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Hunter Hulse Bio, Age, Family, Height, Forever Summer

Hunter Hulse did definitely stand out in season 1 of Forever Hampton. That’s the show but here are a few things you can learn about his life outside. This article covers details about his family, height, and age.

So, delve into this article to learn more about Hunter Hulse.

Hunter Hulse On Forever Summer: Hamptons

Amazon Prime’s Forever Summer: Hamptons is the newest show from Amazon Prime which documents the life of 12 colleague students spending their summer break in the Hamptons. A few of the casts are local to the area meanwhile a few of the casts are outsiders. Nevertheless, together they will navigate busy social life, attend lavish parties, and even work part-time to fund their lifestyle while dealing with broken romances, soured friendships, and even a bit of backstabbing.

Every show has one cast to hate on, and this show’s that guy is Hunter Hulse. Hunter didn’t make a very good first impression on his debut as a reality star. Almost all viewers commented on his anger issues. One IG user wrote, “OMG this guy is Capt Douche bag! What a loser on TV!?!?!”

Another added, “When you have anger issues that’s gonna push your girl away”. Likewise, another viewer added, “Why are you always trying to fight people grow up”.

However, there were also a few people who supported him. One wrote, “You two are so cute! Love your girl so much. Adore how you are so protective of her it doesn’t go unnoticed @emelyeender”. Another added, “Lots of hate in these comments. Stay strong king”.

The remaining cast joining her in the show are Avery Solomon, Ilan Luttway, Habtamu “Habs” Coulter, Frankie Hammer, Emelye Ender, Reid Rubio, Juliet Clarke, Milo Munshin, Shannon Sloane, Lottie Evans, and Sophia Messa.

The day before the premiere, Emelye announced on her IG, “Forever Summer: Hamptons Streaming now on @primevideo !!!”.

Hunter Hulse Girlfriend

Emelye Ender is currently dating Hunter Hulse. Even though Hunter and Emelye had been dating for a time, they had only recently moved in together, according to cast member Avery Solomon, who introduced them on the show. The two appeared to be deeply in love from the beginning and frequently included one another in their activities. In addition, the constant voice, text, and video chats made their relationship seem very endearing.

The fact that Hunter was possessive, as the show made abundantly clear, led to a confrontation when Ilan Luttway showed an apparent interest in Emelye. Ilan was unaware of Emelye and Hunter’s romance, and several cast members thought he might have feelings for her. This information naturally infuriated Hunter, who quickly approached Ilan at a party and gave him a deadline to keep away from his girlfriend.

Ilan eventually admitted that he had no desire to pursue Emelye, and the two later made up. According to the program, Hunter was Emelye’s supportive and caring boyfriend who constantly looked out for her. He even went so far as to settle a minor argument between Emelye and Avery. In addition, even though some of the guests Emelye invited did not get along with him, he was fairly eager to assist his girlfriend in hosting a white party and maintained his composure throughout.

Surprisingly, Hunter and Emelye’s dedication felt like a breath of fresh air while the majority of other couples on the show seemed to be in an on-again, off-again relationship. They never let outside forces separate them since they were always committed to keeping their relationship strong. Fans believed that their relationship was destined to last because of their undeniable chemistry.

Per Emelye and Hunter’s IG post, yes, they are still together. But, they haven’t posted any new posts since December 2021.

On 3 December 2021, Emelye posted on her IG, “happy birthday angel face🖤 love you more than anything”. It was a day before Hunter wished her birthday on 4 December via an IG post when he wrote, “Happy birthday to my stinks. Love you”.

However, Hunter’s Facebook relationship status shares that he is single.

How Old Is Hunter Hulse?

In July 2022, Hunter Hulse should be about 24 years old. He was reportedly born in December 1997.

Hunter Hulse Job

According to his LinkedIn, Hunter worked as a Laborer at The LandTek Group, Inc. in 2018 and a Lifeguard at Quantuck Beach Club since May 2014. He attended the University of Maryland where he studied Accounting and Business/Management. Meanwhile, he completed high school at Westhampton Beach High School.

In Westhampton Beach High School, Hunter was on the school’s football and wrestling teams. While he dropped wrestling, he continued playing football at the University of Maryland. But, Hunter only played in the freshman year season 2015-2016. He totaled four wins while serving redshirt season.

He also notched his first collegiate win over Tristan Broddus (Cortland) by major decision (2/6). Overall, the college had 4 wins and 8 losses.

How Much Is Hunter Hulse Net Worth?

Hunter Hulse’s net worth is under $250 thousand.

Hunter Hulse Height

Speaking about Hunter Hulse’s physical features, he stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches. His chiseled look is one other feature that stands out.

Hunter Hulse Family

Hunter Hulse was born to his parents Wayne Hulse and Debra Hulse.

Born in August 1959, Wayne is 63 years old in July 2022. Moreover, Debra A Hulse is 62 years old being born in April 1960. Talking about their job, Wayne served as the CEO of Remsenburg Building Group Ltd. Not much is not known about Debra’s job.

Both of Hunter’s parents have been featured a few times on his Instagram.

Talking about his siblings, Hunter’s older brother Austin Hulse is 26 years old. He was born on 5 September 1995. He is currently working as an account manager at Prestige NY since May 2019.

Austin graduated from the Welch College of Business at 

His younger brother is Jackson Hulse.

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  • Where Is Hunter Hulse From?

Talking about Hunter Hulse, he hailed from Center Moriches, New York. He is currently based in

  • When Is Hunter Hulse Birthday?

Hunter Hulse’s birthday is on 3 December.

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