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India Royale Baby Father: Who Is He? What Happened?

Social media influencer India Royale is getting married. She got engaged to her second baby father and now-fiance Lil Durk in 2021. The pair started dating each other in 2017. However, there are a few things you need to know about her previous relationship and her estranged baby father.

This article addresses all of that. Tag along with this article while it unfolds information on her baby father.

Who Is India Royale Baby Father?

Social media influencer India Royale hasn’t shared much about her first baby father. So, to many of her fans and other concerned individuals, he remains a mystery to the day. Almost no information surfaced on her social media. So, fans eagerly searched for her estranged baby daddy looked for his information far and wide.

However, some sleuth internet detectives came with some answers on the subreddit with a photo of a man who was allegedly the father of India’s first child. But, a state of confusion was created when another Redditor had a different opinion. Learn more about them below.

What Happened To India Royale Baby Father?

Two different individuals were on the topic of conversation when it comes to India Royale’s baby father. One Redditor posted a picture of a man and claimed that the influencer’s baby father had died. Fans had filled the Reddit thread with words of condolences towards the man in the picture.

But, it was unclear what was the cause of his death and when did he die.

However, another Redditor had a different argument and claimed that the person on the picture was someone India dated before. According to them, the person surely wasn’t her first baby father.

The Redditor further claimed that the first baby father of India was locked up in a prison as of 2021. There was no further story to that. Hence, a lot of details on India’s baby father are shrouded in mystery including their names.

How Many Kids Does India Royale Have?

Internet influencer India Royale is a mother to two kids. Her eldest daughter Skylar was born on 28 August 2014 from her previous relationship. And her second daughter Willow who was born in 2017, had her with her now-fiance Lil Durk.

For India, her two daughters are everything to her. The two sisters have their Instagram page titled (@theroyalegirls) that flaunts 271k followers at the time of writing this article. In addition to that, they also have a YouTube channel with 2.48k subscribers.

Back in early 2020 rumors of India’s third pregnancy surfaced that caught her fans’ attention. However, she declined and revealed she was just kidding about the prospect of having a third baby.

What Is India Royale’s Relationship Status Now?

As of December 2021, India Royale got engaged to her second baby father Lil Durk. The two-time Grammy nominee got down on one knee and proposed to baby mama India onstage the United Center in their Chicago hometown on Saturday night in front of thousands of his fans.

The rapper posted the moment of his proposal on his Instagram and wrote, “I drop triple digits at the united center last night 💕🏆”. The video currently gathered 2.56 million-plus views on IG. India also posted a photo dump and revealed on her IG, “I said “Yes.” #issafiancé“.

Several notable music personalities such as MikeWillMadeIt, DC Young Fly, Chance The Rapper, Lil Yachty, and Morgan Wallen among others congratulated the engaged couple.

On stage, Lil Durk announced, “You know I love you to death.” He continued further, “You’ve been holding me down when I was going through a lot. You’re the most real and I just love you to death. Would you want to be my wife?” The engagement ring was designed by Izzy A. Luxury, which he described as ‘masterpiece’.

The pair have been together for four years. The rapper has five older children – son Angelo, 10; son Zayden, 8; daughter Bella, 8; son Du’mier, 7; and daughter Skyler, 7.

But back in May 2021 when Lil Durk tweeted “The streets got her chino it’s over, dog” the cheating rumor by India on Lil Durk surfaced on the internet. The tweet was followed by other two tweets, “Never cared,” and “Chase who yea ok.” Fans believed that these tweets were directed at India and most people believed that she had cheated on her.

However, Lil Durk had enough of it and decided to back his baby mother and decided to end the rumor and tweeted, “It pisses me off how y’all change shit around tryna make it like somebody a h** talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b**** ain’t nun like you goofy h***.”


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