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Iain Maclean Bio, Below Deck, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Iain Maclean is a new bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean. Since the announcement as a new cast, fans of the show are interested to learn more details about her personal and professional life. Here in this article we bring you details about his age, net worth, girlfriend, and more.

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Iain Maclean On Below Deck

Iain Maclean who is the cast of Below Deck has 5 years of experience in the industry. He believes in his forte of people skills and positive attitude all the time which has gotten him a long way in his life.

There are many tasks to be completed aboard the yacht, and making too many mistakes could be expensive. You should be aware of what each crew member’s duties are if you wish to follow along on the show. Iain holds a senior position on the squad as Bosun, meaning he is in charge of day-to-day operations. The captain is the only person who is higher than the Bosun, of course.

This change in leadership may prove to have an impact on the general working environment and potentially complicate some of the ongoing turmoil. We’ll see how long Iain stays given that Ruan Irving, the team’s last Bosun, was fired as soon as Captain Sandy discovered there was a problem with his paperwork.

According to Marine Insight, “the main duties of bosuns revolve in the deck area of the ship. The Bosun is a member of the deck department and his duty, among others, is to supervise the deck crew of the vessel.”

Apart from appearances and experiences, Iain’s deck crew will require a strong leader. Iain will now be held accountable for every single mistake made in his capacity as this department’s chief. Considering his background, he ought to be all right. However, there are already warning signs that indicate Iain’s time aboard may not be without issues. Now, the question is whether Iain will rise to the occasion or plummet into the rough seas directly below his deck? And what even do we know about the newest Bosun from Below Deck Med? I’ve gathered some information on this, and perhaps Season 9 will fill in the gaps for me.

In his time, Iain likes “going to the gym, hiking, kloofing, surfing, jolling, music festivals, hanging out with friends and family, and going to the beach.” “The bosun is also involved, under the purview of the Chief Officer (and eventually the Master), in the planning, scheduling and assigning of work to the deck crew on the ship,” the site added.

How Much Is Iain Maclean Net Worth?

Iain Maclean’s net worth is under $150 thousand. Regarding his initial thoughts on his newest workspace, Iain has some opinions about the classic motor boat Mustique. He basically believes that she is “a good-sized strong ship with solid bones, but [that] it needs some good maintenance.” It seems like he’s speaking of me as well. “Ponza and Palmarola, Italy” are Iain’s favorite spots to work when he’s not swabbing decks over foreign waters.

Iain adds that his work “surprises most people that aren’t in the industry” with regard to this industry as a whole.

Iain Maclean Girlfriend

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information available on Iain’s dating history. Fans are bound to be interested in him because of Bravo, but he appears to be rather secretive on social media. It is difficult to determine whether he is dating anyone at all without having access to his social media accounts. Right now, Iain’s relationship status is simply unconfirmed until fans have a glimpse on board.

If he is unmarried, that might certainly liven up the story a little. After all, when crew members begin to develop feelings, drama is known to break out.

On his Facebook, he still has a few pictures of his ex-girlfriend Michelle Antonsson who is from Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, they are no longer together.

Iain Maclean Age

In 2024, Iain Maclean is above 30 years of age.

Who Are Iain Maclean Parents?

Iain Maclean’s parents are named Rob Maclean and Sandy Maclean. His parents have been happily married since December 1981. Hence, as of June 2024, they are happily together for 42 years.

Back in December 2016, Iain posted a snap from a father-son adventure. “Father and Son Adventures. What a Beautiful Life he has Given me. Always Grateful, Humbled, Loved. My Hero, My Idle, My Roll Model. Not just a Champion but a Multiple Gold World Champion. I Love You Rob MacLean,” Iain posted on his Facebook.

More about Rob, he worked at the British South Africa Police.

Very little is known about Iain’s mom Sandy Maclean AKA Sandra Krige. 

In his family, Iain has an older sister.

Iain Maclean Height

Iain Maclean’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Iain Maclean From?

Iain Maclean is currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Is Iain Maclean On Instagram?

Indeed, Iain Maclean is available on Instagram (@iain_twee_drie) which is currently private and has 1817 followers.

  • When Is Iain Maclean Birthday?

According to his bio on BravoTV, Iain Maclean’s birthday is on 21 March.

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