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Hunter Lee Soik Bio, Net Worth, Anna Sorokin Boyfriend

Meet Hunter Lee Soik, boyfriend of Anna Sorokin. When “Inventing Anna” premiered, people watched the show and wondered who Anna’s boyfriend “Chase” was in real life. So, meet the man behind the shadows who helped pull off a great socialite scam.

This Hunter Lee Soik’s article covers his age and his net worth.

Meet Hunter Lee Soik, Anna Sorokin Boyfriend

“Socialite scammer” Anna Sorokin has opened up about her boyfriend to Page Six. She offered in an Instagram post this week to give out the name of her real-life boyfriend to media outlets for $10,000 after rampant speculation over whom the character Chase is based on in the new Netflix show about her life, “Inventing Anna.”

Multiple sources who met “Delvey” confirmed to Page Six that Anna Sorokin dated tech entrepreneur Hunter Lee Soik. They shared that he helped her to pull off this scam. One source revealed to the outlet, “Hunter is the person who got her into the scene. He is a social person globally. No one knew what he did, but he was always advising on how to climb the corporate ladder.”

Likewise, another source revealed, “He’s connected to a ton of very social people in the tech space.”

The show is based on described Sorokin’s unnamed paramour as a futurist “on the TED-Talks circuit who’d been profiled in The New Yorker.” The article also stated that Sorokin “ran around with him” in 2015 and 2016. Then “The guy, whose app never materialized, moved to the Emirates.”

Anna was released in February 2022 on parole and is being held by ICE at Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY. She shared on Instagram, “Want to know who the real ‘Chase’ is? The media outlet with the highest bid gets the exclusive. The bid starts at 10K. DM to bid.”

New York Magazine revealed about the pair’s relationship stating, “For about two years, they’d been kind of like a team, showing up in places frequented by the itinerant wealthy, living out of fancy hotels and hosting scene-y dinners where the Futurist talked up his app and Delvey spoke of the private club she wanted to open.”

An insider confirmed to Page Six, “Anna and her boyfriend were not glamorous, they were just annoying. She was rude and talked s–t about people. She was not nice to people. The people who liked hanging out with her were the ones impressed by her attitude. She met famous people briefly, but these people weren’t her friends She called people constantly She always wanted a favor. She wanted to party and meet rich people.”

What Has Hunter Lee Soik Said About ‘Inventing Anna’?

Hunter Lee Soik’s socials are private at the moment. He hasn’t made any comments on the show “Inventing Anna” as of this writing.

Hunter Lee Soik Net Worth

Hunter Lee Soik’s estimated net worth should be over $2 million.

He has worked in several companies over the years in various positions. Starting his career at CBS working in the production team. While working in Paramount Pictures he worked in the production team and set production assistant while working in the movie “The Italian Job”.

Similarly, Hunter worked in Sony Pictures Entertainment and helped in the production of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and S.W.A.T. He joined The Walt Disney Company to work on “Freaky Friday”. In 2003, he founded thelawoffew and served as the founder, and also worked as motion graphics director.

His LinkedIn also revealed his job at LIPMAN as an innovative consultant and digital strategist. Hunter served in Art + Commerce as an innovative consultant and producer for an ad campaign for several brands such as Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Vogue Italia, and Lanvin. He then founded Wardenclyffe and worked as CEO, innovative consultant, and digital director for several brands.

Later, in 2013, Hunter founded Shadow, the world’s first alarm clock that helps people remember and record their dreams. During that time, he gave speeches at various events such as The Do Lectures, TEDxTalk, Cambridge University, CCTV America, POPtech, and SUMMIT AT SEA.

Hunter was the founding member of Dubai Future Accelerators, Dubai Future Talks, and Dubai Future Foundation. He was also the head of innovation and futures at Dubai Airport Freezone Authority. Currently, he is a co-founder of TRADE X and enso group.

Fun Fact: Hunter was working as a creative consultant on the Watch the Throne tour for Jay-Z and Kanye West. He enrolled at the Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, but left three days later, because, among other things, he didn’t like the curriculum

Hunter Lee Soik Age

As of 2022, Hunter Lee Soik should be 39 years old.

Where Is Hunter Lee Soik From?

Hunter Lee Soik was born in Seoul, South Korea. But, he moved to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 2000. After that, he moved to Santa Barbara, California where he tied his hand at skateboarding. Currently, he is living in New York.

Related FAQs

  • Who Are Hunter Lee Soik’s Parents And Siblings?

Hunter Lee Soik was reportedly adopted by a couple from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin from Korea when he turned 2.

  • How Tall Is Hunter Lee Soik?

Hunter Lee Soik stands tall over the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Is Hunter Lee Soik On Instagram?

Hunter Lee Soik is on Instagram (@hunterleesoik), Twitter (@hunterleesoik), and Facebook (@Hunter Lee Soil).

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