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Is Olivier Bialobos Zack Bia Dad? Plus His Mom, Siblings

Is Olivier Bialobos Zack Bia Dad? The question has plagued the internet for a long time.

“I am with Zack Bia” opened doors in LA nightlife because of his friendship with A-listers celebrities such as Drake and Kylie Jenner to name a few. He also famously dated Madison Beer and still managed to maintain the mystery around his life. So, many started a rumor that his success was linked to him being the son of Olivier Bialobo.

But is he really?

A journey from being an anonymous LA high school student to becoming Drake’s friend and a big name in LA’s nightlife, many assumed his rumored father Olivier Bialobos’s reach made it all possible.

Zack addressed Olivier being his father during his interview with Complex. He told Complex, “Anytime I do anything cool or accomplish something, it will always get knocked as, like, ‘Of course, he was able to do this, his dad does this. But the reason I haven’t even really talked about my dad is because I have such a bad relationship with him that I didn’t want to even talk about him.”

But, the question persists: Is Olivier Bialobos Zack Bia’s dad?

We attempt to provide an insight into his father below in this article. So keep scrolling down to learn more.

Is Olivier Bialobos Zack Bia Dad?

No, Olivier Bialobos is not the father of Zack Bia.

“Who is Zack Bia?” is a top search, and so is who is Zack Bia’s father?. The answer you’ll probably find is Olivier Bialobos. The primary reason for that was they shared the same last name with the Dior’s director.

“Someone found out my real last name, Googled it, and saw there was someone who worked at Dior who was distantly related to my dad—like two cousins removed from my dad’s side—and was not even the head of it, ” he added further. “But it turned into, ‘Zack’s dad worked at Dior. Or Zack’s dad runs Dior.’”

If you’ve done your research then you’ll also find some gossip sites sharing that two of them are cousins, which is yet to be confirmed.

Although he avoids talking about his father, he has given away a few details about his estranged father in several interviews.

Zack told Complex that his father is actually a photographer who hailed from France. Plus, he added he doesn’t even know where his father lives.

Regarding the circling rumors, He’s okay with it now, but he hopes the rumors don’t prevent kids from being encouraged to pursue their own goals.

“It became people’s cop-out as to why I was able to do things, but I wish it was the opposite,” he explained. “If people realized that I was just putting hours of work in, it might actually make them realize that these ‘crazy’ situations I get myself in, they could do it, too. But at the end of the day, I’m still here to just keep doing what I’m doing. I think kids are catching on.”

Moreover, Bia also addressed his father when he appeared on the Group Chat News podcast last year. After one of the hosts asked if his father was the chief executive of Christian Dior, he said: “I wish Bernard Arnault was my dad. That would be a nice life.”

Zack Bia Mom

Zack Bia’s mom raised him as a single mother and credits his mother for all that he accomplished. His parents divorced when he was 9 years old. His mom raised him in New York City and she did everything in her power to expose him to all kinds of cultures.

He owed his insatiable cultural interest to his single mother, who brought them on visits to her native Paris and educated Zack about Big Daddy Kane and Tupac Shakur. “My mom’s still super rock-and-roll,” Zack told GQ.

Speaking with Complex, Zack added, “My mom’s the coolest. From an early age, she encouraged me to consume music, buy magazines, and go skate. She was putting me on to all kinds of stuff, whether it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Tupac or Eminem or the Rolling Stones.”

Zack’s mom worked as a modeling agent and she worked in fashion but they survived with a limited means. Bia’s mother obtained a job in LA not long after the divorce, so he moved to the West Coast with her and hasn’t looked back since. “My formative years were spent in LA, but I have this New York foundation, and I think it’s the best thing that could have ever happened,” he told Complex.

He told i-D, “She made me listen to music, took me to museums, and taught me so much. When we moved to LA, it was a bit more difficult and I had to do things for myself. I was very lucky though, I was sent to a good public school and when I was 18, by chance, I had the opportunity to work in a club. It was a way that I could start paying for things myself”.

Zack’s mother is also of French nationality.

Zack Bia Siblings

As reported by GQ, Zack Bia has one younger brother. His younger brother also remains anonymous.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Zack Bia Real Name?

Zack Bia’s real name or full name is Zack Bialobos.

  • What Is Zack Bia Ethnicity?

Zack Bia’s ethnicity is French-American.

  • How Much Is Zack Bia Net Worth?

Zack Bia should have a net worth above $600 thousand.

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