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Is Actress Imani Lewis Married? Is The First Kill Star Lesbian IRL?

Volume 2nd of Stranger Things 4 does not drop on Netflix until July 1st but don’t worry we’ve got you a new Netflix show that is as thrilling, entertaining, and creative as Stranger Things. First Kill, which premiered on June 10th, is Netflix’s first lesbian vampire show which tells the story of two teen girls who fall for each other. The catch here is that one is a vampire and the other a vampire hunter. American actress Imani Lewis plays the role of Calliope Burns, “a fearless, headstrong monster hunter,” in First Kill according to her character description.

Read this article until the end to know more about Imani Lewis’s First Kill stint, her married life, career, and more.


Is The First Kill Star Actress Imani Lesbian IRL?

As of now, it’s already established that First Kill is a lesbian vampire show. However, many people don’t know if the actresses who play the roles, especially First Kill star Imani Lesbian, are lesbians in real life. While we will talk about that down in the subheading, let’s first talk briefly about the show’s plot and Imani’s opinions on the show, and the character she plays.

Based on a short story by V.E. Schwab, First Kill follows a teenage vampire, Juliette Fairmont (played by The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It star Sarah Catherine Hook), who sets her sights on Calliope Burns (played by Imani Lewis) to make her ‘first kill’ in order to take a rightful place in her powerful vampire family. Little does Juliette realize that Calliope is a vampire hunter and comes from a family of powerful, celebrated slayers. On Calliope’s part, she is also required to make her ‘first kill’ and chooses Calliope as that person. Things become complicated when the two people who are supposed to kill each other fall for each other.

Talking with the NY Post recently, Imani expressed her excitement for the show. “I immediately fell in love with the story of the show in general,” she told. “I love strong female characters, I love powerful calculated confident characters, and for her to be from a family of monster hunters, I was like, ‘I have to be part of it.'”

Imani also talked a little about her character Calliope in the show and expressed how lucky she fails to have grabbed the role. “I resonate with Calliope in so many different ways. I tried to perform her from a place of strength, strategy, diligence.”

Reportedly, Imani also performed many stunts on her own. To the NY Post, she revealed that she took many kickboxing lessons in preparing for her role.

Now coming to the main subject that is if Imani Lewis is lesbian IRL, we do not have any clarification on her sexuality yet. However, what we can say for sure is that her co-star Sarah Catherine Hook is not a lesbian. Reportedly, Sarah was dating a man named Philip Laskaris in 2022.

Is Actress Imani Lewis Married?

First Kill star Imani Lewis does not speak much about her love life on the Internet. Therefore, we did not know if she was married as of June 2022. However, if you ask us what we think, we’d say she’s most likely single.

Actress Imani Lewis Net Worth

Imani Lewis’s net worth was reported to be under $150 thousand as of June 2022.

As Imani told the SVGE Magazine, Imani used to perform at the Apollo Theatre as a teen. One day, when she was performing at SOBs, a man named Dan from her talent agency saw her performance and advised her to get into acting.

Giving a shot, Imani auditioned for the role of Tanya in the TV series The Get Down (2017). The following year, she landed a breakout role as Aniyah in the award-winning movie Eighth Grade.

First Kill actress Imani is best known for her performances as Karen in Star, Charmaine in Hightown, and Kisha in The Equalizer.

Some of Imani’s other acting credits include Flatbush Misdemeanors, The Forty-Year-Old Version, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and Killer Among Us, to name a few.

Is Actress Imani Lewis A Rapper?

In case you did not know it already, Imani Lewis, who goes by the stage name Mocha Bands, is a great rapper as well.

Reportedly, Mocha Bands started making music at the early age of 11. She released her first EP “The Year of Mocha”–which has been described as diverse, sound-wise as well as content-wise–at the age of 18. Some of the popular songs from the EP are I Remember, Get to the Money, Bossy, and Compromise.

Imani Lewis aka Mocha Bands published the music video for her song “Longevity” in 2018, where she had shown off her ability to rhyme with precision.

Actress Imani Lewis Parents

Actress Imani Lewis is originally from Jamaica Queens, New York. Any information about her parents was not available as of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Actress Imani Lewis?

Eighth Grade actress Imani Lewis turned 23 years old on April 13, 2022.

  • How Tall Is Actress Imani Lewis?

According to Imani’s bio on, Imani Lewis stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

  • Is Actress Imani Lewis On Facebook?

Imani Lewis’s link to her Facebook, which used to exist until some time ago, was broken as of June 2022. You can find her on Instagram (@mochabands) and Twitter though.

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