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Issa Ibreighith Bio, Age, Job, Height, Jessica Heath Husband

Street Outlaws in its prolonged journey over the years has brought to fans several very talented racers. On 13 March 2023, the Discovery show kicked off its fourth season of Fastest In America and brought among viewers many familiar faces returning to the track and some newbies. Jessica Heath, a street racer and bodybuilder, is one of the latter. Even more interesting, the fitness fanatic appears on the show alongside her husband, Issa Ibreighith.

In the rest of the writing, let us tell you who Issa is, his age, job, height, life as Jessica Heath’s husband, and more.

Street Outlaws: Meet Issa Ibreighith, Jessica Heath’s Husband

Jessica Heath, other than driving a blue Chevy and racing for Team Insane, seems to be very much in love with her husband Issa Ibrieghith.

On their respective social media, Issa and Jessica can be seen posing together frequently at home and at the gym implying that they are happily married.

Also, both, on their social media profile mentioned being “in a relationship” since 14 February 2023. When they got married, we are yet to be told.

Jessica alone also is the mother of three children. Her oldest son Johnny Runge turned 20 years old on 24 May 2022.

We don’t yet know if Issa also was married before Jessica. But, about his past, the internet hints at getting into trouble with the law. According to, a personal injury case was filed by this person called Jesse Goodstein against Issa in the jurisdiction of Orange County Superior Courts, Central Justice Center located in Orange, California, back in June 2019.

Issa Ibreighith Age

Issa S Ibreighith was born in 1990. So, he turned 32 years old in 2022.

This should make Issa much younger than his wife who turned 40 years old in February 2023.

Issa Ibreighith Job

On his IG profile, Issa Ibreighith proudly highlights the fact that he has been a fitness coach for the past 11 years.

He also has had jobs as a fashion model, bouncer, and nutritionist. Back in August 2022, Issa was beyond excited to have been selected to model the “Badass Collection” of the Boho Rocker Collection during its launch at OC Fashion Week.

Like him, Jessica also works in physique transformation, fat loss, and performance training. The personal trainer/IFBB Pro has competed in 13-plus shows thus far. She started in 2014 and is still going strong. She won her pro card in Pittsburgh during her 3rd national show.

Speaking of her teaching career, she has coached some very successful athletes. Even more than her own games, she takes pride in her coaching and competitions. Following an injury that happened not long ago, she has stayed active with coaching. Communicating with athletes on a daily basis, she is said to put her client’s best interests first.

One could give Jessica a follow on IG @inkedjessy_ifbbpro, where as of now she entertained 23.2K followers. AKA “Inked Jessy” on Facebook, she mentioned hailing from Maysville, North Carolina, and currently living in San Clemente, California. Also, on her TikTok profile @inkedjessy1, she wrote that her original account was banned at 45K.

Speaking of her Street Outlaws journey, Jessica’s team “Insane” is one of the new teams that have joined the  Street Outlaws crew this season. The other new teams are “Trailer Park Mafia” and “252 Outlaws”.

Until this time, it was unclear if Jessica, with her husband, would be on the show in future seasons.

How Much Is Issa Ibreighith Net Worth?

Issa Ibreighith reportedly had an estimated $300K net worth as of April 2023.

His wife Jessica on the other hand was expected to have garnered some more, close to maybe $700K.

Issa Ibreighith Height

In his very big and strong physique, Issa Ibreighith stands above 5’11” in height.

Issa Ibreighith Family

Here are a few things we learned about Issa Ibreighith’s family.

These are some of Issa’s family members that we know about Salahiddeen Samir Ibreighith of Dana Point, California, Sawsan Ibreighith, and Yusef Ibreighith, also of Dana Point.

Also, Issa’s parents-in-law are Brenda Heath and Crockett David Heath of Maysville, North Carolina.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Issa Ibreighith Birthday?

Issa Ibreighith’s birthday is on November 12th and that makes him a Scorpio. Issa says birthdays for him have always been a day of self-reflection, a time to look back and be thankful, to evaluate the next chapter in his own life, and to decide how he is going to affect the world moving forward, the impact he is going to have on his siblings, mom, dad, friends and anyone else his path/journey brings him across.

  • Where Is Issa Ibreighith From?

At the time of this writing, Issa Ibreighith had been residing in Dana Point City in Orange County, Southern California. If he was also born and brought up here or some other place, he chose not to tell till now.

  • Is Issa Ibreighith On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Issa Ibreighith can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 20 April 2023, his IG @coach_iron_issa included 108 posts and 1,515 followers. On his ‘Issa Ibreighith’ Facebook, he had not made any changes since April 2016. He did share glimpses of his life regularly on his ‘Iron Issa’ Facebook though.

One could also give Issa a follow on his TikTok @iron_issa.

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