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Is Maxim Baldry Gay? Who Is The LOTR Actor Dating?

When you’re a part of a popular show like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it’s hard to maintain privacy in your off-screen life. And the up-and-coming actor Maxim Baldry experienced it first hand as fans began questioning his sexuality.

So, is Maxim Baldry gay? And who is the LOTR dating? Find answers below.

Is Maxim Baldry Gay?

Maxim Baldry didn’t comment on his sexuality. However, he did once say “who wouldn’t want to kiss Russell Tovey?” after filming Years and Years in 2019 as the gay Ukrainian refugee, Viktor Goraya. Was he hinting at something?

Over the show, Maxim’s character meets Daniel (Russell Tovey) who’s his housing officer after coming to the estate. The duo then strike up a relationship, they keep seeing each other and eventually it blossoms into love.

“At the heart of all these crazy world issues, Years and Years is a delicate love story between two people, and that’s what makes it profound on a lot of levels,” Maxim explained.

Also, he hinted that sex was a key element in the series and hoped his sex scenes with Russell won’t end up on the editing floor. “I haven’t seen any of the show yet but there’s a sex scene in the first episode that I hope they managed to get in. I remember they were trying to see if the BBC were OK with that,” Maxim added.

As for the fans’ reaction to Maxim portraying a gay character, most of them were displeased with it!

“Another straight actor playing gay. Yawn,” a user twitted.

While another shared, “Huge amount of sour grapes on my part. Why do the two gay characters have to be so gorgeous and sexy? Fantastic program and great acting.  Quite scary. Is that the way we are really going?”

However, there were also a few who appreciated the show normalizing the LGBTQ+ community. “I’ve never seen a gay couple like you on the screen who are so real and everyone in the episode treats you as an ordinary couple,” a fan remarked.

Who Is Maxim Baldry Dating?

Maxim Baldry is likely single as of 2022. Also, there were no hints of his potential girlfriend/partner on his IG @maximbaldry or Twitter @maximbaldry.

However, on-screen, Maxim has had a lot of lovers.

In Hollyoaks, his on-screen girlfriend “Eva Falco” is portrayed by Kerry Bennett. His girlfriend and their unborn child are shot dead by his half-sister Grace Black in the series. So, he then kidnaps Esther Bloom to get revenge on his sister.

Later in the series, the actor also briefly dates his on-screen ex-girlfriend “Lis Loveday” played by Rachel Adedeji.

Maxim Baldry Movies And TV Shows

So far, Maxim Baldry has already graced over 14 movies and TV shows. Here’s a list.

TV Shows: “Isildur” in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022),  “Loric” in Strike Back (2020), “Viktor” in Years and Years (2019), “Liam Donovan” in Hollyoaks (2017), “Banjo” in Skins (2013), Jazper in Sadie (2012), and “Caesarion” in Rome (2007).

Movies: “Ed” in Last Christmas (2019), “Dane” in Lake Placid: Legacy (2018), “Stepan” in Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007), and “Chico” in The Little Polar Bear 2: The Mysterious Island (2005).

But amongst them, Maxim’s biggest role was as“Isildur” in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022). Although not the main character, Isildur still plays a major role in the original trilogy. It was because of his refusal to destroy the Ring he eventually loses it in the River Anduin, where it’s picked up years later by Smeagol (Gollum).

Looking back at the filming, Maxim shared that he had no idea what he auditioned for and was simply told it was an “untitled Amazon project.” And when they finally did, “as such a fan of the original Tolkien stories, this wasn’t like a job and instead felt more like a dream,” he explained.

So, for the shooting, Maxim upped sticks and spent 10 and a half months on location in New Zealand, and revealed that the next season will be shot in the UK.

Besides being an actor, Maxim is also a musician and was a member of Terra Twin, an alternative rock back. But at the time of writing this article, they only released two originals, “Eastern Boy” and “I Don’t Know.”

Maxim Baldry Height

Maxim Baldry stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm).

How Old Is Maxim Baldry?

Maxim Baldry was born on January 5, 1996. That made him 26 years of age in 2022.

As per his birthday, the actor is of the Capricorn zodiac.

Maxim Baldry Family

Maxim Baldry comes from a family of four.

His parents, Simon and Carina Baldry are both actors as well.

As for his brother, Vic worked in works in sales and marketing.

Also,  Maxim’s paternal grandfather and grandmother’s name is Graham M. Baldry and Joan R. Coulston. While his maternal grandfather is named Viktor Georgievich Gabrielov.

Related FAQs

  • Is Maxim Baldry Russian?

Yes, Maxim is half Russian. He inherits it from his mother.

  • Where Is Maxim Baldry From?

Maxim was born in London, England, UK. But he spent the first seven years of his life in Moscow and Warsaw, Russia.

  • How Much Is Maxim Baldry Net Worth?

Maxim flaunted a net worth of $3 million in 2022.

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