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Is Jeff Bliss Dead? Where Is Duncanville Student Now?
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Is Jeff Bliss Dead? Where Is Duncanville Student Now?

Remember the high schooler Jeff Bliss whose in-class rant at his world history teacher went viral back in 2013? The 90-second video, at the time, was all over the internet and had been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. So, where is Jeff Bliss now? That is what we are going

Is The Former Duncanville High School Student Jeff Bliss Dead?

Back in the said time, Jeff Bliss told off his teacher for being lazy. The video, which was seemingly shot by one of his classmates and maybe even without him knowing, went viral this week.

A sophomore at Duncanville High School in Texas at the time, following the incident, not only did Jeff’s speech become wildly popular, but he also was invited to popular talk shows and news interviews. Many came out to support him seeing him deliver his dreams of better education in the classroom. But. of course, he also had his critics. Among them was a Dallas Morning News editorial writer who wrote that Jeff’s choice of protest venues and methods was one he will never celebrate,

Jeff, on the other hand, continued telling everyone that he has no regrets about his speech. He said he did not expect that kind of attention though.

Following a year, Jeff gradually disappeared. And ever since many people who saw all of it then have been curious as to what has become of him. Some feared that he had dropped out of school or even worse died.

Fortunately, Jeff showed signs of him being alive by updating his tweets back in 2016. Afterward too, he is believed to be alive.

Where Is Jeff Bliss Now?

In an unconfirmed and unverifiable report on Reddit from back in 2022, Jeff Bliss has been working at UPS, United Parcel Service, the American logistics company. In the Reddit thread user “beckbro24” said that he “happen” to work with Jeff. “I’m a supervisor at a UPS hub. Jeff is a loader, basically, he loads the packages into the trucks. He’s really a cool guy, he’s kinda quiet but he’s a hard worker. I asked him about the video and doesn’t really like to talk about it,” these were the exact words he said.

After the Duncanville, Texas native gave his monologue criticizing his teacher, who allegedly gave her students no time to prepare for the STAAR test, he was left to go unpunished for what he did. The teacher, on the other hand, had been temporarily placed on administrative leave as the school investigated what led to Jeff being kicked out of her class.

Did Jeff Bliss Become A Teacher?

Back in the day, Jeff Bliss really wanted to see a teacher stand up and interact with the students, get involved, discuss, talk, question, and get deep into the subject. Seeing him advocate for education reform, one might have expected him to become a teacher years from then. Fast forward to today, it is unlikely though.

Is Jeff Bliss Still Working For UPS?

As of 2019, one could not tell if Jeff Bliss was still working for UPS.

If this helps, the story of Jeff covered by YouTuber “wavywebsurf” back in June  2021 did suggest that Jeff might be still working with the company.

Jeff Bliss Age Today

Today, not much is known about Jeff Bliss. Since that day in 2013, he did put himself out on display for a while. But, soon also faded from the whole controversy.

He was reportedly born in 1995. So, he may be turned 27 years old in 2022.

Also, today, his relationship status read ‘single’ on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jeff Bliss On Facebook And TikTok?

After young teen Jeff Bliss became an overnight sensation on social media back in 2013, he launched a now-defunct Twitter account @Real_Jeff_Bliss. And here for a time being, he advocated for education reform. His last tweet was in 2016, where he retweeted someone saying that he’s alive.

After that Jeff has been spotted over his ‘Gottfried Glückseligkeit’ Facebook only.

  • Who Are Jeff Bliss’s Parents?

Jeff Bliss’s mother Rhonda Bliss is a teacher and so back in the time, she had shown her son immense support telling the world that she was not surprised when her son told her about the confrontation he had with his teacher. At the time, Rhonda was a teacher in a different school district with a certification in social studies.

Jeff’s mom it seems continues to be a National Board Certified Teacher at Dallas Independent SD. On her Facebook, she also mentioned being an elementary music specialist at Austin ISD.

Then, there is Stephen M Bliss, likely Jeff’s dad. A resident of Issaquah city in King County, Washington, he turned 79 in January 2023. He and Rhonda are seemingly no longer together as the latter preferred to be called ‘single’.

Jeff also has a bunch of siblings. They are his three sisters Camille Smith Thompson, Stephanie Bliss Robinson, and Corinne Conner, and two brothers David Bliss and Gregory Bliss. The latter (Gregory), of Carlsbad, California, has been married to Brittany Bliss.

  • When Is Jeff Bliss’s Birthday?

Like many other things about Jeff Bliss, his birthday too remained unknown so far.

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