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Isha Punja Bio, Job, Family, Height, Dating, Twentysomethings

As a new show Twentysomethings: Austin, which is similar to the likes of MTV’s The Real World and Netflix’s Terrace House, dropped on Netflix on 10 December 2021, you must all be wondering about all the new faces starring as its cast. The series follows a diverse group of young people, relocated to Austin, Texas to live together in the same house. Some aim to find love, while others want to get out of their parents’ houses and figure out their careers. Now meet Isha Punja. A self-proclaimed intelligent yet also educated ditz, clumsy, gullible, and forgetful, she is among these eight strangers navigating a new chapter of her life on a reality show.

Find out all about her job, height, dating life, and her TwentySomethings journey in this ‘Isha Punja Bio’.

Isha Punja On Twentysomethings: Austin

So, despite not being able to tell the name of the cross street to the house she lived in for most of her life, Isha somehow made it to Austin, Texas to be on the TwentySomethings: Austin show. “[I] Managed to stumble my ass onto this really fun Netflix show”, she wrote on her Instagram promoting her very stint on Netflix weeks before its release.

She said that she is on the show, also because she wants to see what the dating scene is like in Austin as she is tired of “the influencer and start-up types” in California.

Is Isha Punja Dating Anyone?

Back in May of 2017 and 2018 and beyond that Isha Punja seemed to be dating this guy with the name Eric Willits.

Back at the time, Isha could be found calling Eric her “better-looking half”, “home skillet” and such. On his birthday, she would come up with something like — “I hope you see this when you wake up😘 I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me, but you know that already. Cheers to growing old together ❤️”. And something like this, in 2018, Eric would reply with — “HAHA these pics have killed me. love how even 4 years later those prom pics are still resurfacing… I guess we’ve seriously peaked HAHA love you goober I miss u so much. ❤️😍😩”.

They were last seen together in a 13 January 2019 post on Isha’s Instagram.

Meanwhile, as of the time of this writing, she wrote ‘single’ as her relationship status over Facebook.

Isha Punja Age

When Isha Punja first showed up on TwentySomethings in 2021, she was 24 years of age.

Isha Punja Job

Isha Punja is a designer/creative director, and founder of clothing brand Hut Mentality. The e-tailer brand, the way they put it, offers hand-tailored items of clothing procured from the hands of indigenous artisans in Gujarat, India; designed to embody the intersection of trend and tradition. The team that leads Hut Mentality is comprised of three people: Isha, her mother, and their head of business development as Manasa Kothapalli.

After struggling a depression, back in 2017, she founded the organization, also as its digital innovator and content creator.

Now that she has finally launched her fashion line she dreams of getting her artisanal pieces picked up by a retail boutique in Austin. (Maybe also why she is in Austin as part of TwentySomethings.

At the same time, Isha has been also working as a creative writer, both on-site and as a remote freelancer, for high fashion branding agency FAM.NYC.

Speaking of her education, Isha studied BA Economics at UC Berkeley from 2015 – 2020.

How Tall Is Isha Punja?

Isha Punja stands around 5’6” tall.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Isha Punja From?

Isha Punja is an Indian-American currently based in Irvine, California in the United States. Apart from this fact, it was not understood where exactly Isha was born.

  • When Is Isha Punja Birthday?

Isha Punja boasts that she is a triple air sign: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. But, she never revealed when her birthday is.

  • What Do We Know About Isha Punja’s Family?

Isha Punja’s social media grid is full of her California adventures and pictures with her family. So, we can tell you that she is a spitting image of her mother. However, she did not seem to have acquired much from her father who is bulky-built.

(Of course) there is also a 3.5 years older and 3.5 inches shorter sibling in the family. Isha’s only sister Ilina, a senior mechanical engineer at Bloom Energy, turned 28 on 4 August 2021.

  • Is Isha Punja On IG, Facebook?

Yes. Isha is on Instagram. And until 11 December 2021, the account @isha_punja had 84 posts and 2,737 followers.

Punja could be given a follow also on her ‘Isha Punja’ Facebook and Twitter @HutMentality. The latter is the business account for her clothing brand Hut Mentality.

Clothing, sourced from indigenous artisans, designed by an American Indian, and sold to our multicultural world.

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