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Is Gabriela Cámara Dating Anyone? Who Are Her Parents?

Meet Gabriela Cámara, the Mexican star chef who stands out on 15 June 2022-premiered Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. Now one of the five new Iron Chefs on the show, Gabriela who is also the author of My Mexico City Kitchen was included in Time’s “Most Influential People” in 2020.

Now, let us take you through this exclusive story about her dating life, family background, and parents.

Gabriela Cámara Net Worth

Gabriela Cámara reportedly had an estimated $10 million net worth as of 2022.

Now one of the most influential people in modern Mexican cuisine, Gabriela originally planned to become a contemporary art curator. So, when she never expected it, the restaurant industry practically fell into her lap while she was studying art history in Mexico City. Gabriela and her friends loved eating fresh grilled fish on the coast, but noticed that the city was missing a seafood scene. So, she opened Contramar in 1998 and she was only 22 at the time.

Fast forward to 2022, Gabriela is the chef and owner of several restaurants in Mexico and one in the US. She basically filled the gap when she opened Cala in San Francisco. Before this, it was notoriously hard to find steady waitstaff in the city. Meanwhile, Gabriela opened a restaurant here with a staff consisting mostly of ex-cons who had come through job-placement programs and halfway houses. The chef, however, did not want to use this fact as a publicity tool. Because she never has had the pretension in her blood and in business. Also, Gabriela always makes sure to favor deliciousness over anything in her food. (Her “Top 8” are Tostadas de atún, Tacos al pastor, Quesadillas doradas, Pescado a la Talla, Salsa verde cruda, “salad” taco, Balckberry atole, and Aguachile verde.)

Even so, it has not always been the sunshine in an industry that already has notoriously small profit margins. Among many other adversities, her restaurants too suffered during the COVID pandemic. Of all her places, Contramar especially had to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Gabriela Cámara Dating Anyone?

Gabriela Cámara’s relationship status was unclear. But, a glimpse at her social media could have you believing that she has been dating this guy named Fernando Mesta (on Instagram @elgabalo). Why? They actually come off as a couple as they post pictures of themselves together, and cannot stop gushing about one another. Albeit, the truth is Gabriela and Fernando despite being closest and looking forward to being in each other’s lives for eternity are not romantically involved. To make you believe, let us also tell you that Fernando is gay. And the last time we heard of it he was so much in love with José Rojas; with whom he had turned a house into one of Mexico City’s coolest galleries back in 2019.

As for Gabriela’s actual boyfriend, Vogue had reported in May 2019 that he is a professional poker player turned real estate developer. Vogue in its story on Gabriela, “What’s Next for Gabriela Cámara? A New L.A. Restaurant—And Foray into Politics”, wrote that around that time she was about to take a position in the government, her then “current boyfriend” suggested that she try Game of Thrones. That year, Gabriela was appointed to the Mexican government’s Council of Cultural Diplomacy and as an advisor to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

As of now (2022), it was not understood if Gabriela continued to be in love with this man.

Gabriela Cámara Age

Born in 1975, Gabriela Cámara reached the age of 47 in 2022.

Who Are Gabriela Cámara Parents?

Gabriela Cámara recently told on Instagram that she is so happy and proud to come from her mother, Clara Camara; who turned 77 in October 2021. Even today,  Gabriela believes her “mammina” is the best, brightest and smartest woman she knows. The matriarch, back in the day, got a doctoral dissertation on mosaics in southern Italy; and later also joined the cause.

As for Gabriela’s father, he turned 92 in January 2022; and he is a former Jesuit priest who moved to Chihuahua City to build a school and a health center.

Recalling old times, Gabriela shared that it was challenging growing up with parents who are very different from everybody else’s parents. Nevertheless, she also said that she was and always has been very proud of them. And she now proudly gets to tell people that she was raised in an environment of total freedom; by two people who believed she could do whatever she wanted. The daughter of an Italian mother and a Mexican father who met in the United States now also gets to speak English and Spanish fluently.

So, with these parents and a brother, Gabriela grew up in a family who grew much of their own food and enjoyed sprawling, multicultural meals together nightly.

Influenced by their grandparents and by her parents’ colleagues and friends, Gabriela and her brother, by the time they were teenagers, were already organizing dinners for big groups of friends. On the contrary, these kids’ mother was the least interested in cooking.

About her brother, he is Carlos Camara (on Instagram @carloscamarab) and turned 45 in October 2021. Before that in 2012, he married his now-wife Jenny Amalia Pellicer (founder of Faura). As of 2022, the couple was based around Los Angeles.

Gabriela Cámara Height

Gabriela Cámara,  when standing next to 6′ 2″ Gordon Ramsay in an episode of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, looked less than 5′ 3″ in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gabriela Cámara Birthday?

Gabriela Cámara’s birthday is on the 4th of May and that makes her a Taurus. Also, it is believed, that Taurus born on this day seeks to distill from life its purest essence; and that they want to enjoy life in a simple and unadorned fashion.

  • Where Is Gabriela Cámara From?

Gabriela Cámara was born in Chihuahua City and grew up in Tepoztlán, Mexico.

  • Is Gabriela Cámara On Instagram?

Yes. Gabriela could be found on Instagram @gabrielacamara where there were 60 posts and 39.3K followers as of 17 June 2022.

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