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Is Stan Waterman Still Alive? What Led To His Eye Injury?

Shark Week is back, and so is Stan Waterman and his eye patch. But since the show was filmed a year before, is Stan Waterman still alive? And what led to his eye injury?

Find answers below.

Is Stan Waterman Still Alive?

Yes, Stan Waterman is still alive. But he was announced to be dead by Scuba News Canada in late 2022, for which they apologized later.

“Due to some misinformation, The Scuba News Canada recently posted that Stan Waterman had died. We would like to publicly apologize to Stan for reporting his death when he is still alive,” they wrote.

It seems the site mistook Stan for Chuck Nicklin, a dive industry pioneer and International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame member, who passed at the age of 95 then.

Chuck, a California native, was a prominent figure in the diving community for decades. He was renowned for his exceptional work in underwater cinematography, notably in James Bond films, The Abyss, and The Deep. Chuck co-founded iconic institutions and was involved with the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society and the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition. His contributions continue to inspire ocean enthusiasts and filmmakers worldwide.

What Led To Stan Waterman Eye Injury?

Stan Waterman’s eye injury remains a topic of curiosity, as the renowned scuba diver and cinematographer has chosen to keep the details private. While some reports suggest that the injury occurred during a diving accident, there is limited information available to confirm the specifics.

In a 2011 interview on Talking Scuba with Bob Shoemakers, Stan discussed his eye patch, which has become a distinctive feature. He revealed that his daughter played a creative role in his eye patch collection, gifting him new ones every Christmas. Her artistic touch has led to eye patches adorned with various designs, including octopuses, sharks, and fish. Stan humorously shared that his daughter’s latest creation featured a pair of “hooters,” although he admitted he refrains from wearing that particular one in public.

The true cause of Stan’s eye injury remains unknown, leaving room for speculation and imagination among his admirers. While some may envision thrilling encounters with sharks or stingrays as the cause, there is no concrete evidence to support these assumptions. The lack of details surrounding the injury might be intentional, as Stan’s preference for privacy allows for the allure of mystery and intrigue.

Stan Waterman Age

Stan Waterman turned 100 in 2023!

It’s been a decade since he hung up his fins from Scuba diving. The Shark Week star officially retired in Jan 2013, thanks to arthritis. “Arthritis has reduced me to a tottering old geezer and a safety risk for any dive activity that would include me,” he explained at the time.

Stan Waterman Career

Stan Waterman is a name synonymous with pioneering achievements in the world of scuba diving and underwater cinematography. His passion for the ocean and underwater exploration blossomed early in life, leading him to become one of the founding members of the New York Underwater Photographic Society in the 1950s. 

But it wasn’t until 1971 that Stan hit the spotlight after contributing his talents to the critically acclaimed documentary film Blue Water, White Death. This groundbreaking documentary, which focused on the elusive and majestic great white sharks, brought international attention to the world of shark diving. Thus, Stan’s journey as an underwater filmmaker continued to flourish, and he earned accolades for his work in various productions.

Throughout his career, Stan Waterman’s work received numerous awards, including five Emmy awards for his outstanding contributions to underwater cinematography. 

Beyond his cinematic accomplishments, Stan remained deeply committed to ocean conservation. He actively advocated for the preservation of marine ecosystems and worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the fragile nature of the underwater world. His efforts contributed significantly to the global understanding of marine conservation and the importance of protecting marine life.

Now, he’s Diving’s grand ambassador and stands on the board of trustees of Shark Research Institute and Shark Conservation.

Did you know: Stan’s real name is Herman Shmuckledink

Is Stan Waterman On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Facebook @StanWaterman.

Sadly, we couldn’t find his Instagram.

Stan Waterman Wife

Stan Waterman married his wife Susanna (Susy) in 1951, two weeks after graduation. They then moved to Maine, winterizing a part of the old house and Stan went to work as a blueberry farmer.

Later as Stan’s career took off, he was often out scuba diving. “Susy was practically a single mother,” Stan recalled. But Susy was adventurous as well. So, Stan always tried to include his family in his journeys. “Susy and I both wanted to have a family adventure together while the children were still young,” he said.

Stan Waterman Kids

Stan Waterman and Susy share three kids — Gordy, Susy-dell, and Gar. They are all 2 years apart in age, respectively.

According to Stan, thanks to the adventures they had “before the children were out of the nest and gone” they’ve forged a bond that has “never lost strength.”

His son, Gordy is a Director of Photography with over 4 decades of experience, He has received 3 Emmy Awards for Cinematography and 1 Oscar nomination.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Stan Waterman From?

Stan hails from California. But he had houses in  Sargentville, Maine, and Lawrenceville, N.J.

  • When Is Stan Waterman Birthday?

Stan celebrates his birthday on April 5 and is of the Aries zodiac.

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