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Ismael Cruz Cordova Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Let us now tell you all that you have been wanting to know about your favorite Ismael Cruz Cordova family.

Puerto Rican television, stage, and film actor, Ismael Cruz Cordova, previously known for playing Mando on Sesame Street, is only getting famous as he landed the role of the wood elf Arondir in Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power.

The new fantasy series premiered on 1 September 2022 with its first two episodes, which as Amazon stated, had the most viewers for a Prime Video premiere. It has received generally positive reviews from critics for particularly its plot, cinematography, visuals, and musical score. But fans being fans naturally also wondered about the personal life of some of its actors who gave the best portrayals. One of them being Ismael, people also inquired about him more than ever.

Meet Ismael Cruz Cordova Family Members

Ismael Cruz Cordova comes from a typical small family. It includes his parents (of course) and likely a sibling.

Because Ismael is making history as the first person of color to play an elf in the recent Tolkien project, this tells us that his family members are also people of color.

Then later, Ismael also shared about growing up in the mountains of Puerto Rico in a home with dirt floors. He has been candid about how growing up amid poverty, illiteracy, and underrepresentation had given him a sense of struggle and voicelessness within his community. For instance, young Ismael always wondered why he and his family were not included in what was happening to other people.

While still in elementary school and he was already working, selling pumpkins and peppers to earn lunch money. For a while, he became consumed by the swimming. The sport even led him to national championships and a private school scholarship.

Among all things, Ismael also shared that he was raised with the belief that becoming a doctor or a lawyer was the ticket to success. This was why he had poured himself into his science and mathematics courses, determined to become a pediatrician. But things took a different turn when he signed up for Drama Club on a whim. Life started to make sense to him.

Let us tell you more about each of Ismael’s family members in the rest of the writing.

Ismael Cruz Cordova Mother

Ismael Cruz’s mother is Maritza Cordova, aka Cor Mar. On Instagram @cordomaritza as well as on Facebook, she did go to high school (Roberto Clemente High) but did not graduate from there. Mostly because she was a mother at 15. She turned 56 years old on 5 October 2021.

Ismael is really fond of his mom. He is aware of how it makes a difference in a person’s life with a mother figure to guide them and help build the foundation that will sustain everything in their lives. He also mentioned that he had many mother figures along the way.

While it is not clear what Ismael’s mother’s job was/is, we saw her enter a patio decorating contest during the pandemic time in 2020. Teasingly, Ismael had shared glimpses of the outcome on his Facebook teasingly saying that his mom was committed to winning.

Ismael Cruz Cordova Father

Like him Ismael Cru’s father, Ismael Cruz Rivera had his own journey with education where he was also born to fully illiterate parents. Ismael said that he only made his way through high school. But, the patriarch on his Facebook also mentioned studying at Columbia Central University. As for his workplace, he cited that he worked at Pfizer, the pharmaceutical Company.

Recently, when talking about his early life tales with how since signing up for Drama classes he threw himself into acting, keeping it a secret from his parents. Then, he shared this interesting story that his father had called a psychologist to convince him to stop acting.

After being cast for his first movie role at 15, Ismael finally had to come clean. So, he told his parents and his father reacted by calling in a psychologist. Of course, Ismael was not deterred. Even when he had no money for a plane ticket to the States for drama school auditions. Luckily, at the time, a community development prize funded his travel to New York University. Still, it was not an easy expedition, doing it on his own. During Welcome Week, while most students arrived with their parents he had gone with just a duct-taped laundry bag of his belongings.

How Many Siblings Does Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Family Have?

Ismael Cruz has one sibling. She is Carmen L. Delgado Cordova, his older sister. She is also known as “De” and reportedly she is a musician. But, on her Instagram @ised, she noted being a teacher since 2007. All along she also lived to travel the world. She had a separate IG @travelteacher_bucketlist account to show off her glances from her travels.

Ismael Cruz as seen with his mom and older sister in Berlin, Germany during his birthday in April 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

She and Ismael seem really close. Also, around the time of this writing, Ismael seemed really happy for his sister as she was already 39 weeks pregnant.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Ismael Cruz Cordova Family Reside?

Ismael Cruz’s dad mentioned inhabiting Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico on his social media. Apparently, Ismael was also born and raised there. Aguas Buenas is popularly known as “La Ciudad de las Aguas Claras” or “The City of Clear Waters” and it is a town and is located in the Central Mountain Range.

  • Have Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Family Members Appeared On His Instagram?

Though not that often, Ismael’s family did appear on his Instagram @smaelcruzcordova, on Twitter @IsmaelC_C, and on ‘Ismael Cruz Cordova’ Facebook, every now and then.

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