claim To Fame

Hugo Wentzel appeared in season 2 of Claim To Fame. The new season is back with some exciting casts who are related to famous celebrities. Learn about his job, height, girlfriend, and the famous people he is related to.

We cover it all here in this bio.

Hugo Wentzel On Claim To Fame

Hugo Wentzel proved to be one of the tough contenders for season two of Claim To Fame. He is already playing a strong game because virtually no one suspects who he is related to, in contrast to the majority of the other cast members in Claim to Fame‘s second season who have theories about one another that are at least reasonably accurate.

It all comes down to his fabrication that his grandfather was a famous athlete and also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, which seems to have confused the majority of the other competitors. Hugo completely confuses the other players in the two facts and a lie game on Claim to Fame as a strategy to draw attention away from himself.

Because nobody has been able to guess Hugo’s identity or his family so far in season two.

Each of the 12 competitors in the reality competition series, which is hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, has a famous family. They live together in a house and try to figure out which celebrities the other candidates are related to while keeping their own celebrity relationships a secret.

Hugo was accompanied by his fellow cast members Carly (her uncle Oscar-winning musician), Chris (uncle, well-known singer), Cole (grammy winning father), Gabriel (pro-athlete brother), Jane (Grammy-winning father), JR (musician and NBA champion brother), Karsyn (musician uncle), Monay (father, an athlete), Olivia (brother who won Razzie), Shayne (musician father), Travis (likely Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son though he claimed his father was an actor).

And, the one who can go furthest shall take home $100K.

The contestants’ first test came in the form of a talent competition, where it quickly became apparent that some of them had inherited their famous family member’s talent and others had not. As the challenge winner, Travis received protection at the Guess-Off as well as an additional hint.

Hugo and JR finished last, and Hugo was chosen as the first Guesser for the season. Hugo chose to focus on Carly during the Guess-Off, and he correctly identified her as Tom Hanks’ niece (her full name is Carly Reeves). As she said goodbye to the other competitors in tears, Carly made sure to express her displeasure with Hugo for picking her as his target.

Carly cried, “I helped you, Hugo. I fricken helped you. I gave you clues, and if any of them are right, I swear I hope you go home because of that.”

After that, she stormed into the mansion and screamed and sobbed over how blatant the clues had been. After being eliminated, Carly spoke with Distractify and admitted that she had some regrets over the course of her time on the show. “I really wished I used my Aunt Rita as my celebrity relative,” she said. “That would have made it so much harder to guess because not everyone knows her career as well.”

So who is his famous relative?

Who Is Hugo Wentzel Famous Relative?

As it turns out, Claim to Fame star Hugo Wentzel is the grandson of the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter. His mom Amy Carter is the youngest daughter of the president. Amy married Hugo’s dad James Gregory Wentzel who is a computer consultant.

Hugo’s parents were married with 140 guests at a significant family location. His father was a computer consultant for the University of New Orleans and had a bookstore in Atlanta where his mother worked. His parents first connected at this location, where they had been married for a long time.

Hugo’s great-maternal grandmother used to fish in the pond where his parents said their vows. His mom Amy lived in The Pond House while Jimmy was a candidate for president in 1976. Reverend Dan Ariail, the pastor of Plains’ Maranatha Baptist Church, officiated at the ceremony.

Hugo’s prominent family ties are all that is known about him because Amy herself maintains a low profile, despite the fact that she is well-known for her activism and for having illustrated a children’s book.

Hugo has clear memories of traveling across the country with his grandfather to attend significant political events, even though Jimmy is currently 99 years old and getting hospice care from his home. Hugo’s parents wed in a setting rich with memories associated with the former president’s mother, Lillian Carter, making it special in and of itself.

Amy Lynn Carter turned 55 on October 19, 2022. Amy married Hugo’s father Gregory Wentzel. They gave birth to Hugo James, their only child.

Hugo’s parents later divorced, and his mom remarried John Joseph “Jay” Kelly in 2007. They share another son, Errol Carter Kelly, a 12-year-old First Class Scout in Troop 101 in Atlanta.

As soon as Errol joined Troop 101, his mother presented herself to everyone as “Amy.” Although very few other families discovered the connection, Rosenberg was aware of her identity. Then Amy went to the scout leaders and suggested using her homestead for a weekend camping trip. That indicated that the information that one of their young members is the grandson of the former leader of the free world would soon be made public.

“It’s been fantastic,” says Amy. “I wanted Errol to have a civics education. Of course, he loves camping. But the civics education is what really resonates with me. He loves adventures. Our troop is great about doing outings we probably would never have experienced with just us as a family.”

Hugo’s dad also remarried and has one sister from his father’s second marriage.

How Old Is Hugo Wentzel?

As of June 2023, Hugo Wentzel is 23 years old. He was born on 29 July 1999.

Hugo Wentzel Job

Hugo Wentzel, per his old Facebook, attended The Paideia School. It is not revealed where he pursued his college education. Furthermore, it is unclear what job he has to make a living. But, after the recent TV show gig, he can add reality star to his resume.

In October 2009, Hugo and his deceased elder cousin traveled to Istanbul, Turkey with their grandfather to take part in a picnic to raise awareness about climate change. The Elders were seven world leaders and their grandchildren.

On the occasion of his grandfather’s 85th birthday, he also attended the official reopening of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. Henry Carter, Hugo’s nephew, and his grandfather all worked together to cut the ribbon.

How Much Is Hugo Wentzel Net Worth?

Hugo Wentzel’s net worth is likely under $150 thousand.

Hugo Wentzel Girlfriend

Currently, Hugo Wentzel’s dating life is under wrap. He tends to remain very reserved about his personal as well as professional life.

Hugo Wentzel Height

Hugo Wentzel’s height measures under 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Hugo Wentzel Birthday?

Hugo Wentzel celebrated his birthday on 29 July.

  • Where Is Hugo Wentzel From?

Hugo Wentzel likely resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Hugo Wentzel On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Hugo Wentzel is on Facebook (@hugo.wentzel) but his Instagram handle is not available at this time.

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