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Is Rain Brown Married? Did She Have A Baby With Partner?

The youngest of the Brown siblings, Rain Brown is stepping out of her comfort zone in Alaskan Bush People season 14. Seems like her father’s death (featured in the previous season) has been an eye-opening experience for the girl who once “lost sight” of herself.

So, what’s new? Did she get married? Or have a baby with a partner? Find answers as you scroll down.

Is Rain Brown Married? Is She Even In A Relationship?

No, Rain Brown isn’t married (as of 2022). Also, there’s no proof that she’s dating anyone atm.

The rumors about her marriage started in 2019 after she shared an IG picture of her new puppy, captioned, “This is Jakson Maine Brown, I’ve only had him for two days and this little dude has stolen my heart from top to bottom,” she wrote in the caption of a selfie with her tiny dog. “I’m so lucky to be your mother Jakson. I love you with every fiber of my being.”

However, instead of adoring the puppy, her fans were quick to notice a large ring on her ring finger. Naturally, they then flooded the comments section with inquiries about the suspicious jewelry, and many even came to the concussion that she was getting married.

So, realizing the stir that the photo caused amongst her followers, Rain then replied to a comment that asked, “Omg RAIN, did I miss something?? He is cute but look at that 💍😍” with “not a wedding ring.” Plus, she updated the caption of her post, adding a hashtag to clear up any confusion: “#notaweddingring.”

Fast-forward to Jan 2022, the Discovery star again made an IG post flaunting her ring captioned, “It’s been a while since we’ve had a trip to selfie town.” But this time she was wary not to repeat what happened last time and made sure to include “#notaweddingring” on the post.

Did you know: There was a long ongoing rumor that Rain was gay. Annoyed with it, the star then snapped at a comment that wrote, “I wonder if @heroofkirrkwell has accepted her sexuality yet?” stating “I’m straight…so yeah I have.”

Did Rain Brown Have A Baby With Partner?

No, Rain Brown didn’t have a baby.

The only baby she had at the time of writing this article was her two dogs, Jakson and Harley. So, don’t get confused when she says she’s a mother.

Her baby, Harley was the oldest. While Jackson (baby Pomeranian)  was the youngest in the family. 

How Much Is Rain Brown Net Worth?

Rain Brown got paid around $8,000 to $15,000 per episode while filming Alaskan Bush People. So, alone, she has already garnered a net worth of $40,000 – $60,000.

However, being a part of the Brown family, Rain is also entitled to a whopping $60 million that her parents were worth.

So far, Rain has graced over 101 episodes of Alaskan Bush People.

Besides being a reality star, Rain is also an inspirational writer.

Rain Brown Height

Rain Brown stands tall at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Rain has emerald eyes and a rounded chin.

Also, over the years, we’ve seen her style change — short to long hair, dress preferences, and in 2022, she surprised the viewers with a new makeover.

Where Does Rain Brown Live Now?

Rain Brown lives with her mother Ami Brown in Washington now (as of 2022).

She’s taking care of her mother who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. It was stage three lung cancer with only a 3% survival rate. Fortunately, Ami won the battle of her life after the family moved to Washington to provide better health services for her.

Related FAQs

  • Is Rain Brown On Instagram?

Find Rain on Instagram @heroofkirrkwell. And yes she’s active again after taking a short break from social media.

For those who don’t know, Rain stopped posting after June 11, and only returned to IG on October 2.

Also, here’s her TikTok @heroofkirrkwell_. She only rejoined the platform in Jan 2022, after her first account was briefly banned. Why? Well, they believed someone was trying to impersonate her. 

Here are Rain’s FB fan pages — @RainBrownFanPage, and @RainBrown.

  • How Old Is Rain Brown?

Rain turned 19 years of age on November 23, 2021.

Her mother Ami was 58, brothers: Matthew 39, Joshua 37, Solomon Isaiah Freedom 34, Gabriel “Gabe” Starbuck 31, Noah Darkcloud 8, and sister Birdy 26 then. 

  • Did Rain Brown Experience Health Scare?

Not exactly a health scare, but Rain struggled with depression from 2017-18.

In 2019, Rain then set on her journey to “rebuild” herself and find “happiness.” In an emotional IG post, Rain even shared, “ I say. If you find yourself overthinking, overwhelmed, and just plain stressed? Take a break. Rebuild yourself, find yourself again and I promise you, you will come out better in the end.”

However, her sister, Bird did suffer a serious medical condition in 2022. She had severe abdominal pain for a week and was on the floor after the pain got worst. Later, Rain then forced her to visit a doctor, despite her hesitance.

It seems Bird had a very large cystic tumor taking up her entire abdomen. The doctors then removed two tumors on her ovaries, one weighing eight pounds and one weighing four pounds. 

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